Cessna T-37B "Tweet"

Webb AFB T-37B over Big Spring


The T-37B "Tweety Bird" is a twin engine, medium altitude, subsonic jet trainer. It was used primarily by Air Education and Training Command for Undergraduate Pilot and Pilot Instructor training, but has been replaced by the new T-6 "Texan II". The aircraft in this photograph was painted in Bicentennial colors in 1976.

YouTube video of a T-37B formation flight.


On the Flightline

T-37s on the flightline

The Cessna T-37 prototype first flew in 1954. The first production model of the "Tweet" was the T-37A which entered service with the USAF in 1957. The T-37B came on line in 1959 and was used at Webb AFB for flight instruction until the base closed in 1977. The T-37 is capable of speeds up to 425 mph and it has a service ceiling of 38,700 feet. The cockpit accommodates the instructor and student in a side by side seating arrangement.

T-37B on display at Hangar 25

T-37 on display

The Cessna T-37B on display, serial # 55-4305, is on loan from the U.S. Air Force Museum. The aircraft lacks the original undercarriage because it was pedestal mounted previously. We hope to obtain the parts necessary to restore it completely.

T-37B arrives at Hangar 25 Air Museum, March 1999

T-37 arrives at Hangar 25 Air Museum

After a long truck ride from Arizona, our T-37 is ready for reassembly.

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