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"Spent about 3.5 yrs. ( 63-66) of my tour working at the 3560th USAF hosp dental clinic. Absolutely wonderful time both on and off base."
From: Gerald Marier  (jsmarier@charter.net)City: Holland, Michigan   Country: Ottawa
 Date Posted:11/1/2015

"I was stationed at Webb from Oct. 74 until late 1977. I was assigned to the Supply Squadron with duties at Individual Equipment, tool Issue and also in Base supply training dept. I also spent time with the Security Police. I have great memories of my time there as this was my first permeant duty base. I lived off base on Cardinal street and was neighbors with many AF families. I plan on visiting this area soon to relive many of my memories of this place. Thank you for helping to preserve the memory or Webb AFB."
From: Darrell Yates  (darrellytx@aol.com)City: Wichita Falls, Tx   Country: usa
 Date Posted:9/28/2015

"Class 74-04. Lot of good memories of Webb AFB. I started UPT at Laredo AFB which closed at the end of T-37 training so I along with three others in my class were sent to Webb for T-38 training."
From: Harvey Rick  (harveyson3@wigginstel.com)City: New Raymer, CO   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/1/2015

"Bill Kinsley; I received the same email offering a sum of money a week ago. I'm certain several Webb Guest Book posters will be receiving or have received identical emails."
From: chuck bartaway  (kbar@cfl.rr.com)City: deltona, fl   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/3/2015

"I was stationed @ Webb AFB from July 1976 to Sept. 1977. Had great circle of friends, including a couple I currently stay in touch with. Worked in the in-shop area of the engine shop working on flow bench,some time on t-wheels and compressors. One of the high points was going up in the back seat of a T-38 shortly before the base closed. I miss Al's BBQ !"
From: Ed Gorman  (nachoed1@hotmail.com)City: Lodi,Ca.   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/2/2015

"Just a heads up,,I'm a former poster and member of the 3560th FMS,,today I received an email from someone who obtained my address from this site,,,how do I know,,here's a copy of the letter,,, Dear Sir, I read your profile on hangar25airmuseum.org and decided to run to you for assistance and for both benefit. I solicit for your assistance base on our ethics of conduct. I am the Head of Investments & Deputy Treasurer, International Commercial Bank Limited. I handle all our Investor's Direct Capital Funds and secretly extract 1.2% Excess Maximum Return Capital Profit (EMRCP) per annul on each of the Investor's Capital Funds. As a skilled banker, I have made some Millions of (USD) over time from Investor's EMRCP and hereby looking for someone to trust who will stand to receive these funds on percentage as Tenure Investment Proceeds. I will appreciate your age when reply to my private email at: upuse55@yahoo.com for more detail. Best Regard, Mr Kofi Frimpong. I'm not blaming the site at all just wanted people to be aware of this scam. Thanks"
From: Bill Kinsley  (Wmkins@aol.com)City: phila   Country: pa
 Date Posted:7/30/2015

"Stationed at Webb from Sep 54 till Sep 57. Enjoyed every minute of that assignment. The base, town people and all. Met some town people (civilians) Gloria and Leon Byrd. Roller skated with them both (brother and sister) at the outdoor skating rink. Left Webb in 57. Found this website couple years ago. Signed the guest book, and low and behold my old skating partner Gloria Byrd, now McDonald showed up as a member of the Hangar 25. We've been in touch since. Not bad after 50 plus years. Good to have this site back and read all the guestbook entries. Good luck to all Webb assignees. Chuck Bartaway "
From: chuck bartaway  (kbar@cfl.rr.com)City: deltona, FL   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/24/2015

"I am researching my dad's WWII service. His name was Sgt. Joseph B. Brown and I believe he was an administrative technician. He was stationed in Big Spring, Texas from 1942-1945. In 1945 he was detached and sent overseas to the Philippines. Anyone with information can contact me at my email address jbrown337@verizon.net. "
From: John Brown  (jbrown337@verizon.net)City: Virginia Beach, Virginia   Country: United States
 Date Posted:7/18/2015

"Graduated in UPT Class 72-09 (First Time for 09). Great memories of Webb and my classmates. Glynda and I are trying to find our classmates for a get together. Retired from AF after 20-20 (twenty years & twenty seconds), in '91. Retired from Delta Air Lines in '04. Hanger 25 is doing a great job in keeping the memories of Webb AFB, I was there a couple of years ago and really like the stained glass window. Thanks for all your dedicated work."
From: Charlie Hale  (charliehale48@me.com)City: Kilgore, TX   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/9/2015

