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"I would like to start off here by sayeing I was born at the old hospital 1965 My father Charles d fletcher was a young airman first duty assignement. Well now I am a retired us navy engineman chief a DESERT STORM VETERAN WELL my father passed away in 91 HE IS BURIED AT Fort Richerdson Military Cemetary Anchorage Alaska. My grandmother had a house along the highway and alot of my family roots are from BIG SPRINGS ODESSA MIDLAND AREA well hope someone reads this I am happy to know my fathers first duty station is still remmbered My father retired as a E-5 in 74 or 75 well TAKE CARE ANCHORS AWAY FARE WINDS AND FOLLOWING SEAS"
From: Calvin fletcher  (calvinfletcher83@yahoo.com)City: SAN ANTONIO TEXAS   Country: USA
Homepage: http:// Date Posted:4/14/2011

"Went to Webb AfB in 1957 and was assigned to the 61st. FLM Sq,. Worked Post Dock and Flt. Status at T-25 and T44 thru 1964. Left and went to Alaska. Subsequently went to Takhli Thailand and hooked up with and Old Friend :Gene Bippus" on a 3 day R&R. Lost track of him until several days ago while reviewing this Site. Have not been able to get in touch ( e-mail addy doesn't work ) Gene (or any other old Friend) ... give me a shout!!"
From: Bill Hall  (bhallc21@verizon.net)City: Plano, Texas   Country: USA
 Date Posted:3/26/2011

"i do have 2 pictures that were taken back in 1974 of my self and one of my brothers at the old webb afb1"
From: ron delosh  (rondelosh@verizon.net)City: watertown new york   Country: usa
 Date Posted:3/22/2011

"I was a graduate of Reese Class 62B and would like any information re; reunions , classmates, etc. S Flint"
From: Sandy Flint  (sesaflint@yahoo.com)City: Columbus   Country: United States
 Date Posted:3/21/2011

"I was a student from IIAF "Imperial Iranian Air Force" Class of 1977 -7709- If you remember just email me. Hope all is well with all the pilots and thier Families.. "
From: Abbas PHS Tehrani  (abbaslimo@yahoo.com)City: Denver, CO   Country: USA
 Date Posted:3/20/2011

"I spent from Jan 1975 to August 1977 on the rock. I was assigned to Golf Flight. Made six mths early buck and runman in the T-38. I was taught by the Goat roper, Alton Taylor. Life was very interesting on Webb. Wing covers and hanger the jets when the weather changed. Tow man on the tug or Brake rider. Also worked in Maintenance control where Cheese and crackers were a common site. Helped on the bicenten bird for 1976. Got a Certificate for being in the service on the nations birthday. Grew to be a man under the dust covered snow falls. Still looking for all the KZ 900 and LTD 900 riders I spent my time with. Steve Simpson where r u. Charlie Nahoekaka been a long time. Minot TDYs. Never got used to that. Went to the museum this past week. Plan to dig up the base photos and stuff sitting in my storage and send it there to be viewed and some may remember when they see it all. Love the site and Hanger work. I do believe that I swept that hanger many times in my past. Deputy James Beck. San Patricio County Sheriffs Office."
From: James Beck  (deputydad809@yahoo.com)City: Sinton Texas   Country: usa
 Date Posted:3/16/2011

"I was assisgned to Webb from June 1952 until August 1955. My last durty was First Sergeant Hq Sq, 3560th M&S Group. Prior to that I served within the Group Headquarters in charge of Personnel and as Chief Clerk in the the Mtr Veh Sq. Many Happy times. Played saftball and basketball for the Mtr Veh Sq."
From: Donald Rothdiener  (sgtr@roadrunner.com)City: Oriskany, New York   Country: USA
 Date Posted:3/10/2011

"I was at webb 1955 to 60 .iwas in post dock an test section hanger 75"
From: Gene Bippus  (gene bippus @ g mail)City: Owasso ok   Country: usa
 Date Posted:3/8/2011

"I don't remember much about Big Spring, although I was born there. My dad was in the 365th Headquarters and Headquarters Company. I have a fairly long picture that unit that was in my Dad's possession until he passed away. My dad was Charles E. Bacus. H served at Rougham USAAF from March to 1945 until shortly after VE day. I did manage to get back to Big Spring in 1997. My wife and I went to El Paso for the Sun Bowl, which the Hawkeyes unfortunately lost. But we did go to the AF base. I do have lots of pictures of people I do not know from my Dad's time at Big Spring. "
From: Richard Bacus  (kvilledb@gmail.com)City: Iowa City   Country: Iowa
 Date Posted:2/27/2011

"It's been along time. Some of my best memories of my teens was when Dad was CO of the 339th, 55-57."
From: Bryant Yeck Anderson Jr.  (cappyjr1@yahoo.com)City: Warrenton Va.   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/12/2011

"Graduated Class 72-09 .... Visited Hanger 25. Good job, nice airplanes... We need to have a 40 year reunion ."
From: Charlie Hale  (charliehale48@me.com)City: Kilgore, Texas 75662   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/9/2011

