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"Hello: I was in the AF from 1955 to 1964, and stationed at Webb from Jan 59 to June 63, witih two TDYs to Tyndall AFB, FL. I was a radar tech on the F-86L at first, then they converted to the F-102, and I cross-trained to that aircraft radar system. Member of the 331st FIS. I took dozens of photos all over the base, indoors and outside shots as well. Hoping this site will eventually have capacity to display everyone's photos. I now belong to the Air Force Association and am still in touch with 5 guys from the radar shop at Webb. M. G. "Bud" Norris Columbus OH"
From: Merle (Bud) Norris  (budntom9@aol.com)City: Columbus Ohio   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/11/2009

"I was born at Webb AFB in Sept 1964. I plan visiting in the fall of 2009."
From: KARL SNYDER ll  (ksnyder@lupers.com)City: HUGHSON CA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/4/2009

"I was stationed at Webb in the 331 FIS from 1960 to 1963. I worked on the F102, MG10 fire control system."
From: John Gore  (jpoppygore@bellsouth.net)City: Lilburn Georgia   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/3/2009

"UPT 56-U member of very first "All-Jet" training class from April 1956 to Aigust 1957"
From: Carroll Michaud  (pepops@hotmail.com)City: Shreveport, Louisiana   Country: USA
 Date Posted:1/31/2009

"I was in UPT-56U from April 1956 to August 1957 at which time I received the silver wings of a USAF Pilot. We were the first all-jet class, flying the T-33 aircraft from day one. Prior to our class student pilots began in the T-28 and then transitioned into the T-33. I still have our "Class Book" containing the photos of all students and instructor pilots associated with Class 56-U. Here is a poem I wrote to honor our fallen heros. Final Roll Call By: Carroll R. Michaud Shreveport, LA. Did you hear the sad news today? Another veteran warrior has passed away. Called by the Supreme Commander over all. Today he has made his final roll call. Come fellow vets; let us reverently bow and pray For our valiant comrade, who has fallen this day. We’ll drape his casket with a banner of beautiful hues, Those glorious American colors: red, white and blue. That star spangled banner he gallantly fought to defend, Unyielding and undaunted, he fought to win. He fought bravely and he passed the battle test. Now the Supreme Commander grants him, “eternal rest”. With dignity and honor, we’ll commit his body to the ground, The bugler will sound “Taps” and we’ll fire the volley rounds. The final military honors we’ll render somberly and ever so sadly; “Old Glory” we’ll solemnly precisely fold and reverently give to his family. Each Memorial Day we will recall our fallen comrade names, And attest that their selfless sacrifices were not in vain; For this lasting legacy they gave to all generations; “It’s honorable to respect our flag and to defend our great nation.” So close ranks aging warriors, for our ranks are thinning. We must keep on fighting and keep on winning. With pride and honor we’ll march and stand tall, And we’ll proudly - proudly - salute “Old Glory” ‘til we too make our final roll call. A free gift to our great Veterans. Share it with a Vet. E-mail: PePops@hotmail.com Copyrighted. Not for commercial use. "
From: Carroll Michaud  (pepops@hotmail.com)City: Shreveport, Louisiana   Country: USA
 Date Posted:1/31/2009

"I was in the military police from 1971-1975 i was on the same flight as david womack he alway sang song while we were on patrole. webb was a special place my wife managed the pizza hut in town i remember being on the southgate and seeing a bobcat in this old car. that was cool. what happin to david? "
From: john mcnail  (jdrema50@aol.com)City: mt washington ky   Country: usa
 Date Posted:1/30/2009

"here an old photo"
From: John Mcnail  (jdrema40@aol.com)City: mt washington ky   Country: usa
 Date Posted:1/30/2009

"Who said it doent snow in big spring"
From: John Mcnail  (jdrema50@aol.com)City: mt washington ky   Country: usa
 Date Posted:1/30/2009

"My father was wtih the class 71-05 if there is any on who might remember him please email me. His name was Bill Nipper and retired from Williams AFB as Major Johhny Bill Nipper. My name is Scott Nipper and would love to hear from anybody that was at Webb AFB at this time."
From: SCOTT NIPPER  (scottnip02@yahoo.com)City: COLUMBUS   Country: MS
 Date Posted:1/24/2009

"Graduated with class 66-C at Webb AFB."
From: THOMAS J. DIX  (kathytomm@verizon.net)City: DOVER DE   Country: USA
 Date Posted:1/11/2009

"I graduated from BSHS in 1971. My father S/MSGT Roland J Heun retired from Webb in 1971. He served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. He is buried in Kerrvile, Texas next to his son-in-law David Womack who also was stationed at Webb as a Security Police. My brother-in-law Lavoin Keith Allison got his wings at Webb. He retired as a Lt. Colonel of the AF and earlier this year he retired as a Capitan of American Airlines. He and my sister Nita live outside of San Antonio. I married Dennis Mason in 1972 and he too was a Security Police at Webb. My father and mother (Bonnie) were avid bowlers. They started bowling while stationed at Toul Rossiers in France. Please let me know if any of us are remembered. Webb was a special base to all my family and I am so proud to see that unselfish people have worked so hard to keep it's spirit alive. I remember the Rorick family who had the pet bobcat. I went to school with CeCe Cofee, our fathers worked together and my parents bowled with the Perez's and I hung out with their son Frankie. We lived off base outside the gate by housing. We lived in the house that sat behind the 7-11 across from the elementary school. We had a horse and she liked giving rides. I remember spending the summer at the pool, sitting just outside the base in an MG convertable while the jets took off and reaching up trying to touch them. I loved watching the kids turning in fouled baseballs in exchange for a free popcicle. I loved going to the movies on base and how we stood while the National Anthem played. I miss that and I miss the raising and lowering of the flags and how pedestrians and vehicles stopped to show respect. I think Webb will always be one of my favorite places and I honor and give thanks to all the men and women who serve the US military past and present...off we go into the wild blue yonder...."
From: Barbara Heun-Ploch  (patio@maverickbbs.com)City: Hunt, TX   Country: USA
 Date Posted:12/30/2008

