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"I received my wings with the 56S Class. After training at Craig AFB in Alabama I returned to Webb as an instructor in my old flight. I was discharged in December of 1957. Since then I received a Ph.D. in psychology and have been a faculty member at a number of universities. I am currently Emeritus Professor at Louisiana State University."
From: James Geer  (jhgeer@cox.net)City: Baton Rouge, LA 70808   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/17/2005

"Great Place...Was stationed there 1963-1964. Avionics maintenance."
From: Dick Moul  (dickmoul@gmail.com)City: Merrimack, NH   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/10/2005

"I arrived at Big Spring air force base in 1952 as a link trainer maintenance tech. and was discharged in September 1955. Just a kid , enjoyed my time there and the friendly people of Big Spring."
From: Gerald Henry  (bghenry@bellsouth.net)City: Mathiston   Country: MS. USA
 Date Posted:6/4/2005

"I was stationed at Webb AFB in 67 & 68. I was a 19 year old kid and had some of the best times and memories of my life. I loved Big Spring Texas. I retired from the Postal Service in December of 2004 and returned to Big Spring on vacatiion. It broke my heart to see the base had closed, but the wonderful Hanger 25 Museum sure brought back some fond memories. "
From: Ivan Forrester  (forresme@verizon.net)City: Colonial Heights Virginia   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/20/2005

"I was stationed in Big Spring from Sept. 1967 untill July 1969. I was a Engine Mechanic. I just recently visited Hanger 25 and was inpressed at the Museum. "
From: John McMunn  (JMc5295297@aol.com)City: Chelsea, AL   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/1/2005

"Webb AFB UPT Class 64-D 1962-1963 Retired Colonel USAF"
From: William Wirstrom  (fuzzo@earthlink.net)City: Pass Christian   Country: USA
 Date Posted:4/21/2005

"Enjoyed visiting your web site. I was in 53 Baker. What memories I have. The dust storms! They became mud storms when it rained. Flying with a hot-shot instructor, who on my instrument check ride took the controls of the T-28 and for the final 10 minutes really wrung it out. Then he gave me a 99 point something for a grade. During the winter, the mornings were still pitch black at 5. A few of us would sleep an extra 10 minutes and then put on our blouses and caps directly over our pajamas, running out to the street at the last minute for roll-call, standing in the back row in the dark (until one morning we were caught). I bought a large quantity of tee-shirts, boxers, and socks in the PX, enough to completely fill the allotted drawer space when neatly folded in accordance with the "tech officer's" strict specifications. He often left a "billy-doux" in my drawer, admiring my fold work. For all the months I was there I never unfolded them! I had an extra set hidden in my laundry bag. But in retrospect I'm really proud of the Training Command's ability to teach knuckleheads like me how to handle the complex equipment our aerospace industry produced and our great country required to protect and defend our way-of-life. "
From: Ed Hanson  (ed_hanson@alumni.rutgers.edu)City: Diamondhead, MS 39525   Country: USA
 Date Posted:4/10/2005

"The collection at Hangar 25 is one of the best, I have seen. I wish every community that has been touched by the Air Force over the years would follow this model. As for Hangar 25, keep on growing - who knows maybe an F-102 is in your museum's future. Just wishing... Thanks, Robert Benton"
From: Robert  Benton  (rbenton441@hotmail.com)City: Waco   Country: US
 Date Posted:3/27/2005

"What an outstanding website. Great work and dedication. I was in Class 66-G. Graduated in May 66. Flew C-130, T-39 and C-9. I spent 8+ years active and 20 years in the reserves. Retired in 1993. Great way to start a career in aviation. Big Spring was my first exposure to Texans. What wonderful people. Ultimately lived in various parts of Texas for over 22 years. While the training was rigorous, the atmosphere of Big Spring made it tolerable. "
From: Walter Ernst  (wmernst@hotmail.com)City: Colorado Springs   Country: USA
Homepage: http://www:ernstandassociates.comDate Posted:3/25/2005

"Spent part of my childhood @ Webb AFB. 1965-1969. Dad went to Vietnam in 1967 and my sister and me were happy to return to Webb in 1968. Played Little League, swam in the base pool and use the bowling alley. Great place to grow up. Drove past Hanger 25 several times on our way to family and group outings to a place they called the pavillion. I saw a Thunderbirds show one year and of course the armed forces days. I also went to Marcy School off base and hung out @ the 7/11 across the street. I want to go back to Big Spring some day before I die and I will vist the hanger and I am glad people have decided to preserve an important part of Big Spring history. Maybe some day I will be able to send you some pictures as my parents still have several photos of Webb from the 60's "
From: tim lilley  (bongofury68@hotmail)City: bellingham   Country: usa
 Date Posted:3/12/2005

