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"Tosssed from nest three times; T-41, 37 & 38, at Webb AFB during UPT Class 68-H. Went on to serve in the USAF for 20 years flying F-4 C's, D's, E's, B's, & J's and then F-16's from preproduction to Block 15's as a test pilot mostly. Still have an affectionate place in my heart for Big Spring , Texas and the warm memories of the people who so graciously hosted us young bohemians for a year while we tried out our fledgling wings, drank too much beer and just about everything else, and dodged sand hill cranes on initial approach."
From: Don Bell  City: Huntsville Utah   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/12/2008

"Class 62-B, Jaguar Flight. Anyone in this class, I would be pleased to hear from you by email. Attended the last reunion and found it very interesting."
From: Gil Alligood  (galligood@att.net)City: Cary, NC   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/11/2008

"I was stationed at Webb in 1968 thru 1970. I was in supply."
From: William Coates  (wmdcoates@aol.com)City: Cayce,South Carolina   Country: usa
 Date Posted:6/9/2008

"Nice Job!! I came to Webb and Big Spring in 1969 with my new wife. We were both just 20 at the time. I was a T-38 Crew Chief on "H" Hotel row. We lived up in the trailer park just out the back gate near the catholic Church on November Lane. There are many fond memories of Webb and Big Spring. The wagon wheels on Friday night. The drives to El Paso. I would really like to hear from anyone of the old acquaintances. I worked with Gary Hall, Chuck Crane, Charley Phillips, Allen Pincus. Grady O'Neil was the MSgt. I bought a 1963 Corvette there in Big Spring and I still have it. I will retire from the AF (Air Guard) in December after 39 years 8 months. I am now a C-130 flight Engineer (the longest flying in the AF) flying with the Puerto Rico Air Guard. I commute to PR from the Detroit area. Thanks to Capt Lou Shaw I went on to become a ATP pilot and got a chance to fly as a captain on heavy jets. Keep up the great work and I hope to get there for the reunion. I will post some pictures later. Scott Dickinson (rscott01@comcast.net)"
From: Scott Dickinson  (rscott01@comcast.net)City: Warren, Mi   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/8/2008

"I'm really bummed about the postponement of the reunion. "
From: Roy Hamand  (roy187lbpd@aol.com)City: Menifee, California   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/29/2008

"my dad, david acosta worked at webb afb from 1959 till it was closed in 1977. he was an aircraft painter."
From: ricky acosta  (ricybel@grandecom.net)City: odessa   Country: usa
 Date Posted:5/24/2008

"Graduated in1960 and was working on a few of us from that class attending this year. Guess l'll start working on 09 - if we are still around. Maybe more can contact me and we can get more to go -- if we can find a place to stay. "
From: Ronald Green  (bargranch@aol.com)City: Cave Creek, AZ   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/11/2008

"I was station at Webb AFB., and remembeer the most strange thing there. On the flight line at the resturant they had a tree. Ever years bugs would eat the leaves and the tree would bounce back. I work at Stand-board. It was there that my my bosses {officers} evaluated IP pilots who trained other plots. Before I left I had gone to Dallas for my flight back to Ga. There I ran in a Lt Veigh who was now flying for Eastern Airlines. I remember my Wing Command a Colonel Collins. I had baby set for him in Nagoya (Komaki Airdrome} in 1948/49. He was Capt then and now was my Wing Commander. He had come a long ways so had I. I retired at Homestead AFB in 1968. Went back to school and taught 8th Grade Ga History and retired in 1994 with 25 yeras service in the field of Education. I enjoy revisting Webb via internet."
From: M Sgt Robert [Bob] Nobles., JR.  (bnobles@alltel.net)City: Rochelle   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/11/2008

"The sight of hangar 25 picture brought back many memories of Pyote Texas where I took B-29 training in 1943. I believe the hangars there were of similar construction. I visited there in 1845 and got some pictures of the skeletons still standing Ford"
From: Henry (Ford) Tolbert  (f.tolbert@yahoo.com)City: Glenpool Oklahoma   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/7/2008

