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"I arrived at Webb Air Force Base following a Dust Storm while traveling from Ammarillo AFB, to WEBB. I was assigned to the 3061 Maint. Sqdn, acomplishing the Periodic Inspections and Maint. I served with T/Sgt. Clyde Baker and other crew members, who were involved with the Fastest Jet Engine change, that still holds the world's record to the best of my knowledge. Our T-33 Jet trainer Aircraft became our speciality. We were able to complete our inspections and place our aircraft back out on the Post Dock for Fueling and Flight test prior to leaving our assigned work areas by mid afternoon of the same day we started our inspections. I left Big Spring (Webb AFB,) May 1955, to fulfill my new assignment at George AFB, Victorville CA, but I learned that my former crew was awarded the Allison Trophy for the Fastest Jet Engine Change in 1955. I enjoyed my two and a half years at Big Spring and I treasure the many memories I have of my time spent there. I have enjoyed viewing the various parts of this website, and wish to express my appreciation for those responsible. I would enjoye any contacts form those Imay have had the opportunity to work with while I was stationed in Big Spring form October 19552 to May 1955. My e-maiol address is: johnsplace1933@comcast.net. Thanks again. John A. Lawrence"
From: John A. Lawrence  (johnsplace1933@comcast.net)City: Albuquerque, NM   Country: USA
 Date Posted:12/3/2005

"I was stationed at Webb AFB from 1957 until 1961, in the old 3560th Flight Line Maintenance Squadron, headquartered in Hangar T-75 and commanded by Major Ed Hershock, a very fine man. My ranks extended from A/3C to A/1C over those 4 years, and I went from clerk-typist of the squadron to Chief Clerk after making "buck." I met and married my current wife of 45 years while at Webb, and we recall many fine memories of the people there. I also recall the names of most of my old squadron mates and would be glad to share them with anyone who might be interested. This includes all the senior maintenance officers and non-coms, line chiefs, etc. I knew Airman St Germaine, who took a T-33 up one night and killed himself, plus have lots of old Webb anecdotes if anyone is interested. I definitely plan on attending the next Webb reunion."
From: Gurney Alexander  (LAlex6239@aol.com)City: Houston   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/30/2005

"I found this site while searching for info on Webb AFB. My dad Michael Wargo was a Lt., who was a medical supply officer at the base hospital in the early 1960's. He was excited that I found this site. He has fond memories of his time at Webb and in Big Spring."
From: Stephen Wargo  (stegwargo@snet.net)City: Niantic, CT   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/29/2005

"Class 64-D, 3560PTS. I have tried (not hard enough) to find someway to get in touch. Found Terry Uyeyama (Toy Boy IP) a couple of years ago but no one else until today (17 Nov 05). Out of the blue a letter from Jake Shuler and he has found about a dozen of us. I can't wait to hear from them. I'll have to dig for some pics."
From: Lynn Forrest  (lynnforr@chartermi.net)City: Lapeer   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/17/2005

"Small world. Probably the only officer to go through UPT then UHT then UPT for Helicopter pilots Webb was where I did the latter in 1975 after flying with the 40th and 37th Rescue Squardrons. I think there could only be one Lieutenant "Alphabet" and that would have to be your board member and my UPT classmate Marc Marchessault. If he reads this he could drop me at note at tjordan33@mac.com. "
From: Tony  Jordan  (tjordan33@mac.com)City: Arlington   Country: United States
 Date Posted:11/10/2005

"(Class 70-03) My wife (yes, the USAF nurse I met a Webb) and I just got into town on our first retirement trip and went to the old base. Hanger 25 is a great thing, and brought back a lot of memories. It is small, and just beginning, but very friendly and well done. Went to the Wagon Wheel for a pizza burger and fries. We could not believe it when we pulled up and the place looked exactly like it did int 1969-70 and a car hop came out to take our order, just like then. Mike (Weenie)"
From: Michael Arant  (marant@web2mail.net)City: Medford   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/8/2005

"Playing around in the web I Iwas running across that website. So lots of memories came up on me.I was stationed at Webb AFB 1961 and 1962. I was one of the German Student Pilots and graduated in Class 62-F. I had a hell of a good time at Big Spring. I was falling in love with this west texas town of Big Spring and the neighbourtowns Midland and Odessa.I had a good friend , Harry Ray, he was a link instructor driving a little brown MG B sportscar. If anybody knows something about him ,please drop me a mail. We really had good times and I will always remember these times. My favorite bar was the "Blue Note" and I loved country music. I have visited Big Spring a couple of times showing my son my old battlefields.Last time I was there was in 2003. Just hope I can come to a reunion once. Manfred "Jacky" Kattengell ( kattengell@t-online.de) "
From: Manfred Kattengell  (kattengell@t-online.de)City: 83483 Bischofswiesen   Country: Germany
 Date Posted:10/26/2005

"I use to live at Abilene and remember Webb in the late 60s- early 70s. I had a nephew stationed there in the early 70s."
From: Eddie Muller  (edmlr@earthlink.net)City: Aubrey   Country: United States
 Date Posted:10/22/2005

