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"I graduated in class 65F. Stayed for three years as a T-38 IP. I met my wife at Webb and she was a nurse at the Webb hospital. Our first child was born there in 1968. We love the website and plan to attend the 2005 reunion. Nice job."
From: Robert (Bob) Mayo  (kobemayo@adelphia.net)City: Moscow   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/25/2004

"Graduated from Webb class 66G. Have many fond memories of Big Spring and the people that live there."
From: Bob Whitcomb  (forty501@msn.com)City: Tucson   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/22/2004

"Class 66 G"
From: Bob Kusterer  City: Bradenton, FL   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/22/2004

"Class 53A"
From: Ronald Herrick  (herrickr@msn.com)City: League City   Country: TX
 Date Posted:11/21/2004

" I arrived at Webb April 1974 and stayed till August 1977. My job was a T-37 Crew Chief in Bravo Flight . I'm still active duty with the DC Air National Guard @ Andrews AFB. Md. Still have lot of great memories of Webb."
From: Rick Sepanski  (rsepanski@comcast.net)City: Waldorf, Md   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/17/2004

"I was the last Wing Commander at WEbb AFB prior to it's closure in October 1977"
From: harry s[pannaus  (hspannau@sbcglobal.net)City: midland   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/17/2004

"Graduated from Class 53D. Flew T-28 and T-33 at Webb. Jad flown T-6 at Malden. Retired from US Air Force January 1976. Currently a member of the Alaska State House of Representatives, District 31. "
From: Bob  Lynn  (boblynn@alaska.com)City: Anchorage   Country: Alaska
Homepage: http://www.WinWithLynn.orgDate Posted:11/7/2004

"Dont have a Hanger 25 story or picture, but as a boy I lived just off base from Webb Airforce Base. In fact my mom Dorothy James worked on base at the finance center. I was just looking at sights connected to Big Springs when I came across the Hanger 25. What you have done is very nice in preserving its proud history."
From: William James  (william.james@jocogov.org)City: Olathe, Kansas   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/28/2004

"graduated from usaf pilot training class 62-a in june of 1960. loved big spring,tx."
From: paul murray  (pmurray2@tampabayrr.com)City: tierra verde,fl   Country: usa
 Date Posted:10/19/2004

"You have done a fantastic job with the new site. I was stationed there from 1975 until August 1977 in the Webb Approach Control. Really enjoyed the town and the people they were great! In fact, hated to leave."
From: Steven Rowe  (ksrowe1@comcast.net)City: Littleton, CO   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/12/2004

"I would just like to say that the staff and volunteers involved in the operation of Hangar 25 are very professional, courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. They are a wonderful representation of Big Spring and an asset to the community. Please keep up the GREAT work in preserving a piece of our valuable history."
From: Lora Wofford  (wofford5@cox.net)City: Big Spring   Country: United States
 Date Posted:10/7/2004

"I am a graduate of Class 64-B at Webb AFB. Being proud of my Webb heritage and experience I am saddened that the base shut down. Flying the T-38 was a major thrill and, although I later flew the F-84-F and F-104G in the German Air Force and a multitude of corporate aircraft, nothing has been as memorable as my graduation day September 11th, 1963 at Webb AFB."
From: Winfried Wobbe  (wwobbe@ix.netcom.com)City: Houston   Country: USA
Homepage: http://homepage.mac.com/wwobbe/Menu6.htmlDate Posted:8/7/2004

"This is a great site and I enjoy going to it often to see the new messages. I was civil service in the Medical unit (Radiology Department) 1956-1958. I did all the separation physicals during that time and met a lot of nice people. Saving the Hangar brings a lot of yesteryear back. Thanks to all who visit this page and maybe one day you can see it for real "
From: Gloria  McDonald   City: Big Spriing   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/28/2004

"Greetings great web site It was good reviewing comments of those who served at good old Webb. That was my first base after tech schools arriving early in 1952. I was an aircraft electrician and was in the Field Maint. Sq. The shop chief was a civilian named Martin Skaggs. We worked on T-28s and T-33s. I was there for 4 1/2 years before shipping out to Chitose, Japan. My son was born at the base hospital 31 May 1956 I stayed in the AF for 20 years and retired in 1971. I will always have fond memories of Webb. P.S. my wife (now deceased) was from Cohoma, Tx. Her maiden name was Gloria D. Owens"
From: Ronald Geary  (thedingman1@aol.com)City: Perry, Georgia   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/28/2004

"I was a T-37 IP - flight line - Major Hart's flight - and academics - T-37 IPRA and Flight Planning - 1970-73. Returned for WebbAFB Reunion in 2002 and had a wonderful time. Please keep me on your mailing list for future events. Currently I fly an experimental RV6A, and am president of EAA Chapter 168 in Dallas - we normally meet at 6:30pm on first Tuesday of the month at Library in Farmers Branch, TX."
From: John Phillips  (jhphillips@swbell.net)City: Dallas   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/20/2004

"I was at WEBB AFB from 1962-1966 with the exception of a few less than pleasant TDY'S. I was with the 331ST FIS ADC. My wife and I have good memorys of Big Spring "
From: Underwood Charles  (ireland2@airmail.net)City: Hubbard,Texas   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/20/2004

"I was Air (later Security) Police Officer and Chief at Webb AFB from 1965-68 and Chief of Administration 1968-69. Our best souvenirs are the two children born in the old WWII era hospital. We still recall the sunsets from Scenic Mountain."
From: Louis Fought  (loufought@aol.com)City: Richmond, TX   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/14/2004

"Great to see something come of Webb AFB. Greetings to those of Flight Training class 76-04 - Sky Riders. "
From: David Newell  (newellclan@cox.net)City: LaVista, Nebraska   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/7/2004

"I am looking for UPT Class 68-D "Stud Ducks." Please get in touch with me. Thanks, Jim PS: Thanks for the opportunity to leave this mesage"
From: James "Jim" Hoogerwerf  (hoogerwerf@peoplepc.com)City: Auburn, AL   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/25/2004

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