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" i was stationed at Webb from May 68 thru July 69 ...2050th Comm squadron......air traffic controller..... ahhhh i remember so well approaching Big Spring from the east on I20...late at night...from a distance i see all theses lights kind of towering into the sky.........I thought...gee....this is really a BIG city...tall buildings and all........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh only to come upon the OIL REFINERY on the ouskirts of town........next stop...the Wagon Wheel......"
From: Danny Shultz  City: Grayson   Country: USA
 Date Posted:12/23/2006

"I was stationed at Webb AFB, during the years of 54,55 & 56..."
From: Kenneth Cooney  (kcbc3334@windstream.net)City: Lexington, Ky   Country: United States
 Date Posted:12/21/2006

"Iwas stationed at Webb AFB from Feb 1955 to May 1956 I was assigned to the J-33A Engine Shop as Engine Mechanic. I was Assigned to Misawa AB Japan. My Daughter was Born at Webb AFB Hospital."
From: leonard campbell  (lpcmnc@bellsouth.net)City: Warner Robins Georgia   Country: USA
 Date Posted:12/18/2006

"This is a really great place!"
From: Richard Nacamuli  (richard.nacamuli@yahoo.com)City: Califon   Country: USA
 Date Posted:12/13/2006

"Spent over 3 years at Webb AFB, worked in the 78th CE Orderly room. I will never forget that place met a lot of good people, as it was my first Base after tech school. The people in Big Spring were always very freindly. Had a lot of friends in the Fire Dept also."
From: James (Jim) Lambert  (jlambert6@cfl.rr.com)City: Melbourne   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/21/2006

"I was never stationed at Webb, infact I entered active duty Aug 1983, so I never heard of Webb until today. But reading the entries here makes me think of all the bases I've been to in the last 23 years. The Air Force has been my extended family as it seems it was to most of you. This is an excellent site and an inspiration for doing the same for other bases or organizations. Thanks for sharing."
From: Brian Jazek  City: San Angelo   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/5/2006

"Nice site keep it up"
From: Owerri  Imo  (owerri_imo@yahoo.com)City: Lome   Country: Togo
 Date Posted:10/30/2006

"I came to Webb From Korea in Aug. 54 until I got Discharged in Jul. 56. I was with the 3560th MVS. T/Sgt. Clarence Joseph was my NCOIC. I drove a yellow pickup delivering air craft parts for warehouse 27 all up and down the flight line, different hangars and shops. My last assignment was driving the flight line taxi up and down the flightline. From Arow to Z. cannot wait until the reunion gets here 2008. Maybe i will get to see a lot of old friends. I still remember a lot about the base. Those very bad dust storms and Big Spring. Does anyone remember Mrs. Browns Cleaners. That all the Airmen used ? Hope to here from someone who remembers me. God Bless Richie Austin richya52@verizon.net"
From: Richard G. Austin  (richya52@verizon.com)City: Jamaica   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/23/2006

"I was assigned to Webb,right after basic training. I arrived in April of 1970. I was in the motorpool and our chief NCO was Senior MasterSargeant Leroy Rorick. His sidekick was Sergeant Benetz.We leared how to drive anything from pickup trucks,[which we used for taxis}, to 44 foot tractor trailers. I worked the swing shift. Sergeant Cox was the night boss. My roommate was Ralph Cirillo. I vividly remember the gentlemen who worked at the base for civil service. Jimmy Montgomery, Dan Flores, Thurman Hall,Mr. Steen , Jackie Owens, to name a few. They were all great guys to work with.I left Webb the following year and was assigned to RAF Upper Heyford inEngland. Believe itor not, when I left England, I was sent back to Webb . I stayed at Webb for a year and a half until my discharge in Sept !975.Leroy Rorick was still there , but retired. All of the civil service guys were still there.Anew nco in charge- a little short Tech Sergeant by the name of Huey Lee.Our dispatcher was Tech Sergeant Frank Warren . I roomed with him for a time at his home off base. At that time I was married, but my wife was at home in Cincinnati getting ready to have our 1st child.I thoroughly enjoyed my tour{s} at Webb. The work in the motor pool was really great. Driving trucks, forklifts, and driving the flightline picking up pilots. And driving the bus to the local airport, Howard County , to drop off and pick up pilots. Driving to Midland/Odessa to pick up dignitaries. I picked up Spiro Agnew one time at the Howard County regional airport.I could go on and on, but I'll leave the space for someone else. Thanks for putting this Webb site together.I have some pictures, but I have to dig them out and send another time."
From: jim telscher  (setac55@fuse.net)City: cincinnati,ohio   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/19/2006

