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" I was assigned to Webb as a flight instructor in 1954, after completion of my tour in Korea. I felt like I was going from the frying pan into the fire, I wanted no part of instructing or the T-28. How degrading for one of the great fighter pilots (I thought) of the USAF. WELL---did I ever learn---I loved Webb, Big Spring the, T-28 and everything else! I made many friends and have, for a long time, considered that assignment as the most enjoyable time of my life. Jobob Jamar, Roger Grassel and I lived at 1511 Kentucky Way and always had an open door and a refer. full of beer. I would like to hear from anyone who was there Nov. '54 to Jan'57. "
From: James R. "Mike" Michaels  (james.michaels@att.net)City: Bedford, TX.   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/29/2008

"Webb was a part of my life from the time I was in the 1st grade in school. That's when my Dad went to work there, right after it opened, in 1952. He was the head meat cutter at the commissary then, later he moved over to the motor pool where he drove taxis, buses, and sometime gave driver's tests. His name was Henry Stewart, and he passed away in 1979. I have an uncle, Jack Stepp, that was an airman, then later, civil service, also a cousin by marriage, R.J. Butterfield who was, likewise first an airman, then civil service. An ex brother-in-law, Jerry Davis, who was an airman, he and my sister divorced, then he passed away a few years later, at a young age. I , myself worked at the base for 7 years, (69 to 76) for AAFES,(at the cafeteria, in any capacity, but mainly accounting clerk. For a while, I even ran the Mobile Unit at night), I also worked at the Service station, and the Prairie Pantry as an accounting clerk. I really miss working there, I've never worked anywhere that I liked better. I made a lot of friends there. "
From: Shirley Stewart  (shirley51@suddenlink.net)City: Big Spring, Texas   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/19/2008

"I was at Webb from May '66 to May '70. I was in Supply. Many happy memories."
From: Rodney Spargo  (rspargo@neo.rr.com)City: Greenville, Pa.   Country: U.S.A.
 Date Posted:10/7/2008

"This is an update of an earlier e-mail I posted at this site on 1-3-2008. This relates to bombardiers who graduated from Big Spring Bombardier school on October 23, 1943, in Class 43-15. Or their families. I am helping a bombardier graduate of that class find his class photo, which he lost long ago. The photo was taken by a civilian photographer with a studio in Big Spring. The photo is unique in that it was a large group, and there was a soldier with a dog at one end, and as the camera panned, that soldier with the dog ran to the other end and was photographed twice, once at either end. Since my earlier e-mail I learned that the photographer probably would have been from the Bradshaw studio in Big Spring, and that some of their photos ended up at the Heritage Museum and Hangar25 Museum. But neither museum has this photo. Perhaps someone knows the whereabouts of other Bradshaw photos, or has a copy of this photo. If anyone knows of it, I would appreciate hearing from you. To honor this bombardier for his service, I would very much like to restore to him a copy of his class photo. I want to pay for any copying and postage of course. Thank you. Barbara O'Brien Home: 636-287-3813 Cell: 314-591-1982"
From: Barbara O'Brien  (Barbrich79@aol.com)City: Arnold, Missouri   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/19/2008

"Hello, I was a member of pilot training class 63H in 1962-1963. I married Rosalie DeVaney from Coahoma (just east of Big Spring), Texas and we are looking forward to the reuion in 2009. If anyone remembers 63H or wants to contact me, drop me an Email. It is nice to have the museum to keep the history and story of Webb AFB going. Thank you, Mike Babler"
From: Myron (Mike) Babler  (mikebabler@embarqmail.com)City: Malakoff, Texas   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/10/2008

"My wife and I arrived in Big Spring in September of 1971 as I had been assigned to UPT Class 73-03. We thoroughly enjoyed Big Spring and flight school wasn't to bad either. I went on to fly C-123s and C-141s and retired from the WA Air National Guard in 1998. Serveral years ago we stopped by to visit Big Spring, find our old house and see what had become of the city and the base. The folks at Hangar 25 showed us a great time and brought us up to speed on what had happened since we left. Our visit toBig Spring was both fun and emotional. Any of you 73-03ers out there feel free to contact me anytime."
From: Ric (Hectic) Herrick  (herrickhome@comcast.net)City: Kent, WA   Country: United States
 Date Posted:8/20/2008

"Howdy from this former Big Spring and Midland, TX resident! I started my engineering career in the oil indus right after graduating from Texas A&M in Big Spring, Coahoma area in 1979. As an avid WWII history and aviation buff, I was already familiar with BSAAF/WAFB. Then, by a strange coincidence, I had the pleasure of working with the last commander of 78 FTW, Col.Harry Spannaus, in Midland, TX, during 1981-1986, where he was our company pilot, having retired from USAF. God Bless our USA and especially those who served in the military."
From: Steve  Haktanir  (sahaktanir@hotmail.com)City: Houston, TX   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/17/2008

"I was stationed at Webb From March 74 untill closure, but I spent the last few months in Wilford Hall Meical Center at Lackland A.F.B. Base closure motorcycle run to Big Bend National Park, Broken leg!!!! I was in FMS , an aircraft electricianon 37s and 38s.Great site!!!!!! Looking forward to comming back to Webb and Big Spring some day.Many good memories. My thanks to Diane Stachniewicz, Security Police, For being my 'sister' while there. She told me about this great site!!!"
From: Joe Keys  (jkkeys2007@aol.com)City: Cincinnati   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/13/2008

"I graduated from pilot training at Webb AFB in August of 1968 (Class 69A). After that I flew C-130E aircraft for the 61st Tactical Airlift Squadron at Sewart AFB Tenn. In 1970, the 61st moved to Little Rock AFB Ark. I left the active Air Force in 1972. George Van Otten, Ph.D."
From: George Van Otten  (gvanotten@caci.com)City: Sierra Vista Arizona   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/11/2008

