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"i was born in the webb afb hospital on november 18, 1972. i hope to come visit sometime. my father was a sergeant stationed at webb. "
From: kent shane  (kent_shane@hotmail.com)City: kerrville, texas   Country: united states
 Date Posted:5/31/2006

"Graduated from class 71-02. Capt Marshall was my patient IP. Would like to find Singleton & Stevens, fellow students w/ B-52 assignments. Remember classmate Ryan, shot down and killed in Nam on final in O-2. Had couple of Marines in class, along with Iranians. "Peckerwood" was aux airfield. Still believe the T-38 to be the ultimate "pilot's plane". Marshall and I went faster, lower, and higher than anyone else in the class...guaranteed. Great memories."
From: John  Nelson  (johnnelson@verizon.net)City: Rhododendron, Oregon   Country: US
 Date Posted:5/20/2006

"My dad James Lewis Tyree graduated from AAF Bombardier School at Big Spring, Class 43-06. He went on to have a career in the Air Force. I have a panorama photo of the class. I am looking for a copy of the Yearbook. I saw one recently (April 2006) when I toured the museum. I was impressed with the job you have done there. I hope to visit again on my next trip to Texas."
From: Judy Bean  (judybean@mindspring.com)City: Chattanooga, Tennessee   Country: USA
 Date Posted:4/30/2006

"I was a member of UPT Class 65-D. The year spent at Webb AFB was a most remarkable experience, one I shall always cherish. We are obviously older now, but our spirit and our patriotism will never diminish. God bless us all. God bless the USAF. God bless America."
From: John R Stiegelmeyer  (j.stiegel@mebbs.com)City: Vinton   Country: usa
 Date Posted:4/14/2006

"I was a member of the Crimson Crabs (69-C) and spent 67-68 in Big Spring. Later flew C-141's and EC-47's. Many of us consider that year of UPT as the best year of our lives. It was a special place and a great experience. Along with many of my classmates, I have also reconnected with Cal Lowry, our former PT instructor, and one of the most inspiring persons that I have ever met. I hope to get back to see Hanger 25 someday. "
From: Hugh "Boo" Sinnock  (hughsinnock@yahoo.com)City: Las Vegas   Country: USA
 Date Posted:4/14/2006

"my father was stationed there in the early 60s and again in the early 70s .we lived on barksdale and dow drive on post those were some of my fondest memories.i wish we could have stayed mark harveston"
From: mark harveston  (harveston@msn.com)City: sioux city ,iowa   Country: usa
 Date Posted:4/6/2006

" I signed the Guestbook with an entry on 12/16/05, but did not think to post any pictures until just recently. These are the only two remaining photos I have of my time at Webb AFB. The picture of the car is the 1960 Plymouth I bought from a cook in the mess hall for the grand sum of $200.00 and the picture was taken on the road located in front of the barracks I lived in during my tour of duty. The other is the front of the building I worked in which housed among other things the Accounting & Finance Office where I served as a Disbursement Accounting Specialist. Three of my fellow colleagues were Major Valentino Castellena, 1st Lt. Ron Mattick and Staff Sergeant Joe Metcalf. I hope these pictures serve as a pleasant reminder of a simpler and happy time to others as they have to me."
From: Kenneth Mocny  (kencar13@comcast.net)City: Willowbrook, IL   Country: USA
 Date Posted:4/4/2006

"4/02/06 I gave a wrong date on arriving at Webb. It should be Feb. 1952"
From: Everett Leggett  (elegg@atlantic.net)City: Brooksville Fl   Country: USA
 Date Posted:4/3/2006

"I was transferred from Nellis AFB in FEb.1951 before any aircraft arrived. I worked in perodic Maintenance either as a dock chief on the T33's or in charge of the engine inspection shop as I had dual AFSC's. I was at Webb until May of 1955 when I was transferred to Sidi Slimane French Morroco. I lived in a trailer park not far from the front gate. Also had a daughter born at the base hospital. It was dry and dusty in those years. People don't believe me when I tell them I saw places where fence post holes hat blown away leaving the post hanging in the air on the wire from other posts."
From: Everett Leggett  (elegg@atlantic.net)City: Brooksville Fl   Country: USA
 Date Posted:4/2/2006

"Was stationed at Webb AFB from Oct-66 thur Mar 70. Assigned to India Row and crewed 61-869 the entire time. Married Vicki Jennings from Cohoma and lived in Big Spring until 1990 working as a truck and heavy equipment mechanic. Have many friends in the area and visit on a regular basis. If anyone sees this and would like to respond feel free to do so. Big Spring has changed alot over the years but still feels like home!!! You people are doing a great job at the museum. Keep the birds in the air. Curtis "NICK" Nichols willsellparts@yahoo.com"
From: Curtis Nichols  (willsellparts@yahoo.com)City: Etowah Tennessee   Country: USA
 Date Posted:4/1/2006

