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"Class 63-D.My T-37 instructor was Terry "Toy Boy" Ueyama, a great guy who taught me a lot. He was a Viet Nam POW for several years and released at end of the war. My T-38 instructor was Hayes Bryan "Two Gun" . The T-38 was quite new and had many maintenance problems. Flying time and aircraft were so scarce that several of my classmates had to re-solo because of lack of currency. My time at Webb and Big Spring was some of the best of my life."
From: Rodney Ormrod  (rbormrod@gmail.com)City: Troy   Country: US
 Date Posted:12/29/2019

"Webb my first duty station. Learned to fly T-37 and T-38"
From: Rodney Ormrod  (rbormrod@gmail.com)City: Troy   Country: US
 Date Posted:12/28/2019

"I met then "Butch" Spannaus in about 1950, just a couple years I think before he entered the Air Force. He and his late brother, Walt, were the stepsons of Carl Thompson (sp?), a good friend of my dad, Ernie. We lived in Minneapolis at the time. Carl had apparently told dad about Butch and Walt's experiences as counsellors at Camp Easton for Boys in Ely, MN. Butch came to our house in north Minneapolis and encouraged my parents to send me to Camp Easton that summer. I'm attaching a pic of the campers and counsellors for that year. Butch is fourth in from the right in the back row, Walt fifth in from the left in the same row. I remember Butch and Walt were revered as the best counsellors. Butch taught us diving, Walt swimming. I entered the Navy via OCS in 1962, retiring in 1983. I had tried to reconnect with Butch (now Harry!) a few times over the years, and, as I dimly recall, we met at the Pentagon in about 1978 when he was getting ready to retire. I remember his wife, Mary, and what an ideal and loving couple they seemed. I was so pleased to have Googled "Col Harry Spannaus" once more to find this wonderful site and tribute to his legacy. Fair winds and following seas, Butch. I insist on calling you "Butch" one last time."
From: Bob Fliegel  (rfliegel@comcast.net)City: St. Augustine, FL   Country: USA
 Date Posted:12/3/2019

"Had a great visit, From class 55-L. April14 1955. Thanks for everything! Would loVe to hear from the Hanger!"
From: Terry Penfold  (Tppronghorn@att.net)City: Waterford,Michiga   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/21/2019

"I arrived at Webb AFB in the summer of 1959 for basic UPT. When I graduated I stayed as an instructor with several classes in the T-33 then a couple in the T-37 and 3 more years in the T-38. My call sign was "Nick". I absolutely loved my time here as an instructor and it was by far the best assignment that I ever had. In 1965 I moved on to an assignment at RAF Alconbury UK then many other assignments before retiring in 1981. I currently live in San Antonio, TX. Looking forward to a visit to Hanger 25 in October 2019."
From: John Greaud  (jgreaud@gmail.com)City: San Antonio   Country: United States
 Date Posted:8/17/2019

"Station at Webb AFB from Nov. 64 to Nov. 65. Assigned to the 331st FIS, worked on Deuce's and 104's."
From: Roy Hamand  (roy187lbpd@aol.com)City: Menifee, California   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/15/2019

"Was born on Webb in 1956. My dad was stationed there in the fifties and in January 1962 transferred to Dow AFB, Maine. Came back in 1967 for a year then left to Nellis AFB and then dad had orders for Viet Nam. We lived back in Big Spring in 1969 and 1970 dad returned from Viet Nam and was stationed back at Webb till 1972. I joined the Air Force in 1973. Had orders for Webb in January 1976 but was amended to Laughlin AFB, Del Rio. I was excited at the time to be stationed at Webb where my dad was and where I was born. But fate had it that I didn't. "
From: Steven Hamm  (stashlh@suddenlink.net)City: BIG SPRING   Country: United States
 Date Posted:8/12/2019

"I was assigned to Webb AFB in Oct. 1958 through July 1963. I worked on Post Dock of the 3560 Maintenance Squadron. Major Hershock was Commander and M/Sgt Michele was First Sergeant. I was moved from Post Dock to be in charge of the 780 Equipment and from there I was in charge of the Tech Order Distribution Center in Quality Control. I attended Howard County Junior College for almost five years taking night courses. In 1963, I was selected for the Airman Education and Commissioning Program (AECP) and assigned to The Ohio State University. In 1965 I graduated and was Commissioned at Officer Training School on December 21, 1965. After being Commissioned, I became a Transportation and Logistics Officer. Being prior service, I hit Vietnam right away in 1966 and 1967. After Vietnam, I had a tour at Military Airlift Command HQ at Scott AFB, IL. In 1969, I was again selected for an AFIT Assignment to get my Graduate Degree at The University of Alabama. From Tuscaloosa, I was assigned to USAFE HQ at Wiesbaden, Germany. I also moved to Ramstin AB when USAFE HQ moved from Wiesbaden. Career-wise, this was a most rewarding assignment. My next assignment was HQ USAF in Special Studies and Analyses. At the end of my tour at HQ USAF, I retired and went into the civilian industry. Since that time, I have served as CEO of several large manufacturing and transportation companies, CEO of my own consulting firm, and at my age I am still a full-time university-level professor. I never want to totally retire. The United States Air Force was extremely good to me. I received all of my formal education in the Air Force and that started at Webb AFB. My wife, Helen of 60 years worked at Cosden Petroleum Corp. and while at Columbus, Ohio, she was employed by Standard Oil of Ohio. We made so many lasting friends at Webb and Big Spring. I was indeed fortunate to have served with so many totally outstanding people at Webb. The assignment jump-started my military and civilian careers. I can be reached on my cell at 334-750-7780. My wife and I reside in Opelika, AL Our Son resides in Auburn, AL and is employed at St. Francis Hospital in Columbus, GA. Our Grandson was a Scholarship baseball player and received his degree at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, AL, Our Granddaughter is a College student and is an MP in the ARMY. She is scheduled to deploy in August 2019. "
From: George Edwards  (gleconsulting37@gmail.com)City: OPELIKA   Country: United States
 Date Posted:7/24/2019

