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"I was at webb from 57 to61 I had one of the best times of my life made some everlasting freinds.was at the2009 reunion. Had visted before in2006 The town was't lively like it was in earley 60's .Hope to go back in the near future."
From: larry stephenson  (larrystephenson97@yahoo.com)City: durham nc   Country: durham
 Date Posted:10/10/2010

"Saw the mention of Midland and it reminded my of a solo flight towards the end of training. Had completed all the flight checks and was killing time getting in some needed flight time shooting landings. While on the extended downwind, Webb was hit by a sudden sand storm, and myself and others were diverted to Midland. I then experience a Tacan failure and was getting headings from a controller. Got lined up and after the pitch was told they did not see me. What the heck! I went around. I was again vectored back to this same runway and during the 2nd approach the emergency fuel light came on. Again they could not see me. I then realized there were no T-38's parked at this airstrip (there should have been some). I declared emergency fuel and was again vectored to the same runway. I told them I was landing - HERE. They then gave me a different heading and I saw another runway and executed a straight-in which was not allowed by students flying solo. It was that low fuel thing. Nice landing and a few weeks later graduated in 66F. They had been vectoring me to Midland Air Park which is about 10 miles from Midland Field. The good old days. I believe the controller was taken to a back hanger and shot. lol"
From: Robert  Petersen  (cowles6@frontier.com)City: Wausau, WI   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/9/2010

"This site has .pdf copies of a number of WW II books, mostly yearbooks. Number 21, 51 and 107 are yearbooks for classes 43-6, 43-11, 43-18 and 43-15B, Big Spring. Number 25 is a Midland yearbook. http://www.aafcollection.info/items/list.php#nogo"
From: Logan Boles  (loganboles@gmail.com)City: tiburon, CA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/8/2010

"Had a great time (not really) but did meet some really really good people staitioned their from 1975 to 1978 in the CE Orderly Room, all of the local people who worked in CE were awesome, along with the Military also, played on the CE Softball team 3 years, the Base Team one year, it was a very important time of my live, would not trade it in for anything, there wasn't much to do there but you could find things if you looked hard enough. I was good friends with the Deleon Family, John Hughes, a bunch more guys in the fire dept."
From: James Lambert  (flyersjipjim@yahoo.com)City: Melbourne, FL   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/18/2010

"My Dad, CMSgt. James Carothers, was stationed at Webb from 1969 through1972, when he retired. Although we only returned to Big Spring once, he told me many times how much he enjoyed Webb and the people of Big Spring. If any of you remember him, you know how active he was in both the Air Force and local communities. Dad's been gone for a while now, but he would have been quite proud and impressed with this facility. For him, I thank you for it, and I would love to hear from anyone reading this who knew either Dad or me (I graduated from BSHS in '72 and would love to come back for a reunion someday, and I wouldn't miss the Hangars...maybe 2012?). "
From: Mike  Carothers  (mikecarothers@hotmail.com)City: Tallahassee, FL   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/18/2010

"I was stationed at Webb from 1972-1976 when initially I was a 2nd LT and was the Avionics Maintenance Officer. When I departed I was a Captain and had just been the Field Maintenance Squadron Commander (the 78th, I believe). I had decided to resign from active duty and returned home to Virginia with my daughter who was born in Big Spring and my lovely wife. Today, my wife and I have three daughters and 8 grandchildren. I have many, many fond memories of the great people living in town (I was in the Lions Club)and the civilian force that helped keep our mission on track (I was lead of the government team that would work on the AFGE union ambitions to better their lives). I used to live at 1512 Stadium Avenue and rented this house from Rick Campbell who was in charge of the Avionics Shop."
From: Keith Simmons  (Simmons_Keith@BAH.com)City: Oak Hill, Virginia   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/16/2010

"My name is Kim E. Birkett, the son of John E. "Jack" and Roberta Birkett.. Looking for any information on my dad and mom and perhaps a street address where we lived. Many memories from a 5 year old boy still remain, the giant xmas tree, the kindergarten and bowling alley, the Thunderbird shows, but some cannot be recalled. Any /all info, phots, links would be welcome. Feel free to contact me at my email address."
 Date Posted:8/30/2010

" i was working in hanger 25 in early 1960s on T37."
From: robert petzold  (thelma@triton.net)City: bucanan mich   Country: u.s.a.
 Date Posted:8/27/2010

