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"Colonel, Class 56K, Instructor Pilot 64 - 67"
From: Vern Peterson  (vernpeter@aol.com)City: San Antonio, TX   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/8/2009

"I served from 1966-68 at Base Operations the best 2 years of my life. I just hope my wife an I can make it back someday. I have several good pictures one of the Blue Angels on the flightline."
From: Raymond Smith  (cokeray122@yahoo.com)City: Louisville,KY   Country: USA
Homepage: http://yahoo.comDate Posted:10/5/2009

"I served from 1966-68 at Base Operations the best 2 years of my life. I just hope my wife an I can make it back someday. I have several good pictures one of the Blue Angels on the flightline."
From: Raymond Smith  (cokeray122@yahoo.com)City: Louisville,KY   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/5/2009

"I enjoyed your site. I was stationed at Webb from Dec 69 until May 72. I was in OMS and spent most of my tour in Squadron Training. I worked part time at the NCO club and left the AF as a Sgt.. I joined the Air National Guard, served 22 more years and retired as a Major. Great job. Mike"
From: Mike Pope  (mwpope@cox.net)City: 12524 Tennessee Circle   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/1/2009

 Date Posted:9/28/2009

"I was stationed at WEBB from 8/68 till my discharge in April '72. Worked in the T-37 PE Docks in Hangar 25. I can honestly say I would not change a thing. My time there in retrospect was among some of the best times of my life. I'm glad I found this site and that Hangar 25 has been converted to a museum. Brings back a lot of memories."
From: Bill O'Connor  (billandkareno@comcast.net)City: Darien, Illinois   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/16/2009

" I just wanted to update my email address. Would like to hear from anyone that was in Section II 3561st Pilot Training Sq. from Nov. '54 to Jan. '57. I was asst. flt comdr of "C" flt in that time."
From: James R. (Mike)  Michaels  (jmich@tx.rr.com)City: Bedford, tx.   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/14/2009

"T-38 Instructor. 1967-70."
From: Mike Leinen  (gramsthimb@aol.com)City: Grapevine, Texas   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/3/2009

"My dad (John "Jack" H. LaFlam) was stationed at Webb from 1951 through 1955. He met my mom (Joy Wood) in Big Spring. I was born at Webb on February 10, 1955 and was delivered by a Captain Johnson. "
From: Jack LaFlam  (jsjlaflam@msn.com)City: Yorktown, Virginia   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/3/2009

"Bob wrote,,,"I WAS STATIONED THERE FROM 1966-1970 3560OMS PE HANGER" From: bob werner Bob I was also stationed at Webb from 66-70,,worked the 3560th FMS,, Started out working in the hanger ( and for the life of me I can't remember the hanger number) where we removed,, repaired, and replaced the engines in the T-37's and T-38's. Later on I became a trouble shooter for engine problems,,was alot of fun taxing the planes out to the run-up pad and checking them out,,put in ALOT of longgggg nights keeping those planes flying. Became a Philadelphia fireman in 1970. Retired from the Phila F.D. in 2006 as a Lieut. "
From: Bill Kinsley  (wmkins@aol.com)City: Phila. Pa.   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/2/2009

"I just received an e-mail from a person that was station at Webb from 54-56 and was in motor vechicles. I was responding and somehow I hit thew delete by mistake would that person e-mail me again?"
From: Ronald Geary  (rkgeary@g-mail>com)City: Ft Valley, Ga.   Country: Houston
 Date Posted:9/2/2009

"I have posted a UPT Class 68D video (super8 movies) on YouTube. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaBD3jtRQc0"
From: Jim Hoogerwerf  (hoogerwerf@bellsouth.net)City: Atlanta, GA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/30/2009

"Served (enlisted) at Webb Feb 1971 through October 1972 assigned to HQ (Acct and Finance). I remember well the parades in high heat on the flightline as pilots would graduate!"
From: Larry McDonald  (ldee@mibanc.com)City: Jefferson City   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/27/2009

"Have just discovered this Webb AFB site. My older Brother, 1st Lt. James G. Webb,was the Lead Bombardier on the Flight of B-24's of which the Lead B-24 was the only aircraft shot down over Wale Island on May 17,1944. My recollection of Big Sproings,TX was of just arriving there as an Air Corp Cadet on the date that WWII ended. Of course, our arrival at that point in time was even more graciously received under those circumstances. I saw this WebbAFB mentioned within the Legion Magazine and was researaching how this AFB's name originated. Does anyone know, and, if so please inform,ok?-CCW."
From: Dr. Carl C. Webb  (webbstudio1@hotmail.com)City: Howard,Ohio   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/27/2009