"Class 65-B."
From: Phillip Patterson  (ppatterson13@austin.rr.com)City: Austin Texas   Country: usa
 Date Posted:7/9/2019

From: william coates  (wmdcoates@aol.com)City: Cayce,sc   Country: united states
 Date Posted:7/5/2019

"1966 Dad was stationed here, for flight training, I was a little kid, we just came down from Alaska, having survived the 1964 earthquake. We lived off base, on Wallace Dr. After this posting we moved back to Arizona to Luke AFB, then my dad went to Vietnam for a year and used his T-38 training over there, and flew some two thousand missions. We had a chance to see him at an officer's bungalow in Hawaii. I just remember how tired he looked, when we first saw him, after all that time. Years later we were living in Texas, in Austin, Berkstrom, AFB. A hurricane, was cumming up the gulf of Mexico, and my dad flew our private airplane up to Webb for safekeeping while my Mom and I followed up in our then new Honda Accord. This is in 1979. We even stayed in the same Holiday Inn we stayed in so many years ago. The hanger 25 museum was not there yet, but my dad drove us out to the other side of the airfield, to a squat concrete brown Cinder Block Building, he went over to a window, and peered in, and remarked, "my desk is still there!", and he looked at me, and said"Do you remember all the guys standing here with me, while we are waiting for our wives to pick us up?" I did, He looked real sad, and said, there are a lot of ghosts here, all of those men, died in Vietnam, and two died here training on General Electric Motors , Jet Engines, that just blew up, killing them. Sylvania Engines were the best!" We stayed for a couple of days, and my dad flew home in time to see a twister hit Robert Meullar Airport, where we then lived nearby. Years later I became a trucker, I had the pleasure of picking up loads of coca cola, and parking my big rig where my dad used to park his fighter. Hanger 25 was a mess, all the windows broken out, and I wished something could be done with it. I have a photo of my father kneeling in front of his T-38, in the "inspection Hanger" as what they used to call it. But all the glass windows were smashed, and it was a shame to see that. Don't people have any respect? Anymore? I visited the hanger a few times after that, and each time I went. It seemed to be in worse shape, than the last time, Until, the last time I was there, and the place was locked up, all the windows fixed! Thank God, somebody, other than me cares! Nice to see this wonderful old building, Is being used for a good purpose, instead of being a mess, full of broken glass, and shattered dreams!"
From: Edward Jackson  (pulaski1963@aol.com)City: Laquey   Country: United States
 Date Posted:6/2/2019

"Hello, my name is Christopher Llyod Rogers (USAF Ret) and I am the son of deceased SSGT Ronald Lloyd Rogers and Martha F. Rogers. My father served at Webb AFB in the 1964-1966 timeframe before being sent to serve at Udorn, Ubon, & Thakli, Thailand during the Vietnam War where he died in service. I'm looking for anyone who may have know my father while he was stationed at Big Spring AFB in or around 1965. My father was an aircraft mechanic in the Field Training Det. and was an Aircraft Maintenance Instructor. I was born on Webb AFB in October 1965 and have been trying to piece my father's military history together my entire life. If you or someone you know may have served with him please feel free to reach out to me via email chris@qleap.us "
From: Christopher L Rogers  (chris@qleapgis.com)City: Moore, Oklahoma   Country: United States
Homepage: http://www.qleapgis.comDate Posted:4/27/2019

"Still looking for flight line mechanics stationed between 1962 and 1966. I served on T33's and T38's. Majority of time on "G" row. God bless all served at Webb AFB TX."
From: A1C Michael Lewis  (MFLEWIS6@SBCGLOBAL.NET)City: Keller, TX   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/8/2019

"Stationed at Webb 1971-72."
From: Larry McDonald  (ldeejc@gmail.com)City: Jefferson City   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/5/2019

"Had a great visit, Martha was very helpful waited for us to look through the museum after hours. This was our first time using Harvest Host great investment!!"
From: Randy & Jackie Schmaltz  (Jschmaltz@ntin.net)City: Aubrey, TX   Country: Usa
 Date Posted:1/3/2019

From: Randy & Jackie Schmaltz  City: Aubrey, TX   Country: USA
 Date Posted:1/3/2019

"Stationed there from early 71 to mid 73. Always fond memories. "
From: Philip King  (philking@cableone.net)City: Prescott   Country: United States
 Date Posted:12/14/2018

From: ROBERT BERRIGAN  (rberrigan@yahoo.com)City: CARMICHAEL   Country: US
 Date Posted:12/2/2018

"Dad stationed @ Webb, I was born in Big Springs 8/25/64"
From: Matt Pitman  (mpitmanohc@ec.rr.com)City: Smyrna   Country: United States
 Date Posted:8/30/2018

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