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"As a member of the 52G class of cadets I was honored and pleased to receive my 2nd Lt. gold bars and my silver wings as a fighter pilot at Webb Air Force Base in October, 1952. Following graduation I was assigned to Pinecastle Air Force Base near Orlando, FL checking out in an F-84 before going to Korea as a member of the 8th Fighter Bomber Squadron stationed at K-8,,Kunsan. I served my 4 years, 2 months, and 10 days and finally settled down in beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I can't believe it's been almost 69 years since I left Big Spring, a great town. Keep up the good work Hangar 25!"
From: Paul Andrews  ( Waquoit, MA   Country: USA
Homepage: http://Date Posted:1/24/2021
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"I commented years ago, but failed to mention a key , and remarkable part of Webb's history. In 1959, with no alert, Major Ed Hershock, a maintenance squadron commander formed a Webb AFB aerial demonstration team. Some how he was able (or authorized) to pull five T -33's from student training commitments and form his acrobatic team. After he selected team members from base instructors, he practiced routines due north of Webb, away from student training areas. All this in prepping for the Memorial Day Show, May 1959. The team did most of the classic Thunderbird maneuvers, but at much lower ground clearance. Twice Hershock was radioed that "the FAA rep advises you're too low". He acknowledged the calls and continued the show as planned. I doubt that we have many Ed Hershocks around now to understand and push the Air Force to it's limits. My thanks and undying appreciation to George Bracke, Jim Chestnut, Ed Hershock, and our solo member whose name I can't remember What a time we had. Ready to go again??"
From: Douglas Wingate  ( San Antonio   Country: United States
Homepage: http://Date Posted:1/2/2021
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"I guess most of us are buy now on that heavenly flight line in the sky. I'm still searching for any mechanics assigned to G row (T38s) from 1962 thru 1966. I prey some of us are still out there. Please contact me if you are. Brothers forever. "
From: Michael Lewis  ( Keller, TX   Country: USA
Homepage: http://Date Posted:11/18/2020
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"I started my military career as a flight surgeon with my first assignment being at Webb AFB in 1976 until it's closure. I cannot tell you how fortunate I feel to have had Col Spannaus as my Wing Commander at the start of my career in the Military. Col Spannaus served as an exemplary role model not only to all those aspiring student pilots but to this young medical officer. Although I subsequently switched over to the US Army after six years in the USAF, I will always look back at my time at Webb AFB with fondness and deep sense of pride. As a young child sitting on my daddy's lap in his single-engine airplane over my hometown of Midland, Texas, and later, as a flight surgeon in the US Air Force and US Army, and, even now, as a pilot in the Civil Air Patrol, it has been my privilege to have served and/or flown with some of the finest military officers and/or pilots in the world. Col. Spannaus will always be on the top of my list. Sincerely, Michael Sauri, MD"
From: Mcihael Sauri  ( Gaithersburg   Country: United States
Homepage: http://www.ohcmd.comDate Posted:6/3/2020
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Homepage: http://Date Posted:5/23/2020
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"My dad, Sgt. Joseph B. Brown, USAAF was assigned to the 812th Bombardier Training Squadron, Section C from 1942-1945. Not sure what his role was (Clerk?). In 1945 he was reassigned to the Philippines and took part in the Battle of the Luzon. Would like to know more about his service. "
From: John Brown  ( Virginia Beach, Va.   Country: United States
Homepage: http://Date Posted:5/19/2020
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"I was at Webb AFB Sept 69 to Sept 70 for UPT class of 71-02. The 42 pilots that graduated are planning a 50th reunion in Washington DC on October 9-11, 2020. See our Facebook page Webb AFB 71-02 Pilot Reunion."
From: GREGORY KANN  ( EXETER   Country: United States
Homepage: http://Date Posted:5/2/2020
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"Class 57I My class got their primary training at Bartow AB in Florida We were the last class to learn in the piper Cub, then the T-6. We went from the tail dragger T-6 to the T Bird T-33, Enjoyed my stay there . My IP was Dean Holmes, and excellent instructor."
From: John Hershey  ( Lisle   Country: United States
Homepage: http://Date Posted:4/17/2020
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"Are there any Pilot Class 60-F grads out there? Would love to hear from you. Chuck Bartaway, "
From: chuck bartaway  ( deltona   Country: United States
Homepage: http://Date Posted:4/5/2020
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