"An excellent website! Both my uncle and father graduated from Webb AFB only eight months apart. My uncle was in 52-F and my dad in 53-C. Both went on to fly the F-86 Sabre, my uncle in Korea where he became MIA, and my dad in Morocco. Someday I'd like to bring my dad back to Big Spring to visit the museum. He enjoyed his time there flying the T-28A and the T-33 and flying those cross-countries. "
From: Jim Escalle  (jimescalle@earthlink.net)City: Bakersfield, CA   Country: USA
Homepage: http://www.robertescalle.com/Date Posted:3/12/2005

From: Jim  Escalle  (jimescalle@earthlink.net)City: Bakersfield   Country: USA
Homepage: http://www.jimmylescalle.com/Date Posted:3/12/2005

"Member of UPT class 69-08."
From: Daniel Crum  (dcrum@kleinisd.net)City: The Woodlands   Country: USA
 Date Posted:3/3/2005

From: RICHARD ORNELAS  (rickyo31@hotmail.com)City: VICTORVILLE, CA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/25/2005

"I arrived at Big Spring AFB in mid February 1952 from Perrin AFB. The T-33s started arriving in late March. I was in "A" Flight, Flight Line Maint. Many of the Cadets we knew at Perrin were sent to Webb so we saw many of the same faces through T-6s, T-28s and T-33s. We had 9 T-33s: 263, 316, 317 (no tip tanks), 424, 456, 461, 467, 607 and 833. We were the last flight south, just north of the T-28s. I was S/Sgt, Asst Flight Chief of "A" Flight when discharged from Webb AFB on 8 Jan 55 and came home to Nevada City, California. I enjoyed the time and have two sons born in Big Spring, Howard County, Texas. The enclosed photo was "A" Flight taken in early 1954 by Jim Fisher, crew chief of 607. Yours truly (cc 461) is kneeling in front of T/Sgt Ficklin the Flight Chief."
From: Randolph R. Smith  City: Nevada City, CA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/21/2005

"Began a great Air Force career at Webb beginning in January 1973 until being shipped to Iceland in June 1977. Have a lot of fond memories of Big Spring and the many wonderful people I met while stationed there. Will make a stop in to see you folks next time I am down that way."
From: James Myers  City: Zanesville, OH   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/3/2005

"Class 75-02/03. Arrived at Webb in 09/73, a few weeks before the Arab Oil Embargo. To save fuel, they "washed back" every class, gave us split class numbers, and we got an extra six weeks in beautiful "Beg Sprang." It was all good, especially because in a small class with the extended time, we had regular eight-hour days starting at 8am, and we only did that four days per week. On Fridays the IPs took us sailing and water-skiing. What a blast we had, best time in my life for sure. Got a CT-39 to Andrews AFB and got lucky when President Carter cut back on the luxury planes at ADW, to which the USAF responded by moving our fleet straight into the famed "89th Military Airlift Wing," the Presidential Wing. The -39 couldn't be "Air Force One," but nonetheless I ended up flying every U.S. president between Johnson and Clinton, either before or after they were in the White House, plus lots of Senators, etc., all the big VIPs. Flew Senator Tower to Webb when it was closing down. Also got to serve as IP to countless generals, including two USAF Chiefs of Staff, former Thunderbirds, and astronauts. Right place at the right time. THANK YOU to the United States Air Force! I'll come visit Hangar 25 sometime. "
From: Ron Wagner  (ron@funjets.com)City: Oakton, VA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:1/26/2005

"I graduated in class 66-C, Oct. 1965. Flew C-141's at McGuire AFB, N.J., from 1965 to 1969. Went to work for Delta Air Lines in 1969, and retired May, 2002, as a B-777 Captain. While living in Atlanta, we had a couple move in next door. from Big Spring, his father being a Major at Webb who actually signed our graduation orders! His name was Cletus T. Pajot. Rick (the son) was married to Sarah, originally from Big Spring. Sorry, I don't know her maiden name. They were both in high school while we were in training. What a small world! "
From: warren stovall  (Scott@tristarl10.net)City: savannah, georgia   Country: usa
 Date Posted:1/25/2005

"Graduating class 67E, The Batmen! Flew C123's in Vietnam and returned as a T-37 IP, 68-71 in K-flight, Maj Crenwelge flt cmdr; O-flight, Maj Clarke flt cmdr; also in Mutha flight with Maj Hart. Transferred to MAC for rest of career. Many fond memories of BGS. Hope to return someday. Lived on Goliad and Birdwell Lane. Retired after 26 years and currently reside in Mt Pleasant, SC. This tour had to be the highlight of my career!"
From: Col. Merwin Horner  (mhorner02@comcast.net)City: Mt Pleasant, SC   Country: USA
Homepage: http://thehorners.mybigplanetusa/comDate Posted:1/22/2005

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