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"I was in Class 52G, summer of '52. I remember:Hot, dusty,good flying,nothing to do except fly. Excellent place to train guys to fly. "
From: Roy L Henry  (RLHTX@webtv.net)City: College Station TX   Country: Brazos
 Date Posted:9/10/2005

" I was stationed at Webb from 75 to 77. I was with the 78th CES, Carpentry Shop. Mr. Joe Knight was the shop supervisor. During the time that I was there we would have work to do from time to time at the hanger, such as replacing windows or hanging doors. We were among the last to leave upon the base closing. My last assignment was to assist in securing base housing. We affixed 1"by 4" boards across all of the doors with "DO NOT ENTER" stenciled on them. Not exactly high tech security. My wife and I have great memories of the people of Big Spring and of the base. We lived on West Highway 80 at the Chief's apartments Our oldest daughter was born at the Malone - Hogan hospital just five months before we had to leave. This is a great site. I'm glad that you are keeping the history of the base alive. "
From: Mark  Saia  (mss46@hotmail.com)City: Tewksbury, Mass.   Country: U.S.A.
 Date Posted:9/7/2005

" I was stationed at Webb AFB and assigned to the 3560th. PTW. OMS Sq. Hanger 25 from Sept.1968 -Oct 1970. I worked on T-38`s at the PE docks ( Hanger 25) "
From: Kenneth Cassola  (alossac4@aol.com)City: West Peabody, Mass   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/4/2005

"Graduated from Webb with Class 57-C. Wonderful experience there, great memories flying the T-33. Went from Webb to Perin AFB, Sherman Texas, to advanced training in the F-86-D. Assigned to the 41st FIS, stationed in Guam. Thanks for a wonderful web-site, and for preserving some of our AF history. Would love to come to the reunion at the end of September, but I don't have it all worked out, as yet."
From: Ronald DeWitt  (ron.dewitt@juno.com)City: Loveland, Ohio   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/27/2005

"I was station at Webb from Dec 1973 to Feb 1975. I can't forget the place. Hello to all you that I served with. I sure I've check the building during my rounds. Bob Hillis"
From: Robert  Hillis  (rdhillis55@earthlink.net)City: Tilton   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/25/2005

"I was stationed at Webb AFB Security Police Squadron and was one of the last AF personnel to leave before transfering to Whitman AFB. I loved Big Spring, the people were extremely friendly. I look forward to coming back."
From: Ronn  Smith  (lawman6c13@flash.net)City: Alvin, Texas   Country: US
 Date Posted:8/24/2005

"Thanks for keeping the memories of Webb AFB alive. I was an airman from 1959-1964 in the Personal Equipment Building. Also worked at night at the Saraha Drive In and Ritz during the winter. Have three children born in Texas. Went on to be a pilot for Piedmont Airlines from 1966-1989, retiring as a Capt. on the B-737. My fondness memories are of my time in Big Spring. Thanks again."
From: Ernie Marks  (ELLLMARKS@aol.com)City: Roanoke, VA   Country: US
 Date Posted:8/20/2005

"Hello, I grew up, as a 11-13 yr. old, running around Webb AFB from early 57' to late 59'. My father, Maj.Homer R. Baskin , ran the motor pool at Webb. It seems to me that at one time the hanger housed a boxing ring. I am so glad to hear of a reunion even though I won't be visiting until Oct. 5-6, 2005. Have a great time! I'm just sorry they filled in the Officers Club swimming pool! Don Baskin"
 Date Posted:8/17/2005

"I graduated from Pilot Training Class 63-D in Feb 1963. There were 30 in my class - I'm sure you will hear from some of them. Eventually I retired as a Colonel after a 30 year career, and currently live in Bradenton, Florida. In my Air Force career I flew 4 fighters: F-100, F-105, F-106 and F-4, and had tours in Vietnam in the F-105 in 1966 and in the F-4 in 1970. I remember well my time in Big Spring and flying the T-37 and being in the 3rd class to fly the T-38. It was a wonderful time in my life. Thanks to all the wonderful people of Webb AFB and Big Spring, Texas -- I'll never forget the memorable days there between November 1961 and graduation in February 1963. Have a wonderful reunion in Sep-Oct. I would be there, except I have a reunion during same time of the 48th FIS (F-106) in San Antonio!!"
From: Thomas (Tom) Loken  (lokens@tampabay.rr.com)City: Bradenton, FL   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/31/2005

"Hello,my dad was stationed at Webb 1970-71, he ran the chow hall there,. We lived on base and i attended Big Spring High School. This was my dads last duty station,he retired in 1971. I also worked at the Officeres club as a bus boy,i remember all the Pilot graduation bashes there. Enjoyed my stay there."
From: walter shackelford  (wjs49200@yahoo.com)City: greenville north carolia   Country: usa
 Date Posted:7/27/2005