"I was a member of Class 58 Mike. Assigned there between Nov 1957 and May 1958. Received my wings on May 7, 1958. After completing F-86 gunnery school, my whole class was drafted into B-47s. Assigned to the 509th BW in July 1959. Had a crew before leaving for AFIT in April 1965. After getting my Master's, went back to McConnell for F-105 transition and on to Takhli RTAFB, Thailand in March 1968. Flew 161 combat missions with 72 "counters" with the 333 TFS (355th FW). Returned to the ZI (MArch 1969) and AF Engineering for the next ten years. After AF retirement, served 19 years as the City Engineer in Marshall. "
From: Donald Dudley Swofford  (d2m2smartx@charter.net)City: Marshall, TX   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/19/2006

"MY former husband was stationed at Webb from 1966 to 1970, and those were the best years of our marriage. Not only was the base important to us, but the city of Big Springs became our home. Our first child was born at the base. I often reflect on those days and remember sitting at my kitchen table watching the T-38's come in for landings and being able to see the pilots white helmets. You might say we lived close to the base. Finding this web site was pure joy today. thanks!"
From: Lois Lee  (qualityturf@bellsouth.net)City: Flowery Branch   Country: United States
 Date Posted:10/13/2006

"I was stationed at Webb from May 1972 until October 1973 when I was reassigned to Korea. Didn't care too much for Korea, but enjoyed Big Spring and Webb. I was in ground radio repair with 2050th Com Sq. I was at Webb when we switched from the old "tube" ground to air radios to the "ribet switch" transitor radios. The new radios were pretty, worked good, but weren't as much fun to work on as the old the ones they replaced."
From: Jim Weed  (jim@tantruminc.com)City: Del Rio, Texas   Country: USA
Homepage: http://www.tantruminc.comDate Posted:10/2/2006

"Served as a tail gunner on B24s in the 780th Sqd. 465th BG 15th AAF. Gunnery training at Larado Tx."
From: Clifford Taylor  (cwt.tailgunner@verizon.net)City: Erie,Pa.   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/1/2006

"I was stationed at Webb from 1973 to 1976. NCOIC of Learning Center and Audio Visual Library. Assigned to 78th STURON. Had a great time there. Good Friends."
From: Paul Pfingston  (tpfing@yahoo.com)City: Sturgis   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/20/2006

"Nice Website-Good Remembrance of WEBB AFB-I was stationed at WEBB AFB-1964-1965 IN 331ST FIS Remember Deployment To Dominican Republic by 331ST FIS in 1965."
 Date Posted:9/14/2006

"I was born at Webb Air Force Base in 1969, my dad was there from 1967 to 1969"
From: Shella Baker  (Rorysmomma@yahoo.com)City: Hot Springs   Country: U.S.
 Date Posted:9/9/2006

"Came back from Southeast Asia and served my last 10 months at Webb from Sept 74 to July 75...T-38 Phase Docks...Great site...Thanks! Rodney Bell Sgt. USAF 1971-77"
From: Rodney Bell  (f-4chief@cox.net)City: Baton Rouge, LA   Country: USA
Homepage: http://udornvet.comDate Posted:9/9/2006

From: onyeze  nwaguy  (maga@aol.com)City: lome togo   Country: togo
 Date Posted:8/31/2006

"I was stationed @ Webb from November 1962 until November 1965 when I left for Biggs AFB. I was assigned to the 331st Fighter Interceptor Squadron. I can't believe there Is only one other person In the guest book from the 331st. I checked all the pictures of the aircraft at Hangar 25 and didn't see one F-102 or F-104. What's Up With That? I had good times at Webb and In Big Spring. My best friend at the time, Jerry Mitchell, and I had a lot of fun together In town, chasing the grils and going from drive-In to drive-In. I ended up marrying a girl from Big Spring but when I got out of the Air Force we came to California (where I'm from) and I guess the culture shock got her and she went back home, she didn't like Ca. Other than that, just good memories. "
From: Roy Hamand  (roy187lbpd@aol.com)City: Menifee, CA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/30/2006

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