"Class 52D had it's 50th Class Reunion in Big Spring in 2002. We have since had three more. We just finished our annual Reunion iin Dayton, Ohio, October 6 thru 9, 2005. We were most impressed by the Hanger 25 volunteers and we had our Banquet in the museum. You have made marvelous improvements since we were there as you only had the one T-33 then. Keep up the good work and we are planning to be back in Big Spring in 2008. At your Vetnam memorial in town, you have an F-4 with the name of Major Smitty Swords II. He was in my flight in Vietnam. Do you still have my flight suit and helmet?"
From: Jack  Drain  (jdrain4@comcast.net)City: Bedford   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/11/2005

"Webb AFB was my first duty station after technical school. I was an Air Traffic Control Radar Repairman with the communications squadron and worked in the middle of the runways at the RAPCON, from summer 1970 until summer 1971, until I returned to Keesler AFB for instructor duty. My only memories of the hanger area was hanging out down there trying to get an aircraft familiarization flight with one of the IPs. A couple of us worked at "Ma Bell's" radio/tv repair store in downtown Big Spring to make extra money. I remember the desert being cold at night, sand storms that blew dust into all the equipment, and chasing jack rabbits across some dry lake bed in my Volkswagon! :-)"
From: Kerry Bookwalter  (kerrybk@comcast.net)City: Logansport   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/10/2005

"57-0; was a too short member of this illustrious group. Wondering if any of you guys ever check in to HANGER 25. Like to hear from you. DICK PRATT"
From: RICHARD J. (DICK)  PRATT  (rpratt_32@msn.com)City: DETROIT LAKES, MN. 56501   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/5/2005

"As a young Airman I drove into Big Spring back in March 1965 in the middle of a dust storm among the tumbleweeds. I Stopped at the Wagon Wheel resturant on Gregg street, turned on my headlights and waited for service. Out of the brown cloudy haze came a young lady to take my order. I wondered at the time if I had arrived at the outer edge of civilization? I soon discovered that the harshness of West Texas had a beauty of its own. I was in the Hospital squadron and worked in Aviation Physiology (Altitude Chamber) until I was transferred to Vance AFB in 1977. Have many fond memories of that time. I do remember a calf dressing episode at the rodeo with Gary Warlow and Danny Burden. What a laugh that was????? I still get back to Big Spring quite often. I would like to hear from old time friends. "
From: Frankie "Joe" Schalk  (Schalk@aero.und.edu)City: Grand Forks, North Dakota   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/29/2005

"I was stationed at Webb from 1971 - 1974, and worked in the hospital emergency room. I enjoyed my time there and have good memories of co-workers and friends. It was good to see a response on this site from an old friend, Goose Tatum. Hope the reunions continue and hope to be able to attend in the future."
From: Danny Burden  (b21818@aol.com)City: Spring, Texas   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/26/2005

"I was a "Tweet" instructor at Webb from '67 to '70. I also was an academic instructor. Taught all the T-37 courses until someone decided that was a dumb thing to do. Dick Rossmiller and I opened and closed the "Silent Woman" restaurant. Heven't been back to Big Spring since '70, but will try for a reunion sometime soon. - Bill Oberlin"
From: William Oberlin  (william.c.oberlin@boeing.com)City: Seoul   Country: Korea
 Date Posted:9/26/2005

"Class 56Q. Stationed at Webb in 1956. Set 2 records while there, both for low fuel landings in a T-28 and a T-33. From there, on to Williams for F-86F advanced fighter training. What great memories!!!"
From: George Weisbecker  (msleute@vtrocket.com)City: Decatur Il   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/24/2005

"Am daughter of the general manager, Martin Gracey, of Graham AFB training school in Marianna, FL '53-'61 and of Greenville AFB in MS from '50-'53."
From: Ann Garbarino  (garbarino8@comcast.net)City: Plano, TX   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/23/2005

"Webb A.F.B. was my first and only assignemt while in the AIr Force, but, later joined the Texas Air National Guard. At Webb, I was assigned to the periodic maintenance section for the T-38A aircraft. I think it was hanger T-75. Spent my whole tour their. Great little airplane. I met my wife (Donna) their and married her on base, and had some great time and friends while in Big Spring. We still live in Texas, been with the U. S. Government now for thirty-one years. We have two wonderful children and seven grand children. Some memories of BIg Spring would have to include the Wagon Wheel, driving up and down Gregg street, Gibson, and of course the Jet drive-in. We have not been to Big Spring in years, this my be an opptunitiy to go back. "
From: Ronald Zuar  (ron.zuar@sbcglobal.net)City: Fort Worth, Tx.   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/17/2005

"stationed at Webb Nov/62-Nov/66 Many fond memories of the Place. Made a lot of freinds with the civies and when I left a big peice of my heart was left there. Worked "INDIA" Flight. Had a ball."
From: LARRY O'HARA  (ldo9929@yahoo.com)City: newark/heath   Country: AMERICA
 Date Posted:9/16/2005

"I was stationed at Webb from Oct 60 until June 63. I worked in Personel Services,ie: Service club,ceramics hobby shop,youth center etc. I married Mary Louise Burns in July 61,had a daughter in July62. Lost my wife in Nov.03, and am now retired. I have a lot of good memories from the Service club,circa 1961 and after."
From: charles harris  (msgt81@zipnet.us)City: carlsbad   Country: usa
 Date Posted:9/16/2005

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