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"I got my wings at Webb AFB (Class 72-05). I was a T-38 Instructor pilot at Webb AFB from 72 to 75."
From: Joseph Madejczyk  (j.madej@roadrunner.com)City: East Amherst, NY   Country: USA
 Date Posted:1/12/2010

"It's great to know about Hangar 25.I was a T.37 student pilot at WEBB AFB, graduated in November 1974 and came back to VN.Now I'm living in France.I would like to get news from all IPs of class 75-03, especially Lt. Tyler my main IP.Hope someday I could make a tour to visit Big Spring and Hangar 25.Never forget WEBB AFB.Best regards, LE Quan Mong Meaux, FRANCE"
From: QUAN MONG LE  (quanmong@gmail.com)City: Meaux   Country: France
 Date Posted:1/1/2010

 Date Posted:12/28/2009

"I was at Webb from Dec. 64 to Jun. 68, ( FMS Sqdrn-T 19 ) . I would like to locate some men I worked with. especially Randy Jowers, I think he was from Madina , Tex. Another is Jerry Mann Who was origonally from W Va. . I am trying to get some old friends togather for a reunion "
From: Charles (Chuck) Veal  (papavealof2@comcast.net)City: Peoria , Il   Country: USA
 Date Posted:12/25/2009

"I was a student pilot in class 66-F. Gene Johnson was my instructor and he can be found with a comment on the guest book pages. Went on to fly F-4s out of Ubon, Thailand and did take part as a Gib in Operation Bolo. Another student of Johnsons was Bob Houghton who was on the famous Pardo's Push. Another member of the class is David F. Gray who is my youngest daughter's Godfather and was a POW (F-4 shut down out of Ubon) for over 6 years and is well known for his MIA /POW activities . cowles6@verizon.net"
From: Robert  Petersen  (cowles6@verizon)City: Wausau, WI   Country: U.S.A.
 Date Posted:12/15/2009

"This is a great site. I was born here in 1972 - dad was stationed here, working on T-37s and T-38s. I left at age 3, but remember horny toads, stickers, and rattlesnakes! I drove through Big Spring many years ago and recognized some of the landmarks. I know we lived on Langley Drive."
From: Richard Reddick  (richard.reddick@gmail.com)City: Austin   Country: United States
 Date Posted:12/11/2009

"Graduated UPT with class 67-H, flew EC-121, C-130A, B-52G at McClellan, Naha, Robins, Anderson, George, Osan and Blytheville. Retired 1987. Have not visited Big Springs since graduation but planning on doing so in 2010, hopefully in conjunction with the reunion. Any 67-Hers out there, please email me at c130aNOSPAM@emarqmail.com"
From: Charles Roberts  (c130a@embarqmail.com)City: Ruckersville, VA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:12/3/2009

"I am looking for information regarding a man who would have been stationed at Webb at least in 1967 named Lee Suttoon (not sure on the spelling of his last name). Supposedly he was from Syracuse, New York. Any information is GREATLY appreciated."
From: Amanda Hart  (amandasuehart@live.com)City: Odessa, Texas   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/29/2009

"looking for richard dawson I hope you remember me 71-72 "
From: richard  kriesen   City: Big Springs Tx   Country: usa
 Date Posted:11/29/2009

"I first ran across this web site on March 24, 2009. and posted some comments at that time. I continue to return to it and review the latest entries. I was stationed at Webb from September 1954 thru late 57. The statement that I find in almost all posts is that "Webb assigment was the happiest and best remembered assignment thzt I had". I have to agree, of my 7 base assignments over the years, Webb was the best. Happy Holidays to all Webb personnel!! Chuck"
From: Chuck Bartaway  (kbar@cfl.rr.com)City: Deltona, FL   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/24/2009

