For the safety and privacy of Hangar 25 Air Museum members and visitors, we are unable to release any personal information concerning Webb AFB alumni, and we do not have access to any past military records. There are numerous online resources for veterans information. One possible source is the: National Personnel Records Center. We encourage our Website visitors to sign our guest book. When you describe your Webb AFB assignment and experiences, you may reconnect with past Webb AFB friends and associates.

All videos, pictures and text on this site (with the exception of Guestbook submissions) are considered the exclusive property of Hangar 25 Air Museum and are not to be publicly distributed without the express written permission of Hangar 25 Air Museum.

Although Hangar 25 Air Museum briefly screens all incoming submissions to the Guestbook, Hangar 25 Air Museum is not responsible for the content of any comments or pictures submitted to its Guestbook, and the opinions expressed therein are solely those of the author and not necessarily those of Hangar 25 Air Museum. All pictures submitted to the Guestbook are considered to be public domain; however, if you are the owner of any material submitted to the Guestbook and would like it removed, please contact us.

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