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"Great site and great memories of Webb and Big Spring. I worked flight line engines on the white rockets and tweets from 71 to 73. My wife is a local girl so we'll be back."
From: Herb Burgess  (herbburgess@yahoo.com)City: Roanoke, AL 36274   Country: U.S.A.
 Date Posted:9/22/2007

"I was a 83FTS Sqdn Section Cmdr ib 1975-1977, and eventually was the RM during the final stages of base closure in Aug 1977."
From: John Wickman  (j.wickman@sbcglobal.net)City: Carlsbad   Country: CA, USA
 Date Posted:9/19/2007

"First of all I would like to say what a great web site this is and wish I would have came upon it a lot sooner. Nice!! I joined the USAF in July of 61 with intentions of seeing some of the world, but the world I seen was basic at Lackland and then onto Webb AFB as a member of the 331st FIS until my tour of duty ended in July of 1965. Was I disappointed with my tour of duty? NO! I worked in the Orderly Room which made it possible for me to be in contact with everybody in the unit at one time or another and my love for aviation had placed me in the best enviornment possible. Being in a Fighter Squadron attached to an Air Training Command Base plus having the town of Big Spring near by has left me with many cherished memories, and I consider myself fortunate to have been a part of all of it for such a short time. I am looking forward to the reunion in 2008 with hopes of meeting up with some of the old friends I left behind. See Yah there! Ken"
From: KEN KIEPER  (sonex2x2@yahoo.com)City: Chanhassen   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/14/2007

"I was stationed out of tech school at Webb from July 1969 thru Dec 1972. I was in the AGE (ground power) shop. Had great memories there with some great people. My son was born in the old hospital right before it closed. I think our shop was in the hangar you now call 25. Many thanks for your efforts in keeping the history alive. John Beck"
From: John Beck  (jcb@becksteel.com)City: Lubbock   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/12/2007

"Hi: I was a foreing student of class 7607. Chilean second Lt sent to USAF for undergraduated pilot training (T37) at Webb AFB During 1976 I became a commercial pilot for LanChile airlines. Now I am working as Telescope and Instruments operator for the European Southern Observatory. I am married and I have two childrens and I am 51 years old now. Best Regards."
From: Nestor Jimenez  (njimenez@eso.org)City: Santiago de Chile   Country: Chile
 Date Posted:9/9/2007

From: ROGER DALE ROWIN  (daler@tomstreeplace.com)City: LUBBOCK, TX.   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/8/2007

"My father Rufus E. Fowler Jr. went to work at WAFB in the early 1950's as a mechanic. He was civil service having served in the Navy during WW II and the Korean War. He remained with Webb till they locked the last door and shut the last gate, transfering to Holliman in New Mexico to finish out his time. A lot of tales were told and fun time spent during his reign at the base. Being born and raised in the Big Spring area it has a large place in my heart. I only wish Dad could have lived long enough to see all the hard work and time that has gone into this project. Thanks to everyone that has made this possible. Sincerely"
From: Diane Fowler Melton  (deestoy76@hotmail.com)City: San Angelo   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/5/2007

"Webb Class 69-07.YGBSM. KC135, C7Caribou,T39. Civilian 737, 727, 707. Captain, Southwest Airlines. Retired USAF 1988, Retired Southwest Airlines 2004. The T38 was and still is the finest high performance aircraft to learn to fly jets. I swear I could get requalified with just a bit of training from an instructor I had at Webb. Anyone remember "The Reaper?" The Air Force's answer to R. Le Ermey. Every Midland run I would edge over a bit just to say those dual runways again. I remember the hangar as well. Great job on the restorations. "
From: William Riddle  (tidbittt@hotmail.com)City: dallas   Country: us
 Date Posted:9/4/2007

From: John DeLaCerda  (john.delacerda@moody.af.mil)City: Valdosta   Country: USA
 Date Posted:8/27/2007

"Webb was my first and only assignment and I arrived in May of '73 and seperated in Feb. '77. I was assigned to the John H. Lee Recreation Center,Airmens Club, Mrs.Ellen Gladden was the club's civilian supervisor. Tsgt Bill Warren was the NCOIC along with airmen Randy Wilcox, Nathan Johnson and Ron Delosh. I was fortunate to meet my future wife, Anita Moron, from Coahoma at the clubs functions and we were married at the base chapel in '75. My brother-in-law Dean Young was also assigned to Webb in the same time period and he also found his bride there. We have family in the Big Spring/Coahoma area and we hope to visit them when the next reunion occurrs. Their are many fond memories of Big Spring and the people who live there made them all possible. Thanks, Big Spring!!!"
From: John DeLaCerda  (jdelacer@hotmail.com)City: Palmdale,California   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/25/2007

