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"I arrived at Webb AFB on June the 16 1957 right out of Tech school, and left in Jan. 1961. Was assigned to the 3561st Flt. Line Maint. Sq.I was a crew chief on T-33. Had a great time in Big Spring, made a lot of good friends. Was lucky to get my aircraft picked to go to Egland AFB for a fire power show and our aircraft flew VIPs.I was at the reunion in 09, but not a lot of old crew chiefs there.If any one has contact with Bob Martin, L. Morehouse or C. Long please pass this along and let them know that "footsie" is still alive and kicking. God bless all our service men and woman."
From: James Edwards  (jnj19@comcast.net)City: Castro Valley California   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/30/2011

"Arrived at Big Spring AFB in Jan 1952 to open up motor pool. Left for Korea Oct 1952. Wish I had Pix's, the motor pool was on the left as you entered the main gate and the maintaince shop was an old farm equipment shed. Those were the days. If anyone remembers the Perimiter bus that ran, I drove it most mornings. See you in Oct.2011."
From: Donald (Don) Cosper  (n2far@verizon.net)City: Indian Rocks Beach   Country: usa
 Date Posted:8/26/2011

"I was assigned to the 3560th Transportation Sgd. from October 1957 to August 1961. Have been back to Webb a few times, but not to a reunion. I am really hoping to see at least a couple of my old buddies there. I had great times at Webb and also in Big Spring. I met a lot of great people there. I have been trying to locate Jack (John) Bryson, Bobby Muchow and Charles Burton who all served with me, but to no avail. If anyone has any knowledge of these gentlemen, please contact me. A/2C Ken Edwards"
From: Kenneth Edwards  (kenned423@sbcglobal.net)City: Corsicana, TX   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/21/2011

"Went to Webb right out of tech school (June '74 - July '77). Assigned to 78FMS instrument shop. It took many years for me to realize how good I had it at Webb. Will never forget the friendly folks, dust storms and, oh yes, the relentless freezing winter wind on the flightline during swing shift. Many fond memories."
From: Don Brown  (don@brown.org)City: La Vernia, TX   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/21/2011

"I'm looking forward to seeing Big Spring for the first time since graduation in 1965. Thanks for all your work."
From: Ronald Friesz  (calbid@yahoo.com)City: Sparta TN   Country: usa
 Date Posted:8/19/2011

"I had a good tour of duty as Flight Chief, T-38s, Golf Flight, at Webb AFB from 1968 thru 1971. Our flight shack was next to Hangar 25. I have a picture of that hangar after it became an abandoned ghost. Very sad."
From: Earl Dodson  (ibhere4u@att.net)City: Bakersfield, California   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/19/2011

"I have pictures somewhere, but would have a hard time finding them. I was stationed there from March 1960 until November 1963, my oldest daughter was born at the base hospital. It was a fun time. "
From: John aka (Jack) Clunen  (j_clunen@yahoo.com)City: Cumming, GA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/9/2011

From: gerry king  (angus@rocketmail.com)City: robinson, illinois   Country: usa
 Date Posted:7/26/2011

"My dad was stationed at Webb AFB in the late fifties and was in charge of the base photo lab. "
From: Richard Hutchins  (richard.hutchins@earthlink.net)City: Bastrop, TX   Country: US
 Date Posted:7/16/2011

"Hi, I was a foreign student of class 75-07 Nicaraguan second Lt sent to USAF for undergraduated pilot training (T37) at Webb AFB during 1974-1975. Unfortunately I forgot the first names of my instructors but anyway I wish the best to back then, Lt. Layton and Lt. Abbot. Will like to hear from anyone from my class or promotion."
From: Jose AGUIRRE  (sombra750@yahoo.com)City: San Francisco, CA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/15/2011

From: Ray Lawlis  (lawlisraypat@aol.com)City: Granbury, Tx   Country: U.S.A.
 Date Posted:6/24/2011

"Does anyone know of anybody on post dock, hangar T75 in late 50 or early 60's."
From: Gene  Bippus  (gene bippus@ g mail)City: collinsville ok   Country: usa
 Date Posted:6/15/2011