"I was a member of class 68C. Our logo was Wiley Coyote. I was selected into the F-4 program. I managed to fly the F-4C/D/E/slatted E/G. When I left the F-4 I had over 4500 hours of flying time in the different models. I was an Instructor Pilot for a lot of the years and was also a Flight Examiner for about four years. I only stayed in the service for about 20 1/2 years. I can reflect back on the time that I spent in pilot training there and always have fond memories of the experiences that were had. I hope the rest of you have also. Doug Silver"
From: Nelson D Silver  (dsilver@knology.net)City: Panama City, Florida   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/24/2005

"Pilot Training Class 62-B; Jaguar Flight. I plan to attend the Reunion."
From: Gil Alligood  (galligood@att.net)City: Cary, NC 27511   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/23/2005

"I was stationed at Webb from '70 to '73. I was an Aerospace Physiology technician at the altitude chamber. Many fond memories of the Big Spring folks and my co-workers. Memories include parasail training, suspended agony, drag training, night vision classes, altitude chamber flights to 43 M', rapid decompressions, the Barany chair, t-37 and t-38 egress training. Hope I brought back a few memories to the former student pilots and others. Goose Tatum"
From: Guy (Goose) Tatum  (guy.tatum@na.amedd.army.mil)City: Webster, MA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/13/2005

"UPT Class 64-D - Plan to attend reunion - "
From: Jake Shuler  (japy66@yahoo.com)City: St. Matthews, SC   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/8/2005

"Class 67-C. T-37 IP 1966-1970. Congragulations on your great work."
From: Dick Rossmiller  (drossmiller2@cox.net)City: Scottsdale   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/4/2005

"I had 2 great tours as an IP at Webb. The first was 1957-1960: the second was 1965-1968. There are vivid and distinct memories from each tour. In the first, I learned from Jim (Martini) McClure and Russ Gradel how to do a barrel roll.."to the left". Russ Gradel also taught me how to "never" use a check list to pre-flight a T-33. Ed Hershock dared me (and others) to even attempt to pre-flight one of his special T-33's. During my second tour, I graduated from the Harv Kimsey School of Steak Selection during a cross country flight to Kansas City. Further, I learned from Jim Rouch that sleep and rest were not necessarily important before an early morning golf game and that everyone needs to "get up to speed" sooner or later. Webb and Big Spring were important to my AF career. I hope to see all at the 2005 reunion. "
From: Doug  Wingate  City: Lenoir NC   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/3/2005

"I was stationed at Webb from 1974 till 1977 when in closed. I was assigned to the 78th STURON as a weather instructor."
From: Ronald Bluff  (rwaynebluff@yahoo.com)City: Floresville   Country: United States
 Date Posted:6/24/2005

"Recently visited the former base, your museum was closed so I did not get to tour it. I did comb the property and hope that some how the former tower can be saved, it did look like it was too far gone though was happy to see that so many of the buildings are still intact, I love 1960's architecture. It did make me a little misty-eyed to see this once great installation, reduced to its current state, but when I closed my eyes and listened I promise you I could still hear those jets roaring down the runway, and when I opened my eyes I could see the past come alive! Sounds a little childish, but it is imagination and dedication that is needed to keep the memory of Webb alive! I will be back to see your great museum very soon!"
From: Jonathan  Smith  (jedijon1979@hotmail.com)City: Wichita Falls   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/23/2005

"My Dad, John Homberg, was stationed at Webb AFB, from around 1958. until he retired in 1965. My Dad was an enlisted man, when he retired, Mom and Dad, and younger brother moved to California.. I have many fond memories of Big Spring, the "teen club", and the base. I attended my 40th class reunion (graduation BSHS in 1961), where has the time gone? Many changes in Big Spring, strange to see the base. We lived on Dow Drive, on base, we were the first family to live in the house, we lived all over Big Spring waiting for base housing. My brother, Johnny and I found all the places where we used to live., he remember much better than I, of course, when we were kids we were suppose to share the car-when we had it. I think he had the car more than I did. I was trying to remember some of the kids on base, Gwen Irwin lived next door to us, she has two brothers Gary and ?, Jackie Piper, Karen Campbell, Linda and Greg Hillen, Jimmy Johnson, Greg Zwebel, Dick Meacham, Barb Bohn, and Denniece Nicholson, they're a few of the people I remember. Also, Earl Lothringer, Bob Harris, Steve Kite,and Jill Mason. It was a long time ago, I'm sure I'll remember more later. It is certainly worth a trip back to Big Spring to see all the changes.. "
From: Sharon Homberg  (slhomb@adata.co,)City: Gilbert, Az   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/18/2005

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