"hi my names is james woodrow hite.my father george l. hite was stationed at that airforcebase in the early seventies.but i do not know to much about it.my two sisters were born at the base hospital.i would like more info on my father while he was there if at all possible thank you ."
From: james hite  (oagar7@hotmail.com)City: Newark   Country: united states
 Date Posted:3/29/2006

"Began my AF career at Webb, serving there from 1961-64, as a medic at the Base Hospital. Remember the night, or very early AM, I arrived. At tech school I had read that the next biggest town to Big Spring was MIdland, 40 miles distant. I got off the bus, and, while waiting for the base taxi to pick me up, walked to the nearest intersection. Looked out and saw lights to what I believed to be a large city. I knew Texas was flat, but, I wasn't expecting to see the lights of Midland so clearly. When the driver arrived, I learned that was not Midland, but, Cosden Petroleum. Also remember my first love - a nurse at the hospital. We got engaged and went to our respective homes to meet parents. When we got back, I found orders for Turkey, and she had orders to Japan. Have not seen each other since. Our CN definitely got even! Big Spring has always had a spot in my thoughts. Lots of good times experienced there. Have been back a few times, but, have never found Hangar 25 open. "
From: Paul Pinkham  (kpinkham@cox.net)City: Pflugerville   Country: USA
 Date Posted:3/29/2006

"My father (Jack Zygner) was a flight instructor stationed at Webb in the mid-sixties. I was born at the base hospital in June of 1965. I later went back to live in Big Spring as an adult and teach school for a couple of years. I will always cherish my memories of Big Spring. I would love to hear from anyone who was stationed at Webb with my Dad."
From: Kelli Price  (rwkk2004@verizon.net)City: Crosby   Country: USA
 Date Posted:3/26/2006

"I was stationed at Webb AFB, from 1967-1971, assigned to the hospital."
From: Charles Pugsley  (cpuglsey@chulavistapd.org)City: Bonita   Country: USA
 Date Posted:3/23/2006

"My uncle, Jim Escalle, was at Big Spring in 1952. He graduated in September of that year with Class 52-F. Soon after he arrived, the name of the base was changed from Big Spring AFB to Webb AFB. His class was also the first at Webb to complete both phases of their training there. Instead of going to separate bases for T-28s and T-33s, his class flew both planes at Webb. Also, many buildings were still new then, a few only having tar paper outside walls. Big Spring and the entire West Texas area was going through a dry spell at the time, so those in charge of the base wouldn't let any of the student pilots (or anyone else) use the new swamp coolers that were installed recently. Nor could they wash their cars. Nevertheless, he enjoyed every minute he was there. The flying, according to him, was great, and the instructors were the best in the Air Force. He loved the people and local community. If he had made it home from Korea, I'm sure he would want to see his old training base again. You've done a fantastic job at keeping those memories alive. Thanks!"
From: Jim Escalle  (jimescalle@earthlink.net)City: Bakersfield   Country: USA
Homepage: http://www.jimmylescalle.com/Date Posted:3/19/2006

"Returning from the Far East in april 1958, I was assinged to Webb as a T-33 IP assinged to Capt. Don (Sparky) Marks flight. This was to be a three year tour and six years later I left. While at Webb I was fortunate to fly not only the T-33, but the T-37 and T-38. My wife, Sharon and I enjoyed out tour there, met many long time friends, both civilian and military that we still stay in contact with. I had three children born in the base hospital while there. I read some other comments on the Guest Book, Doug Wingate and Bob Chandler. Although I haven't yet attended a Webb reunion, I will. Thanks to all for the wonderful Web Site, Sincerely, George (Webfoot) Bracke"
From: George Bracke  (Geobonanza@aol.com)City: Elgin   Country: Illinois
 Date Posted:3/1/2006

"My father was stationed at Webb from 74-76. He worked at the clinic. They trained Iranian pilots there back then. Would love to get back that way and visit. "
From: Kelly Chambers  (kelly.chambers@charleston.af.mil)City: Summerville SC   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/24/2006

"Nice site - I will pass along to my father attended/graduated from flying training @ Webb. (Class 52-?)"
From: Nelson Sturdivant  City: Honolulu (Hickam AFB)   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/15/2006

" I was stationed at Webb In 1967-68 and enjoyed every day Iwas there .I had a car and was able to travel and see much of Texas. I was a jet engine flight line mechanic and now work as an A+P mechanic.I was last there in 1969 and hope to visit when I retire.I'm attempting to locate an old buddy Fred Hoelzel if any one has any info about him."
From: Thomas Darmento  (darmentow@webtv.net)City: Poughkeepsie,New York   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/12/2006

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