"Came aboard straight out of basic training as a public affairs airman in April '72 when Webb's host unit was the 3560th Pilot Training Wing; converted to 78th Flying Training Wing in '73 (?). Served under Col. Ralph Liotta and Col. Stanley Umstead, both fine officers. Webb was a tidy, busy base in the early '70s. My main memories include: the prairie dog colony on the airfield; west Texas sunsets; watching a tornado approach from the southwest until it lifted just before it reached the base fence; "Northers" in the winter; and the wonderful, warm people of Big Spring. My oldest son, Paul, was born at Memorial Hospital."
From: Robert Sexton  City: Sumter, SC   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/16/2011

"Went from Marianna Florida to Big Springs in late 1955. Set a record for low fuel landing in a T-Bird--flamed out at the end of the runway. Lots of fun!"
From: George Weisbecker  (msleute@gmail.com)City: The Villages, FL   Country: United States
 Date Posted:5/9/2011

"My wife Jan and I were stationed at Webb in '72 & '73. We were the first husband and wife Air Traffic Controllers for the 2050th Comm. Squadron. Jan worked in the tower and I was in radar. We were also the first couple to re-inlist at Webb. We met while attending tech school at Biloxi, MS."
From: Frank Eastman  (fwdindfw@covad.net)City: Dallas, TX   Country: United States
 Date Posted:5/7/2011

"I was at Webb from 66-70,,3560th FMS,,jet mechanic worked out of T-1,, if my memory is correct. I was wondering if anyone has pics from those years that you could either post here or send to me as I have none from that time period,,,thanks. I retired from the Pila Fire Dept as a Lieut in 2006 after 36 1/2 years"
From: Bill Kinsley  (wmkins@aol.com)City: Phila   Country: Pa
 Date Posted:5/6/2011

"My dad, MSgt Raymond A. White, USAF, Retired, was stationed at Webb AFB from 1968 to 1972. He was assigned to the CBPO as he was a 73270. We live on Dow Drive in base housing and I delivered the base newspaper, The Prairie Pilot, I attended elementary schoo though high school there and loved it. We left Webb and went to McCoy AFB,Fl and then Blytheville AFB, AR, before my dad called it a career. My mom and dad bought a house in a retirement community in Haines City, FL, and have been living there since 2000. Unfortunately, my mom passed away in May 2009 the day after Mother's Day. My dad is 79 now and doing well. I followed my father's footsteps and went into the Air Force in January 1976 as a 732X0, military personnelist, and retired as a Master Sergeant in February 1997, So I guess I am the proverbial follow-in-my-father's footstep. Will be at the 2011 reunion. Sincerely, George G. White, MSgt, USAF, Retired"
From: George White  (ggwhite05@msn.com)City: Los Lunas, NN   Country: United States
 Date Posted:4/23/2011

"I would like to start off here by sayeing I was born at the old hospital 1965 My father Charles d fletcher was a young airman first duty assignement. Well now I am a retired us navy engineman chief a DESERT STORM VETERAN WELL my father passed away in 91 HE IS BURIED AT Fort Richerdson Military Cemetary Anchorage Alaska. My grandmother had a house along the highway and alot of my family roots are from BIG SPRINGS ODESSA MIDLAND AREA well hope someone reads this I am happy to know my fathers first duty station is still remmbered My father retired as a E-5 in 74 or 75 well TAKE CARE ANCHORS AWAY FARE WINDS AND FOLLOWING SEAS"
From: Calvin fletcher  (calvinfletcher83@yahoo.com)City: SAN ANTONIO TEXAS   Country: USA
Homepage: http:// Date Posted:4/14/2011

"Went to Webb AfB in 1957 and was assigned to the 61st. FLM Sq,. Worked Post Dock and Flt. Status at T-25 and T44 thru 1964. Left and went to Alaska. Subsequently went to Takhli Thailand and hooked up with and Old Friend :Gene Bippus" on a 3 day R&R. Lost track of him until several days ago while reviewing this Site. Have not been able to get in touch ( e-mail addy doesn't work ) Gene (or any other old Friend) ... give me a shout!!"
From: Bill Hall  (bhallc21@verizon.net)City: Plano, Texas   Country: USA
 Date Posted:3/26/2011

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