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"December 31st, 1960, I was born at Webb AFB. Glad to see this history being saved. "
From: Ronald Barritt  (paintedpotential@aol.com)City: Marion   Country: Bexar
 Date Posted:6/5/2012

"I was looking for Don Green and found a wonderful picture of him and his wife on your website. He was one of my favorite teachers at BSHS. Thank you. "
From: Sharon Agee Morrow  City: Arlington, TX   Country: us
 Date Posted:6/2/2012

"Trying to find information as to whether a certain Pilot Training class Patch is from Webb AFB or not. It is a triangle patch with camoflage background and a T-38 aircraft at bottom and 69-E in middle If this sounds familiar please drop me a line and let me know. Thanks, Tom"
From: Tom Shane  (tom_usaf52@yahoo.com)City: Austin, Texas   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/29/2012

"I was assigned to Air Police in 1967. Big Spring was like a Home away from home being I was from Dallas. I worked in Base Police and Security until the 331st was phased out. I was a member of the Webb Aero Club and remember those final approaches coming over the Cosden refinery. I remember the escorting the BX manager to the bank to make his deposits, know at the time four years later I would meet and marry his niece. I have post a photo of myself standing by a CAF P-38 that was part of the 1967 Air Show. Great web site hope to visit Big Spring and reminisce."
From: Jim  Dorris  (aurorainvestigations@yahoo.com)City: Sachse, TX   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/10/2012

"71-04 Reunion correction and update. Many of our former student pilots have been located for a reunion in 2013. If you've not been "found", please contact Tom Roth (troth47@comcast.net), Dave Alverson (david@famview.com), Kandi Smith (careykandi@aol.com), or Fred Russell (russell715@aol.com). Thanks, Hangar25, for keeping the Webb legacy alive."
From: David Alverson  (david@famview.com)City: Pendleton, SC   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/7/2012

"Class 55-L at Webb training in T-33s. Will scan and send some pictures. They are all black and white."
From: Ralph Conner, Lt. Col. (retired)  (rlcjec@attglobal.net)City: Edgewood NM   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/7/2012

"I spent almost 4 years at Webb from late 1951 thru to February 7, 1955. This site is great and it brings back a bunch of memories. I was just a flight line mechanic and had a great time doing my job. By the way, I did steal one of Big Springs natives away in 1955 and we are about to celebrate our 57th aniversary in June. Thanks again for the nice site. Ray Craig "
From: Ray Craig  (rayandging@gmail.com)City: Anniston, Alabama   Country: Calhoun
 Date Posted:5/6/2012

"Delighted to see the stained glass window has been preserved from the Chapel. I was christened under that window and thought it had gone with the razing of the building. Thanks for saving it!"
From: Mark Powell  City: Pittsford, NY   Country: USA
Homepage: http://www.markpowell.orgDate Posted:4/28/2012

"Spent two great moths in Big Sping in 1959 working at the base rmoving a radar for the gov. My mY has it ever changed. Alwasys wondered what happened to the great people I met"
From: Gerald Hassfield  (lvcop500@satx.rr.com)City: San Antonio   Country: Texas
 Date Posted:4/18/2012

"i would like to copy and paste a T38 to facebook....people know nothing of this bird! "
From: cliff white  (cwite22@yahoo.com)City: lindenwold   Country: usa
 Date Posted:4/18/2012

"I was stationed at WEBB from 1962 until 1966. My work place was Hanger 44, I was a ground support equipment mechanic. Later our shop moved from 44 to the shop next door to the J-79 engine repair shop. I was an airman 1st class when I was discharged. I also drove a tug in the tug pool still located upstairs in 44, for both T37's and T38"s. A flight thru to J flight, and on occassion a transit bird that came in. I 'd like to have a quarter for all those birds I towed to and from those hanger and repair shops up and down that flight line. Mostly when a bad weather situation was about to set in. We were ask to tow all the birds that there was room for to the verious hangers and shops. Then when the weathered cleared they all had to be returned to their flight row. I lived off base with my wife Barbara, who worked at the bank downtown. We lived in a garage appartment at 804 Main and we met a lot of the good people of Big Spring. "
From: Gordon Genty  City: Victoria, Texas   Country: USA
 Date Posted:4/16/2012

