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"I was stationed at Webb AFB, from 1967-1971, assigned to the hospital."
From: Charles Pugsley  (cpuglsey@chulavistapd.org)City: Bonita   Country: USA
 Date Posted:3/23/2006

"My uncle, Jim Escalle, was at Big Spring in 1952. He graduated in September of that year with Class 52-F. Soon after he arrived, the name of the base was changed from Big Spring AFB to Webb AFB. His class was also the first at Webb to complete both phases of their training there. Instead of going to separate bases for T-28s and T-33s, his class flew both planes at Webb. Also, many buildings were still new then, a few only having tar paper outside walls. Big Spring and the entire West Texas area was going through a dry spell at the time, so those in charge of the base wouldn't let any of the student pilots (or anyone else) use the new swamp coolers that were installed recently. Nor could they wash their cars. Nevertheless, he enjoyed every minute he was there. The flying, according to him, was great, and the instructors were the best in the Air Force. He loved the people and local community. If he had made it home from Korea, I'm sure he would want to see his old training base again. You've done a fantastic job at keeping those memories alive. Thanks!"
From: Jim Escalle  (jimescalle@earthlink.net)City: Bakersfield   Country: USA
Homepage: http://www.jimmylescalle.com/Date Posted:3/19/2006

"Returning from the Far East in april 1958, I was assinged to Webb as a T-33 IP assinged to Capt. Don (Sparky) Marks flight. This was to be a three year tour and six years later I left. While at Webb I was fortunate to fly not only the T-33, but the T-37 and T-38. My wife, Sharon and I enjoyed out tour there, met many long time friends, both civilian and military that we still stay in contact with. I had three children born in the base hospital while there. I read some other comments on the Guest Book, Doug Wingate and Bob Chandler. Although I haven't yet attended a Webb reunion, I will. Thanks to all for the wonderful Web Site, Sincerely, George (Webfoot) Bracke"
From: George Bracke  (Geobonanza@aol.com)City: Elgin   Country: Illinois
 Date Posted:3/1/2006

"My father was stationed at Webb from 74-76. He worked at the clinic. They trained Iranian pilots there back then. Would love to get back that way and visit. "
From: Kelly Chambers  (kelly.chambers@charleston.af.mil)City: Summerville SC   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/24/2006

"Nice site - I will pass along to my father attended/graduated from flying training @ Webb. (Class 52-?)"
From: Nelson Sturdivant  City: Honolulu (Hickam AFB)   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/15/2006

" I was stationed at Webb In 1967-68 and enjoyed every day Iwas there .I had a car and was able to travel and see much of Texas. I was a jet engine flight line mechanic and now work as an A+P mechanic.I was last there in 1969 and hope to visit when I retire.I'm attempting to locate an old buddy Fred Hoelzel if any one has any info about him."
From: Thomas Darmento  (darmentow@webtv.net)City: Poughkeepsie,New York   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/12/2006

"Webb was a major thing in my family; my first assignment, where I met (Officers Club) and married (base chapel) my wife Myrna (Denton) and had our first son (base hospital.). I was an IP in the 3561st squadron Aug 1960- April 1965 in the T-bird, T-37 and one of the first into the T-38. I had the good fortune to be in Jim McClures (Martini) flight, he taught me how to fly cross country's to Nellis and RTB with no sleep. I watched Harv Kimsey set a world record for waste basket kicking on a Friday night in the O Club.. I apologize to those students who had me as an second lieutenant IP fresh out of BIS, but all I knew was the ATC way... I went on to a very rewarding career flying F-100 &, F-4's and had only one non-flying assignment, my last one in the Pentagon, where miraculously the USAF made me a Colonel. I was very fortunate to get a great job in industry developing and producing missiles; I was in charge of Ford/Loral's Sidewinder business. Currently I am living the good life still working in Sonoma County, CA, (think wine country). I will be full time on the golf course in Palm Springs within the year. Would enjoy hearing from any old Webbites. . "
From: Bob Chandler  (Foxtwo1@SBCGlobal.net)City: Cloverdale, Calif   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/11/2006

"i was born at webb afb in 1960. my father was a mp at the time . we were stationed here again in 1975 and daddy retired a year later as a medic. i had always wondered what happened to the base once it closed down. now i know.sure wish we were still there . good work on keeping the place an interesting installation.see ya, jolinda "
From: jolinda dabbs  (summerwinterocean@yahoo.com)City: maysville   Country: united states
 Date Posted:2/7/2006

"Keep up the great work. I was a member of UPT CLASS 66G. A 40 yr reunion is set (66G) for San Antonio for May 2006. "
From: James Cross  (jrctexas@sbcglobal.net)City: Corsicana, TX 75110   Country: USA
 Date Posted:1/2/2006

" I have fond memories of Webb AFB and Big Spring, Texas. I was stationed at Webb from 8Jan66 thru 24March67 in the Headquarters Bldg. in the Accounting & Finance Dept. I bought my first car there a 1960 Plymouth from a guy in the mess hall for $200.00. I held two part-time jobs, one washing dishes at the Officer's Club and the other at the Fina Gas station, owned by a fellow named Shorty Rowden and worked alongside a guy named Shorty Parker. I remember great times and food at the Wagon Wheel drive- in restaurants and the best barbeque beef place that i can't remember the name of or where it was located. My fondest memory was of Christmas 1966 when I volunteered for CQ duty in the headquarters barracks, so a fellow airman could go home for the Holidays. It would be great to hear from some of the people who were there at the same time."
From: Kenneth Mocny  (kencar13@comcast.net)City: Willowbrook, IL   Country: USA
 Date Posted:12/16/2005