"I was stationed at Webb Air Force base for just a short time from August to November 1957. I had just returned from an overseas assignment and was serving out my last 90 plus days at Webb. I worked in an area that did the daily scheduling of training aircraft for the morning and afternoon flight schedules. We also scheduled aircraft for various unscheduled maintenance at the different maintenance shops. So didn't get a chance to meet too many people. I really enjoyed my last days in the Air Force and I have had the chance recently to go back to Big Spring, TX. and also tour the Hangar 25 Air Museum. If you get the chance to pass through that way, you should visit the old base. The people there have really worked hard to create a very nice museum and it's well worth your visit. Lots of neat memorabilla and some beautiful aircraft. If anyone that reads this comment and was at Webb AFB at the same time, please email me. Thanks S/SGT Bill Evans."
From: Bill Evans  (captmarvel@npgcable.com)City: Lake Havasu City, AZ   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/5/2008

"Graduated in Class 65-F."
From: Franklin Breeden  (c133ac@verizon.net)City: Grapevine, TX   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/4/2008

"I am trying to locate any information about someone who might have been stationed at webb air force base in 1966. I was a baby boy given up by a woman named Jackie Phillips. I am assuming she was maybe a teenager. I was born in 1966 and its possible that her family was stationed at webb at the time. There is no school records at the big spring high school or any marriage records on Jackie from the 50's to the 70's but since webb was a transitional place for alot of airmen its possible her family was stationed there and she gave birth and gave up the baby and they moved. Phillips was her maiden name and I estimate that she could have been between 15-19 years old so that would make her parents who would have been stationed there about 35-60 years old in 1966. I am basically just at a dead end and thought about webb being an active base during that time. I need to get medical information from this birth mom because I have now had a medical crisis and the dr's have told me it is genetic and any information that I could provide will greatly assist them in treating me. Thanks Charles Hudson (I was born December 1966 in big spring at medical arts hospital to Jackie Phillips) "
From: Charles Hudson  (cchudson@swbell.net)City: Abilene, TX   Country: USA
 Date Posted:4/30/2008

"I was a T-37 instructor pilot from Nov 63 thru Mar 67. My two oldest boys were born in Big Spring. We have many pleasant memories of our years at Webb."
From: George McKenna  (geomckenna@tampabay.rr.com)City: Tarpon Springs, FL   Country: USA
Homepage: http://www.pbase.com/gmckennaDate Posted:4/29/2008

"An interesting web site. I haven't been back to Big Spring since graduation from UPT in class 64-A. All you need to complete the memories would be pictures of the old student VOQ, horny-toads, tarantulas, and rattle snakes."
From: Jack Hauser  (jchausersr@aol.com)City: Chesterfield   Country: United States
 Date Posted:4/28/2008

"I was surprised to find this wonderful site. I was stationed at Webb from Jan. 1969 to the fall of 1970. I made buck Sergeant there. I worked in the CBPO under Major Ruric H. Wester. I have very fond memories of Webb. It was my 1st duty station from Keesler AFB Training School. Hope to hear from other former airman. "
From: Rick Hoffmeister  (cincyred14@comcast.net)City: Fishers, Indiana   Country: USA
 Date Posted:4/27/2008

"My father went to Bombardier School at Big Springs. He was kIA on 02/07/45. His name was FO Isadore G. Belinkie. His plane, a B24, was named "Calamity Jane. I was very happy to find this site. Thank you. Barbara Jepson"
From: Barbara Jepson  (bjepson@optonline.net)City: Greenwich, CT   Country: USA
 Date Posted:4/15/2008

"Webb was my first assignment after tech. school at Amarillo. Arrived in Jan 1966 & remained until Aug 1970. i worked in hanger T-75, the T-38 phase dock. The time spent at Webb we the most rewarding years in the USAF. I only wish I had kept up with all my "buddies" after the years. Hope to attend the reunion."
From: Timothy Neumann  (toneumanns@valornet.com)City: Tulsa Oklahoma   Country: USA
 Date Posted:3/31/2008

"You have a wonderful air history museum, I hope I get a chance to visit in person. Thanks for your hard work and dedication."
From: Steve Terjeson  (steve@ironvine.com)City: Seattle, WA   Country: USA
Homepage: http://wwarii.com/blogDate Posted:3/21/2008

From: CHUCK CORBETT  (corbytes@rochester.rr.com)City: MENDON NEW YORK   Country: U.S.A.
 Date Posted:3/9/2008

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