"I was a T-37 IP at Webb from March, 1965 to Nov,1968, My daughter Kelli was born at Webb AFB hospital in 1965. I left Webb to become a TWA pilot and have been retired for quite a few years now. Always interested in any reunions that I might be apart of. Enjoyed the web site. "
From: Jack Zygner  (jzygner@psln.com)City: Clio,CA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/15/2010

"I was stationed at Webb AFB from April 73-Sept 74. I was a Security Policeman. I remember the hot sun beating on you as you stood at the Main Gate and South Gate during the summer. SSgt Kinne and Msgt Howard come to mind. I was selected Airman of the Month and in October 73 did a secret (at the time) TDY to Lajes Field in the Azores during the Yom Kippor War between Israel and Eygpt. Remmember all the good times at the NCO Club and the parties out at the golf course. I remember all the P/U trucks in town and all the looks from driving my Austin Healy from PA. The crazy times at Denny's and lot of friends I wish I could get in touch with again. Can't forget when the twister came through and took the South gate with a cop in it for a ride around base housing. Any one who may remmember me during this time give me shout if you like. "
From: Kim Emes  (krepi@aol.com)City: Hamburg   Country: PA
 Date Posted:7/23/2010

"I was stationed at Webb AFB from 74-77 as a Ground Power Equipment Repairman. I have been back twice since the base closed to see how things ended up. During my entire time at Webb I worked out of Hanger T-44 and was estatic to see that it had been salvaged for this great purpose. One of my fondest memories at Webb was being honored with Airman of the month award and getting to fly in a T-37. I'm going to have to look through my old photos to see what pictures I have of the hanger during the time I served and post them. Currently I am an electrical engineer working with Nuclear Aircraft Carriers."
From: Larry McLaughlin  (mclaughlin_larry@charter.net)City: Smithfield, Virginia   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/23/2010

"I was class of 1963. catch you guys"
From: Johnson Okolo-Mugu  (j.mugu@yahoo.com)City: Atlanta   Country: Usa
 Date Posted:7/22/2010

"My brother, Capt Alan R. Trent, was at Webb AFB in the 60's and was sent to Vietnam in 1969. His F-4 phantom jet was shot down in 1970 over Cambodia, and has been MIA ever since. I discovered today that a friend of his purchased a plaque for him at Hangar 25. I hope that one day I can view it in person. Thanks to all whose names are on this wall, and to those who gave their lives for our freedom."
From: Jan Reger  (JAN.REGER@CENTRAHEALTH.COM)City: Forest, VA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/14/2010

"My father, SSGT Earl M. Higdon, was stationed there at Webb AFB from 1962 (?) to 1965 before he was transferred to Bitburg AFB, Germany. He was a Aircraft Mechanic, however I was very young when he was there and cannot tell you the unit. My middle sister, Meri Jo, was born at the base hospital in 1964. Some of my memories of Webb is witnessing the landing of the Goodyear Blimp, watching fireworks on various 4th of July celebrations, an Air Show held at the base (I think in 1965) and getting hair cuts at the base barber shop. Along with my father and myself, my mother Barbara, brother Greg and sister Carrie, as well as being joined by Meri Jo in '64. After leaving Big Springs he spent another 6 years, retiring in 1971 after serving for 1 year at U-Tapao AFB. Thailand during Vietnam. He and my mother had 2 more children. Earl Higdon died June 1, 2003 in Water Valley, Mississippi."
From: Jeff Higdon  (jeffhigdon@jeffhigdon.info)City: Rockford, Illinois   Country: United States of America
Homepage: http://jeffhigdon.infoDate Posted:7/12/2010

" Thanks for your service. "
From: Steve Rodgers  (steve@rodgers.com)City: Brooklyn   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/8/2010

"i was there for over 2 yrs . love to coom see agian "
From: robert petzold  City: 13261 coveney. buchanan.mi   Country: berrien
 Date Posted:6/29/2010

"Class 60 E. Trying to find a picture of the main gate at Webb. Great site."
From: John Berry  (jkdberry@gmail.com)City: Gold Canyon, AZ   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/26/2010

"I would like to make contact with Patrick Berkley, an airman stationed at Webb AFB between 1964-1966. "
From: Linda Appleton  (linda_appleton@wtcmhmr.org)City: Big Spring, Texas   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/16/2010

"To all the ground crews who were stationed at Big Spring AAF and later Webb afb. Our group is dedicated to the preservation of the ground crews in the AAF and AF, we will be doing displays and such with Hangar 25 so keep an eye out for us and come tell your story. I can be contacted via e mail or Contact the museum director."
From: Scott Dunkirk  (sdunkirk@yahoo.com)City: Phoenix, AZ   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/27/2010

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