"I was a member of class 71-08 at Webb and remember it fondly. Played softball with a local team and got to know some of the fine local people. I would hope that other members of my class would check in and let people know what they're doing. Bob Williams, of my class, was thoughtful enough to look me up and we have been in contact since. Great site. Just found out about it Thanks"
From: Steve DaValle  (sdavalle@clearwire.net)City: Stockton, CA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/9/2008

"I arrived Feb. 1963 on a Friday spent till Monday in barracks watching a 3 day blackout dust storm. I worked out of T50 radio shop. I was there till mid 65 came back in 67 for another year and returned after discharge in 69. Great place wouldn't trade it."
From: Glenn (Charlie) Brown  (browngo@kitusa.com)City: Eureka, Ks.   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/5/2008

"I Was stationed at Webb 1970 and 71. Juliett fight OMS. I was best man for ssgt. Paul Kessler who I worked with on the flight line. I have often wondered what ever happened to Paul. If anyone knows how I can reach him please help me out."
From: Norman  Dominesey  (ndominesey@cox.net)City: Knotts Island, NC 27950   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/1/2008

"Class 74-07 which by USAFHQ decree became 75-01. What a trip down memory lane!"
From: Ron Stovall  (ronstovall@comcast.net)City: Indianapolis, Indiana   Country: US
 Date Posted:7/25/2008

"I was passing on I-20 a few days ago and stopped by your hangar. Unfortunately it was all closed up. It looked interesting inside, through the windows! If I ever pass by again, I'll call ahead! Good luck and best wishes."
From: David Fidler  City: London   Country: England
 Date Posted:7/16/2008

"Great site !!!! I arrived one rainy morning in October 1966 straight out of tec. school at Sheppard. I was assigned to 3560 pilot training and some OMS sq. I work on Tweety 58-1961 "C" flight with as many of the names I can remember--------Albert Kick, Gamble, Robert hewitt,Eric Merritt, Richard Gercheck,Brown,Evans,Oats, Schinovich,Carpenter Sgts Stan Farmer,Atkins????I bought my first car in Texas, it was a "Fine" one !! I purchased it from Periman Pontiac in Midland : 1967 GTO with red striped tires and hood mounted tach, gold in color.Joe Hasdorff work in the Orderly room and was one that I ran with. He was later killed by mortar attack in Vietnam----I have his name on my office wall.If anybody sees or knows any of these folks, would love to talk !! Thanks again !! Bob"
From: Robert "Bob"  Cooper  (bob.cooper@mobilefixture.com)City: Mobile   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/10/2008

From: Brent Hughes  (brenthughess@gmail.com)City: London   Country: UK
 Date Posted:7/9/2008

"Thank you for the inspiration :) Sincerely, Mariecor Agravante :)"
From: Mariecor SabrineTom Kennedy Darin Wetzler Agravante  (f16dewey9999@yahoo.com)City: Klamath Falls, Oregon   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/5/2008

"Congratulations on the Museum and the web site! I was assigned to Webb Oct 1967 to June 1974. It as my first assignment out of tech school as an Instrument Flight Trainer Specialist (Instructor and Maintainer). During my time at Webb I worked both T-37 (T-4) and T-38 (T-7) trainers. At that time the Instrument Flight Trainers were in two buildings just east of the north hangar (Hangar 25?) with a street running between. Our barracks was across the street from the Flight Trainer Branch. Experienced a lot of pilot trainees, hopefully helping some, from then until Jun 1974. Fondly remember the Operations Group's monthly, "grandpa's pitch" softball games... officers vs enlisted, losers pay for the beer. The LtCol who umpired, with no disagreements allowed, for the first year or so was definitely the reason the officers lost three out of every four games. I heard him comment one time, "they make more so they should buy more often." Who was I to disagree with a LtCol! I have many fond memories of my time and activities in Big Spring. I acquired a commercial pilot license at Howard County Airport; picked cotton (for about two hours), was a projectionist at both movie theaters and the drive-in; and road "dirt bikes" all over the "trails" in the western and southern sections of Big Spring and raced a couple of times at the motocross track. I also flew radio controlled airplanes at at the para-sail field, at the red-bottomed dry lake next to I-20 four or five miles west of Webb (when it was dry) and at a small field a couple miles south the base. Most importantly I met and married my wife there in 1969, and our son was born in the Big Spring hospital in 1974, just before we were reassigned to Enid, OK. I haven't many photos of the base or the town, but forward any I can find."
From: Tony Strotman  (tonystro@cebridge.net)City: Central Arkansas   Country: USA
Homepage: http://www.usaaf-in-cbi.comDate Posted:7/1/2008

"We have an air museun here in Henderson County, North Carolina which you might want to visit (Western North Carolina Air Museum). The website is not as comprehensive as yours, and the museum aircraft are mostly obsolete (if any aircraft might be called obsolete), civilian light aircraft.and a couple of WW1 airbirds. One member owns a Stearman biplane of WW2 vintage, restored and flyable. Although we've been around longer than Hangar 25, your progress thus far has been remarkable. We are expanding, adding more space as you too look toward the future. Regarding your gift shop, I have a Cold War novel that is in its second printing. I would be pleased to send you a courtesy copy to determine its saleability. Would you be interested in displaying it in your gift shop? If it sells, you can buy additional copies at the usual 40% discount. Cordially, Bryan Aleksich, President, Hufeisen Press "
From: Bryan Aleksich  (deft9@mchsi.com)City: Horse Shoe, North Carolina   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/26/2008

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