"I wish to amend some of the incorrect information that I had recently entered about my Squadron designation. I had written it as 3061 Periodic Inspection and Maint. It should have been written as 3561st Maint. Squadron. We were responsible for the Periodic Inspections and Maintenaince on the T-33 aircraft. Sorry for the earlier misinformation. Sincerely, John A. Lawrence Webb AFB 1952 - 1955"
From: John A. Lawrence  (johnsplace1933@comcast.net)City: Albuquerque, NM   Country: USA
 Date Posted:12/5/2005

"I arrived at Webb Air Force Base following a Dust Storm while traveling from Ammarillo AFB, to WEBB. I was assigned to the 3061 Maint. Sqdn, acomplishing the Periodic Inspections and Maint. I served with T/Sgt. Clyde Baker and other crew members, who were involved with the Fastest Jet Engine change, that still holds the world's record to the best of my knowledge. Our T-33 Jet trainer Aircraft became our speciality. We were able to complete our inspections and place our aircraft back out on the Post Dock for Fueling and Flight test prior to leaving our assigned work areas by mid afternoon of the same day we started our inspections. I left Big Spring (Webb AFB,) May 1955, to fulfill my new assignment at George AFB, Victorville CA, but I learned that my former crew was awarded the Allison Trophy for the Fastest Jet Engine Change in 1955. I enjoyed my two and a half years at Big Spring and I treasure the many memories I have of my time spent there. I have enjoyed viewing the various parts of this website, and wish to express my appreciation for those responsible. I would enjoye any contacts form those Imay have had the opportunity to work with while I was stationed in Big Spring form October 19552 to May 1955. My e-maiol address is: johnsplace1933@comcast.net. Thanks again. John A. Lawrence"
From: John A. Lawrence  (johnsplace1933@comcast.net)City: Albuquerque, NM   Country: USA
 Date Posted:12/3/2005

"I was stationed at Webb AFB from 1957 until 1961, in the old 3560th Flight Line Maintenance Squadron, headquartered in Hangar T-75 and commanded by Major Ed Hershock, a very fine man. My ranks extended from A/3C to A/1C over those 4 years, and I went from clerk-typist of the squadron to Chief Clerk after making "buck." I met and married my current wife of 45 years while at Webb, and we recall many fine memories of the people there. I also recall the names of most of my old squadron mates and would be glad to share them with anyone who might be interested. This includes all the senior maintenance officers and non-coms, line chiefs, etc. I knew Airman St Germaine, who took a T-33 up one night and killed himself, plus have lots of old Webb anecdotes if anyone is interested. I definitely plan on attending the next Webb reunion."
From: Gurney Alexander  (LAlex6239@aol.com)City: Houston   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/30/2005

"I found this site while searching for info on Webb AFB. My dad Michael Wargo was a Lt., who was a medical supply officer at the base hospital in the early 1960's. He was excited that I found this site. He has fond memories of his time at Webb and in Big Spring."
From: Stephen Wargo  (stegwargo@snet.net)City: Niantic, CT   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/29/2005

"Class 64-D, 3560PTS. I have tried (not hard enough) to find someway to get in touch. Found Terry Uyeyama (Toy Boy IP) a couple of years ago but no one else until today (17 Nov 05). Out of the blue a letter from Jake Shuler and he has found about a dozen of us. I can't wait to hear from them. I'll have to dig for some pics."
From: Lynn Forrest  (lynnforr@chartermi.net)City: Lapeer   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/17/2005

"Small world. Probably the only officer to go through UPT then UHT then UPT for Helicopter pilots Webb was where I did the latter in 1975 after flying with the 40th and 37th Rescue Squardrons. I think there could only be one Lieutenant "Alphabet" and that would have to be your board member and my UPT classmate Marc Marchessault. If he reads this he could drop me at note at tjordan33@mac.com. "
From: Tony  Jordan  (tjordan33@mac.com)City: Arlington   Country: United States
 Date Posted:11/10/2005

"(Class 70-03) My wife (yes, the USAF nurse I met a Webb) and I just got into town on our first retirement trip and went to the old base. Hanger 25 is a great thing, and brought back a lot of memories. It is small, and just beginning, but very friendly and well done. Went to the Wagon Wheel for a pizza burger and fries. We could not believe it when we pulled up and the place looked exactly like it did int 1969-70 and a car hop came out to take our order, just like then. Mike (Weenie)"
From: Michael Arant  (marant@web2mail.net)City: Medford   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/8/2005

"Playing around in the web I Iwas running across that website. So lots of memories came up on me.I was stationed at Webb AFB 1961 and 1962. I was one of the German Student Pilots and graduated in Class 62-F. I had a hell of a good time at Big Spring. I was falling in love with this west texas town of Big Spring and the neighbourtowns Midland and Odessa.I had a good friend , Harry Ray, he was a link instructor driving a little brown MG B sportscar. If anybody knows something about him ,please drop me a mail. We really had good times and I will always remember these times. My favorite bar was the "Blue Note" and I loved country music. I have visited Big Spring a couple of times showing my son my old battlefields.Last time I was there was in 2003. Just hope I can come to a reunion once. Manfred "Jacky" Kattengell ( kattengell@t-online.de) "
From: Manfred Kattengell  (kattengell@t-online.de)City: 83483 Bischofswiesen   Country: Germany
 Date Posted:10/26/2005

"I use to live at Abilene and remember Webb in the late 60s- early 70s. I had a nephew stationed there in the early 70s."
From: Eddie Muller  (edmlr@earthlink.net)City: Aubrey   Country: United States
 Date Posted:10/22/2005

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