"Class 71-04 pilots/IPs--planning a reunion in 2012. Visitors to this site who were in that class should contact Dave Alverson (David@famview.com) or Tom Roth (troth@comcast.net) if you haven't been located. Thanks, Hangar 25 for a nostalgic visit."
From: David R. Alverson  (david@famview.com)City: Pendleton, SC   Country: USA
 Date Posted:4/9/2012

"Class 72-03, We are planning a reunion in 2013 in Big Spring, TX. Anyone from Class 72-03 or anyone having information about class members please contact me with mailing address and email. We will look forward to renewing old friendships and reliving a wonderful and challenging time in our lives."
From: Dan Gillaspie  (ama2j@aol.com)City: Enid, OK   Country: USA
 Date Posted:4/8/2012

"I was stationed at Webb Jan 1959 to Aug 1960 in MG10 MockUP with 331st. It was a let down transferring from 25th Fighter Naha Okinanwa. The Mission ws different. After meeting and serving with the members of the 331st, I enjoyed the tour with 331st. I am fortunate to still keep in touch with 2 members of the group I served with. I have great memories of the USAF while I served. Ernie Landsmann "
From: Ernest F Landsmann Sr  (instrspec@aol.com)City: Philadelphia Pa   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/21/2012

From: Raymond Torp  (rtorp)City: Houston, TX   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/20/2012

"Dear Hangar 25 Air Museum I am very pleased to let you know that there is now an active movement to help keep the memory of at least one more WW2 US ARMY AIR FIELD alive. I am the co-moderator of a fairly new Facebook page that is dedicated to creating a digital record of photos, information and stories that pertain to the Carlsbad Army Air Field. This Army Air Field located at Carlsbad, New Mexico was opened in 1942 and remained active until the end of WW2 in 1945. Within the many pages of photos and stories one can clearly see a deep respect and admiration for the remarkable history and drive displayed by all who served at this WW2 Army Air Field. The Carlsbad Army Air Field was a bombardier school but later developed into a navigation school as well. The aircraft of choice was the Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan Configuration. These airplanes carried a maximum of ten ( 10 ) 100 pound practice bombs ( smoke on impact style ) and had numerous practice bombing targets located strategically throughout Eddy County. I am writing you here only to inform your organization that we, like you, are driven to preserve and share this amazing part of American History. If you have the time please visit our ongoing Facebook page. To find it simply search : Carlsbad Army Air Field Wall Facebook Your comments and or photographic sharings would be greatly appreciated. Best regards and a sincere thank you for what you and your organization are doing Bobby Lee Silliman blssrs2@mvn.net "
From: Bobby Lee Silliman  (BLSSRS2@MVN.NET)City: Mount Vernon, Illinois   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/19/2012

"I remember being TDY to Webb AFB in 1955. Our Squadron, the 3505th Pilot Training Squadron From Greenville AFB Mississippi, was sent to Webb during the Hurricane Season so the Students could continue their training. At the time I was a Personal Equipment Specialist. "
From: William Capps  (mrbillcapps@yahoo.com)City: Carleton, Mi   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/16/2012

"I was stationed at Webb AFB right out of Tech school at Shepherd AFB and assigned to 3560th FMS as one and two engine fighter mechanic. Worked the flight line as crew chief on 37's out of Alpha shack and then got promoted to Maintenance Control. I was a controller on 37 and 38 boards the last two years of service and left in 1973. I met a lot of great people back then, both pilots and mechanics. We were all under a lot of stress with the Viet Nam situation and training foreign pilots. Many sorties and many breakdowns. Several IFE's but never lost one plane the entire time I was there. I loved the local people in Big Spring and considered staying there, but there were no jobs, so went back to Dayton, OH and moved to Scottsdale 11 years ago. Two guys I remember very well were Jesus Reyes from Guam and Ron Dahalfield, head controller. If you two are out there anywhere please email me. I was very sad when they closed Webb."
From: Denny Marino  (Teamtransport@cox.net)City: Scottsdale, AZ   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/12/2012

"Do any of you guys remember an IP by the name of Ronald Larson? He was there for a few years back in the late 60 I used to hear stories growing up about Big Spring Texas all the time. He is still flying today. He flies a citation out of norther Ut. I got the flying bug from him and have been flying for the airlines for 12 years. His youngest son also fly business jets. "
From: Scott Larson  (sl76433@yahoo.com)City: Orlando florida   Country: USA
 Date Posted:1/30/2012

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