From: bob werner  (164bobwerner@comcast.net)City: elizabeth pa   Country: usa
 Date Posted:8/25/2009

"Got a notice of the reunion this year. I sure hope I can make it, it has been53 years since I left Webb to go overseas To Chitose Japan. I was in the electric shop in field maintenance and the shop chief was a civilian named Martin Scaggs. I live in Georgia now and at 75 I still work 4 days a week at a local ACE hardware in Perry , Georgia."
From: Ronald Geary  (rkgeary@gmail.com)City: Geary   Country: Howard
 Date Posted:8/22/2009

"I reported for Pilot Training in Aug of '73, new wife in tow and excited about jet pilot training. I was in class 75-01/02, we moved to the 75-02 designation because of the gas shortage, remember 55 mph max speed limits. I was a little bit strange in that I was already a Vietnam Veteran helicopter pilot before going to West Point and getting comissioned in the USAF. I was there for the transition to all foreign training (Security Assistance Training Program SATP). After graduation I stayed as a tweet (T-37) Instructor. Taught only foreign students for my nearly 3 years as an instructor. Both of our kids were born in West TX, one in Big Spring one in Odessa. When the base closed, 60 of us piled into one room while they read the assignments alphabetically. I was one of the happy ones, I got an F-4 with training at MacDill AFB, FL. I flew the F-4 for 3 years (Seymour Johnson AFB, NC & Kunsan AB Korea) then the OV-10 for 3 years (Sembach AB Germany and George AFB CA) then F-16 for 6 years, training at MacDill then Hahn AB Germany, back to MacDill as an Instructor. Retired in 1993 in Tampa as a Lt Col. What a great adventure!"
From: Bill Moline  (bill.moline@gmail.com)City: Tampa, FL   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/17/2009

"Correction to previous post: UPT Class 75-02/03 not as prev stated. As a Texas side note, I attended helicopter pilot training in Mineral Wells, TX (Fort Wolters) just down the road a piece and graduated from Fort Rucker, Dothan, AL in June '67."
From: Bill Moline, LtCol, USAF (Ret)  (bill.moline@gmail.com)City: Tampa, FL   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/17/2009

"I was stationed at Webb.from late1973 to Jan.1975.I worked on the flight line ,I was a T-37 crew chief A flight the T-37's with the white tails.I am looking for a pilot who filmed me launching him out,it would be pretty cool to see and to make available to the museum here.I am also looking for any info on Mike Ferguson from motor pool who I hung out he was from Calif. and rode a z-1 900 kaws.I was from NewYork and rode a 550 Honda.Here is another list of people i am looking for Steve Farina he was also from NY. and had a orange 340 duster,Kenny Lytwyn from NJ. he had a red corvair and rode a dirt bike,James Russell McCormick from Calif.and Earnest Castaneda who had a Thai wife.These are some of the faces I would like to see at the reunions they were the back bone of the operations here with out us all of the pilots would not of gotten their wings.Enough of the past I am now living in Big Spring actually in Sand Springs,I moved here from NY. after retiring from the NYPD I was a New York City Police Officer after being a foot cop in Brooklyn I became a member of the Scuba Team which included Air Sea Rescue,and finished up and retired from the Air National Guard after putting in 20 yrs .in several different units including NJANG along with NYANG,AF.RES,NY.ARMY NG.and NY.NAVY RES.I also became famous all over Texas and am known as" The NY.HOT DOG MAN"from two episodes on a well known tv show The Texas Country Reporter.Bob Phillips did a story about a hot dog stand I had in Sand Springs and the other show he sent me to a school to try and make me a TEXAN! Recently I was comparing pictures with Gov. Perry of Webb and he had pictures of the same planes at the same air show as me,I could have been a crew chief for him and launched him out who knew! Looking forward to helping the under staffed help at the museum to get some artifacts labeled. ,"
From: Thomas Tafuro  (ttthecook@yahoo.com)City: Big Spring ,Texas   Country: US
 Date Posted:8/14/2009

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