"I was a member of UPT Class 69-08 "H" Class. The last of the 69s. I received my wings on June 20, 1969. After UPT I served in Viet Nam in C-47 aircraft. Later I went on to fly a Convair T-29, Boeing T-43, Lockheed Jet Star VC-140 and a VC-6 B-90 King Air for the USAF. I left the Air Force in 1977 to fly for Southwest Airlines. I later worked for the USAF Academy and retired as a reserve LtCol in 1998. I retired from Southwest Airline in 2006. My flying passion these days is a PA-18 150 Piper Super Cub, set up for bush operation. I have only been back to Webb one time since UPT and that was a brief stop on a USAF cross country. I have many fond memories of Webb AFB and Big Spring TX and i look forward to a future visit. "
From: Gerald Bradley  (jerry.bradley@yahoo.com)City: Breckenridge, CO   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/7/2011

"Served at Webb AFB 1970-late 1972, when reassigned to Goose AB, Labrador. Assigned to the 78th FTW."
From: Larry McDonald  (lmcdonald@mibanc.com)City: Jefferson City, Missouri   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/4/2011

"I was a 17 Yr-Old Cop at Webb 74-75. All my peers were NAM Vets and they were wild and crazy no holds barred. The people there were very patient with me and my youthfullness. I unfortunatly suffered a major motorcycle accident and was transported to Midland memorial where a doctor who had served in NAM put me back together, then i was airlifted to Wilford Hall to recover never to return. 2 friends Wayne ROACH & Lee RODGERS would make the 60 mi drive to Midland Memorial to visit, then they started to car-pool and eventually marry-all my fault-Ha! The girl I was most fond of I did lookup once and found she had married with 5 kids-Elsa Hernandez and her family were great to me, I miss the town and base. i'm still working for the DOD at a base closing in 2011. ONIZUKA AFS will soon be in the history books too. "
From: Russell Nagle  (russell_nagle@yahoo.com)City: santa Clara, ca   Country: USA
 Date Posted:1/23/2011

""I enjoyed the 2009 Webb Reunion and would like to share some ideas for locating former classmates/fellow service members for future reunions. A class or unit reunion can fit in very nicely with a Hangar 25 Museum Webb Reunion. First, you need a list of names, from yearbooks or orders. Databases today sometimes are very strictly First Name, Middle Initial, and Last Name. In 1963 I was officially 2/Lt Lloyd L. Boles, but my friends knew me as Logan…and I am almost always found today as Logan. I use an excel spreadsheet to keep my class information. The spreadsheet can be emailed or printed and mailed to folks who don’t have computer access. Several resources are available to locate people. On the internet, anywho.com and whitepages.com yield good results. Active pilots may be found on landings.com or even the FAA web site. Ten years ago, USAA was very helpful. As I recall, we sent our reunion letter to USAA along with a list of names. If the classmate was a customer, USAA mailed our class letter and their cover letter explaining the forwarded reunion information. Finally, many classmates have kept in touch with a few folks, so each person you find may have more information. Knowing state and approximate city location will help with internet searches. Email will be the easiest and cheapest way to connect, but expect to use your telephone and the U S Mail. We found all but one classmate and that guy washed back to our class late in our year. We lost a few in Viet Nam and now the “deceased list” is growing. Not everyone is interested in reunions and some folks have health or financial issues. We have had three reunions and only about half ever show up. In the final analysis, those who want to and can will come; those who don’t want to or can’t won’t come. ""
From: Logan Boles  (loganboles@gmail.com)City: Tiburon, CA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:1/22/2011

"im trying to find barry dawkins.. he was at webb 1966 into 1967.. his stick mate was bob tucci. i have a pic podted of the both in honor of tucci who body is being returned 1/11/11.. jim hyde instructor"
From: jim hyde  (jnl96@yahoo.com)City: coleman, tx   Country: usa
 Date Posted:1/12/2011

"Hello my father was in class 71-05 his name was Bill Nipper. . I am in the process of writing a book on Webb class patches and was wondering if anybody had any extras of your class patches or any other Webb patches. I would love to have them to put in my collection and in the book. Im trying to keep the history of Webb AFB alive and what the class patches mean to the pilots. Thanks for everything to all yall. .Thanks Scott Nipper"
From: Scott Nipper  (scottnip02@yahoo.com)City: Columbus Ms   Country: USA
 Date Posted:12/26/2010

"UPT Class 73-03. Arrived September 1971 in my blue Ford Maverick. I lived in a trailer court off Farm Road 700. Most vivid memories are the great times at the O'Club and riding dirt bikes in the desert. Big Spring was a military friendly community that really supported the troops. I believe the only time I marched in my 33 year AF career (other than OTS) was a parade down main street in Big Springs. I still have my yearbook and dust it off to take a look every once and awhile. Boy - it seems like a long time ago."
From: Norm Kohn  (normpat@cox.net)City: North Las Vegas, NV 89084   Country: USA
 Date Posted:12/21/2010

"bob werner wrote,,,"I was stationed at webb 1966-1970 at the T38 pe hanger I was the second shift supervisor" I was also at Webb from 66-70,,worked at T-2 (I think it was the hangar name) removing fixing and re-installing engines on T-37 and T-38's,,was a troubleshooter for about a year prior to my discharge. "
From: Bill Kinsley  (wmkins@aol.com)City: Phila   Country: Pa
 Date Posted:12/21/2010

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