"Graduated in class 73-05, as a Captain. Stayed at Webb as a T-38 instructor until it closed in 1977. Many great memories and still stay in touch with some local people. I retired in 1995 after 27 years. I am very proud of the Big Spring community for establishing this museum. Congratulations to all of you who made this possible."
From: Colonel Tommy G. Brown  (tom.g.brown@comcast.net)City: Spokane, WA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/18/2007

"Great site and I'm looking forward to visiting Hangar 25. I received my wings in October 1968 as a member of Class 69-C or 69-03 as we were know as then. I plowed back as a T-38 instructor and remained at Webb until 1973 when I transitioned to the F-4. Both of my son's were born at Webb. My oldes in 1968 and my youngest in 1971. I remember the many fun times we had in Big Spring, Texas. "
From: Bruce Bickhaus  (BBickhaus@aol.com)City: Fairview, Texas   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/16/2007

"Great site! I graduated in class 55C in 1954 and came back as an IP until 1956. My last class was 55U. I flew F-84F's, F-86L's, C-119's and C-121's in 9 years with the PA ANG at Pittsburgh. Many fond memories of Webb and of Big Spring. My daughter, who just visited the museum and made me aware of this web site, was born at Cowper Clinic in Big Spring in 1956. Wish you much success in your project."
From: Van Ernest  (vbernest@yahoo.com)City: Wilmington,NC   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/12/2007

"Received my wings in T-33As Oct 15, 1957 class of 58-A. Presently own architectural firm in Colorado Springs. Have son that is a grad of the USAFA class of 92 and he received his wings in T-38As at Sheppard AFB, TX April 1994 (class of 94-04) . He presently is the DO of AETC SAS at Randolph AFB, TX and flies the T-6A Texan II."
From: Dempsey CURRIE  (dvcurrie@comcast.net)City: Colorado Springs, CO   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/25/2007

"I just recently passed though Big Spring, TX and had the opportunity to visit both downtown Big Spring, TX and then a trip out to what use to be WEBB AFB. I was lucky in that the day I was there the Hangar 25 museum was closed but someone was there and was nice enough to allow me to tour the hangar. If you have not been to see it yet I must say it's a very worthwhile place to visit. They have done a very nice job collecting some very interesting Air Force memorabilia. I was only at Webb AFB a short time from Aug-Nov 1957 where I was discharged. After 50 years it was a real trip back in time. My rank was S/SGT and I worked in an area that did the scheduling of training aircraft (T-33's) Many of the original buildings are still there and I am almost sure some of the barracks are there too. It was a nice visit and I would encourge anyone to stop and see the Hangar 25 museum. Regards...........Bill Evans captmarvel@npgcable.com"
From: Bill Evans  (captmarvel@npgcable.com)City: Lake Havasu City, AZ   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/22/2007

"i love thsi page. it looks really nicxe. keep it up."
From: asaba  owerri  (homeboy@yahoo.com)City: aba   Country: lagos nwanne
 Date Posted:6/1/2007

"I spent only a few months at Webb in the Spring of '69...flunked an eye test after arriving at Webb and never got to fly in the USAF...just watched as friends learned to fly T-41s at Howard County (I already had my private license and about 200hrs in 172s so you know just watching hurt!)....My best memories are of a huge dust/hail storm first spotted while playing intersquad softball..we headed out quickly when we saw it comming...I ended up riding it out at the last available covered spot at the Wagonwheel!...Went on to Fairchild AFB and saw so many of those rookie T-41 jocks as they, now qualified in every imaginable type of heavy metal, went through Survival School on the way to Nam, et al. It still amazes me how these guys went from beginner to expert in such a short period of time!"
From: Dan O'Brien  (drobrien2@comcast.net)City: Naples, FL   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/28/2007

"Went thru pilot training in 64-D at WEbb. Returned as an instructor in the T-37 for another 4 yrs. Rose White, civilian, signed me on active duty in Nov, 62 and signed me off in Dec, 67. 2000 hrs in the Tweet. "
From: Gene Johnson  (patgenejohnson@aol.com)City: Dundee,Ill   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/22/2007

"I was station at Webb AFB from 1957 to 1960 in the Civil Engineering Gp. working the for the base Real Property Officer. I returned in 1968 and became the civilian Real Property Officer until 1972. I had learn that the base was going to close I transferred to Dallas and work in the Regional Offfice of the Veteran's Administration for a number of years before entering the Real Estate Finance working for banks,private developers,and foreign investors from Europe and Canada. I am in still in the real estate consulting business today here in Arizona. Webb was my beginning in the real estate business and I will always remeber the good and bad but the fun times too I had in Big Spring. I was there for the Hanger 25-2005 Reunion saw some of my old good friends still living in Big Spring..."
From: Jerry Kohler  (joxjk37@msn.com)City: Prescott,Az   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/22/2007

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