" I got stationed at Webb AFB right out of tech school (Sheppard AFB) Sept. 1968. Got assigned to OMS and worked on T-38`s at hanger T-75 (PE Docks) I took a short re-up in 1970 and left Webb Nov. 1970. I went to OTIS AFB (Cape Cod Mass) worked on the F 101 Voodoo and the B-57 Canberra for one year then went to South East Asia and worked on the F-4 Phantom for 14 months. From there I got stationed at England AFB. Lousiana and worked on the A-7 D and A-37 until I got discharged in Oct 74.. I loved the time spent at Webb AFB and Big Spring Texas. Very good memories, and good buddies"
From: Kenneth Cassola  (alossac4@aol.com)City: Peabody, Mass.   Country: USA
 Date Posted:12/28/2008

"I was at Web AFB1973 untill 1976. I was a enlisted aircraft Tech on the flightline. I also worked at the Dynalectron T-38 modification facility on the west side of the base. I discharged slightly before the base closed. I have often wonderded what happened to the many coworkers that I knew during my years in Big Spring. I would like to see the area again and tour the former facility."
From: Ron Flint  (r.flint@yahoo.com)City: Fort Wayne. Indiana   Country: US
 Date Posted:12/23/2008

"I enjoyed looking at some of your pictures. The connection with me and the base is simple, I was born in Big Spring. I dont know anything about the town or the base but being curious I wanted to learn a little more. Thanks for the information as I catch up on my real hometown. I will stop by when I come look around town."
From: Jeff Marvin  (jeff@roanokeairport.com)City: Roanoke Virginia   Country: USA
 Date Posted:12/1/2008

"This site is amazing. I am humbled by the many young men and women who enjoyed the time spent in my hometown. And, thanks go out to all of you who made Big Spring, Texas a better place with all your different cultures. Not only were you pilots....you wore many hats....actors, civic leaders, Historians, et.al.. All of you enhanced our town. Each and everyone of you who served our Wonderful Country......I thank-you from the bottom of my heart. All the pilots and all the USAF men and women, I tip my hat to you!!!!! And, I curtsy, too. Never give up looking for dear friends. I recently found the first man I dated. He's been married 40 yrs. to the same woman. They have children and grandchildren. He was certainly a "Keeper", and , I let him slip right through my hands. Thank-you, all for easing my pain by reading your kind, tender memories of Big Spring, Texas. Graduated Big Spring High School 1968. Living in California, now, Mom of 2, Granny of 5. Christine "
From: Christine King  (crking_1@juno.com)City: Colfax, CA 95713   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/29/2008

"I arrived at Webb in the summer of 66, assigned to the Instrument Shop. PCS'd in feb 68 to CCK. Enjoyed my tour there and hope to be able to return and see the town and maybe some old friends. I still work on T-38's at Edwards AFB"
From: Rick Moore  (rwmoore@eee.org)City: Adelanto, Ca   Country: US
 Date Posted:11/6/2008

 Date Posted:11/1/2008

" I was assigned to Webb as a flight instructor in 1954, after completion of my tour in Korea. I felt like I was going from the frying pan into the fire, I wanted no part of instructing or the T-28. How degrading for one of the great fighter pilots (I thought) of the USAF. WELL---did I ever learn---I loved Webb, Big Spring the, T-28 and everything else! I made many friends and have, for a long time, considered that assignment as the most enjoyable time of my life. Jobob Jamar, Roger Grassel and I lived at 1511 Kentucky Way and always had an open door and a refer. full of beer. I would like to hear from anyone who was there Nov. '54 to Jan'57. "
From: James R. "Mike" Michaels  (james.michaels@att.net)City: Bedford, TX.   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/29/2008

"Webb was a part of my life from the time I was in the 1st grade in school. That's when my Dad went to work there, right after it opened, in 1952. He was the head meat cutter at the commissary then, later he moved over to the motor pool where he drove taxis, buses, and sometime gave driver's tests. His name was Henry Stewart, and he passed away in 1979. I have an uncle, Jack Stepp, that was an airman, then later, civil service, also a cousin by marriage, R.J. Butterfield who was, likewise first an airman, then civil service. An ex brother-in-law, Jerry Davis, who was an airman, he and my sister divorced, then he passed away a few years later, at a young age. I , myself worked at the base for 7 years, (69 to 76) for AAFES,(at the cafeteria, in any capacity, but mainly accounting clerk. For a while, I even ran the Mobile Unit at night), I also worked at the Service station, and the Prairie Pantry as an accounting clerk. I really miss working there, I've never worked anywhere that I liked better. I made a lot of friends there. "
From: Shirley Stewart  (shirley51@suddenlink.net)City: Big Spring, Texas   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/19/2008

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