"I enjoyed the recent Webb Reunion and would like to share some ideas for locating former classmates/fellow service members for future reunions. A class or unit reunion can fit in very nicely with a Hangar 25 Museum Webb Reunion. First, you need a list of names, from yearbooks or orders. Databases today sometimes are very strictly First Name, Middle Initial, and Last Name. In 1963 I was officially 2/Lt Lloyd L. Boles, but my friends knew me as Logan…and I am almost always found today as Logan. I use an excel spreadsheet to keep my class information. The spreadsheet can be emailed or printed and mailed to folks who don’t have computer access. Several resources are available to locate people. On the internet, anywho.com and whitepages.com yield good results. Active pilots may be found on landings.com or even the FAA web site. Ten years ago, USAA was very helpful. As I recall, we sent our reunion letter to USAA along with a list of names. If the classmate was a customer, USAA mailed our class letter and their cover letter explaining the forwarded reunion information. Finally, many classmates have kept in touch with a few folks, so each person you find may have more information. Knowing state and approximate city location will help with internet searches. Email will be the easiest and cheapest way to connect, but expect to use your telephone and the U S Mail. We found all but one classmate and that guy washed back to our class late in our year. We lost a few in Viet Nam and now the “deceased list” is growing. Not everyone is interested in reunions and some folks have health or financial issues. We have had three reunions and only about half ever show up. In the final analysis, those who want to and can will come; those who don’t want to or can’t won’t come. "
From: Logan Boles  (loganboles@yahoo.com)City: Tiburon, CA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/22/2009

"I was a T-37 student pilot from Central America and graduated with Class 75-07, 11April,75 when Robert A. Owens, Colonel, USAF was Commander of the base. After returning to my country I flew various models of aircraft thereafter. Now I leave in CA."
From: Joseph AGUIRRE  (SOMBRA750@YAHOO.COM)City: Sacramento, California   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/18/2009

"I was stationed at Webb 68-72 as an instructor flying T-38's. Living on Albrook at Webb. Webb was like being on a remote island with the many social activities and sporting events to keeping up your morale!. I was later transferred to the Training Sq and then Chief of Academics. Friday night s were exciting at the o'club and then on to the Mexican restaurant-Carlos's? I was very involved with the local community being president of the Big Spring Jaycees and still have many local friends. I have many food memories and one of my best assignments. My claim to "fame" at Webb was I ran the fastest 1.5 mile in ATC for under 35, thanks to Cal Lowery who cheered me on! I left there in'72 and went to Laos as an Ass't Air Attache and then on to the Pentagon. "
From: Robert Taylor  (Fitaylor@stny.rr.com)City: Dundee, NY   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/18/2009

"Came to Webb in '58 from overseas was part of the Air Police Sqdn spent May June July and Aug of that year as a Lifeguard at the officers club pool. Best AF assignment in 4 yrs. I enjoyed Webb and even saw a snowstorm in '58. I remember a crash of a C-47 nearby We provided security for thr site "
From: Paul Pfeifer  (PFPfeifer@aol.com)City: Amityville NY   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/16/2009

From: Paul Pfeifer  City: Amityville NY   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/16/2009

"Well it looks like the ,,",,is still showing up in that address so like I previously said don't copy it,,,I finally found out the hangar I worked out of was T-1. The friend who contacted me thru this site also told me that the original T-1 was torn down and rebuilt after I left,,and another interesting fact is a movie entitled,",Hangar 18",,,was partially filmed at T-1. I looked that title up and it says part of the movie was filmed in Big Spring Tx,,anyone else know about that."
From: Bill Kinsley  (wmkins@aol.com)City: Phila   Country: Pa
 Date Posted:11/12/2009

"What an amazing site! Thanks! -Bob (bsacamano21@gmail.com)"
From: Bob Sacamano  (bsacamano21@gmail.com)City: New York   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/11/2009

"I should have just reposted it this way so you can just copy and paste,,, http://airforce.togetherweserved.com/usaf/servlet/tws.webapp.WebApp?cmd=Login"
From: Bill Kinsley  (wmkins@aol.com)City: Phila   Country: Pa
 Date Posted:11/10/2009

"I'd like to thank the admins for allowing the site I listed to remain in my post. If you've served with anyone from Webb (or any other base or unit) and would like to look him up he will be on that site as long as he has joined it. BTW please don't include the ,, " ,, thats at the very end of the address as it won't work,,again do not copy or type in the,,,",,,thanks again."
From: Bill Kinsley  (wmkins@aol.com)City: Phila   Country: Pa
 Date Posted:11/10/2009

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