"The picture of the T 38 in red white blue .1976 Bicentennial. The aircraft came out of golf flight. I was a sgt on the flightline and engine run man. 01950 missed a wing change due to hard landing in El Paso. Sat static display during open house and air show. I believe it crashed a short time later due to a hinge pin defaulted causing uncontrollable roll. Both pilots got out. I cherrish my time on the rock. Webb."
From: James Beck..sgt  (Deputydad809@yahoo.com)City: Sinton Texas   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/9/2015

"I am so glad the web-site is back in service. I cammot imagine the employee of the Hangar 25 thinking that this site needed to be taken down in interest of progress. The site was viewed by many and enjoyed by equal amounts. Thank you M+12 for having the knowledge to rebuild (from scratch) this very informative site. The Hangar 25 is under new management and growing. I was in civil service at Webb AFB in 1957 - 1959 in the medical area. I enjoyed meeting everyone who I came in contact with. Thanks again for this enjoyable part of history. Gloria Byrd McDonald "
From: Gloria  McDonald   (bmre@crcom.net)City: Big Spring   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/15/2015

"As a 2ndLt, I was a T-33 Instructor Pilot in Section III at Webb 1955-1958. My first combat duty came in 1963 flying with the Air Commandos May-Oct 1963 at Bien Hoa Air Base, Vietnam. See the photo of me as a Captain standing beside the Air Commando T-28D. Earned 4 Air Medals on that tour."
From: Richard Pierson  (pierson.re@ieee.org)City: Roseville, California   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/23/2014

"I came to Webb in Aug 1955 after graduating from Instructor pilot school at Craig AFB as a 2/Lt T-33 Instructor Pilot. I stayed until late 1958. My first two students in 1955 were Lts. Noble and Rodgers (see photo). My first two children were born on Webb AFB. My first combat assignment was with the Air Commandos (May-Oct 1963 Vietnam) flying a T-28D armed with guns, rockets, and napalm or bombs."
From: Richard Pierson  (pierson.re@ieee.org)City: Roseville, California   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/23/2014

"I was stationed at Webb AFB from 1967-1969 when I returned from a tour in Vietnam. I was the Flight Chief for Hotel Flight of 12 T-38's. My career field was aircraft maintenance. I was SSGT and when a MSGT HOBBS returned from Vietnam and took over Hotel Flight, I was asked to fill in as the squadron 1st Sergeant. I filled this position until a 1st SGT transferred in. In late 68 and early 69, I became a Flight Engineer or as we were called, FLYING SERGEANT's who had the great job of checking out all the aircraft coming out of PE or replacement of flight control item that required a Flight Test. I meet my wife Lucie Vallieres and we were married at the Base Chapel in March 1969. Later that year I went to Flight Engineer school and flew support flight from Travis AFB to Vietnam in C-141 and later in C-5A. After the war ended I finished my career as 1SGT and C-5A Flight Instruction at Altus AFB, OK. It all started at Webb AFB. I was raised in Midland,Texas. My wife and I have been married 45 years and retired to The Villages in Florida. "
From: Douglas Rogers  (douggalaxyc5@centurylink)City: The Villages, Florida   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/20/2014

"So sorry to see this site go. I have enjoyed it through the years. Hope whatever replaces it will be as informative and interesting MU"
From: Mifera  Underwood   City: Kilgore   Country: Texas
 Date Posted:5/12/2014

"I was stationbed at Webb froim Sep 54 thru Sep 57. Enterd Aviation Cadets in Class 60-F (not at Webb) Unfortunately, due to the ath and engineering, didn't make it thru to graduation. Are there any graduates of 60-F still out there? Would love to hear from you. Chuck Bartaway"
From: chuck bartaway  (kbar@cfl.rr.com)City: deltona fla   Country: usa
 Date Posted:4/5/2014

"Hoping to fly my US Navy Stearman through your airfield the first week in June!"
From: James Ostrich  (jimostrich@cox.net)City: La Mesa CA   Country: USA
Homepage: http://www.wwam.orgDate Posted:4/3/2014

"Graduated in UPT Class 72-09 (First Time, 09). Many great memories of Webb and my classmates. Retired from Air Force in 1987; flew with America West Airlines until 2004. This is a great web site and museum. Thanks."
From: Russ Peterson  (peteputts@aol.com)City: Star, Idaho   Country: USA
 Date Posted:3/27/2014

"Started training at Webb in 65F and graduated with 65G. Spent the rest of my career in ADC (T-33 & F-106), TAC (F105), and PACAF (F-105). Spent two tours in SEA (Korat and Takhli, Thailand). Retired in 1980. Have enjoyed several reunions with Webb class 65F. Class 65G - where are you."
From: Tom Edge  (edgetom@aol.com)City: Austin, Texas   Country: USA
 Date Posted:3/18/2014

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