Lockheed T-33A "Shooting Star" ("T-Bird")

A Production T-33 in 1957


The Lockheed T-33A "T-Bird" is a two place aircraft designed for advanced pilot training. The typical student was already qualified in propeller driven aircraft. The aircraft was developed from the Lockheed P-80 "Shooting Star" with a lengthened fuselage to accommodate the second seat. The T-33 made it's first flight in March 1948. Production continued until August 1959 after 5,691 aircraft were built.

YouTube video of a T-33A.


T-33 Landing on Runway 17 at Webb AFB

T-33 landing at Webb

The T-33 is powered by an Allison J-33 A23/35 engine developing 5,400 pounds of thrust. The maximum speed is 600 MPH and the service ceiling is 45,000 feet.

T-33A On Display At Hangar 25 Air Museum

T-33A on display

The T-33A on display is fully operational and was flown to the Museum in April 2003.

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