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"Coming up on the 50th anniversary since pinning on those "little Silver Wings" with class 64-A in August of '63. Are any of you class members still out there in cyberspace? Sorry I missed the 40th, and would really like to hear from any of you. Best regards to all the members of Webb AFB, Class 64-A. Paul "
From: Paul Benz  (p.benz@comcast.net)City: Anacortes, WA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/15/2013

"Is guestbook working again? The last post I see is from March. "
From: Logan Boles  (loganboles@gmail.com)City: Tiburon, CA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/14/2013

"me and my husban would love to come and vist in person but not sure if we can fined it my husban serv in the war back in 1960 in the army "
From: Kathy Hale  (brkathy93@gmail.com)City: Broken arrow,okla   Country: American Samoa
 Date Posted:3/24/2013

"Member of Class 72-09 ("First Time-Oh Nine") Many fond memories of Wbb and Big Spring,"
From: Mark Heilmann  (mheilmann57702@gmail.com)City: Evergreen, CO   Country: USA
 Date Posted:3/8/2013

"Stationed at Webb from April 62 to July 66. Worked on T-33's under staff sargent Knott. Worked on "G" row, between Hanger 25 and fire station, from 63 to 66. Still looking for anyone from "G" row. Also worked part time at both Jet Drive Inns and Jimmy Jones Conoco. "
From: Michael Lewis  (mflewis6@sbcglobal.net)City: Keller, TX   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/28/2013

"A lot of great memories and friends at Webb , miss it all. I especialy remember Dennis Brown, Daniel Aleman, Gil Royer, Charles Corbett , Chris Lowrey, Ron Janeway and Joe Ward. My friend and roommate JT Bowman married one of my childhood friends that I introduced him to .Bob"
From: Robert (Bob) Organ  (rlorgan@sbcglobal.net)City: Magnolia Tx   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/26/2013

"Looking for info on Curtis Nichols (Nick) and Ken Sweet both worked on I flight during 66 and 67. Please forward any info on said buddies to Steve Gannon,2217 E Keowee Rd , Kremlin, Ok 73753"
From: Steven L Gannon   City: Kemlin Oklahoma   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/18/2013

"Stationed at Webb little over a year with the 3560th Hospital - Admin Clerk - Mar 1965 to Aug 1966 - I remember the constant dust storms that played havoc on trying to keep my car clean. Lived on base near the maitence hangers( Noise all night long)- Biggest deal was to cruise the Wagon Wheel in hopes of meeting girls -HS Football was defintley king in West Texas - prior to my leaving the Hospital Corp had 3 very attractive nurses assisigned -Cannot rermrber tihier names but I certainly have wished that I had been a little bolder and asked them out even if I was just an "Airman" One of them ha a Jeep with a Pink Flurry -I remember a few of the peple fromthe Hospital such as Frank Smith,Sgt.Hess, Patton Bybee ,Eric Razmussen -Garcia & Gomes who worked the remote at Sweetwater - Had to suck it up and forgo the exciment of Big Spring for the balance of my tour was in London,England "
From: john white  (jrw401@embarqmail.com)City: ocala,fl   Country: usa
 Date Posted:2/16/2013

"I was stationed at WAFB from 1965 - 1966, Golf Flt. Arrived from a tour at RAF Alconbury, That was early Dec. 1965. It was cold and very clear blue skies, I was told that the day before they had a sandstorm. I wondered what the heck is a sandstorm, I did not have to wait long to find out. I was told that the only place airman could go into town safely was the Pancake Patio. It wasn;t long before I became a regular at the Hilltop Cafe on 3rd. st. and the Stampede out on the Snyder Highway. I met a lot of good folks from Big Spring, married one of them and bought a house 2 doors down from Birdwell Lane and Monticello, then had one built in Kentwood on Central Dr. I retun every year or two and visit friends. Brad"
From: Bradford Mosher  (BHMMCM@hotmail.com)City: Ocala, Florida   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/16/2013

"I do not remember who I spoke with a couple of years ago; but I am actually planning a trip that will include a stop in Big Spring and would love to stop by the museum. My father, Capt. Steven L. Bennett, had gone through pilot training in 1969ish there at Webb AFB. My dad was later killed in action in Vietnam and received the Medal of Honor for his actions. I had spoken with someone a while back that had offered to give a tour of the museum should myself and my family be able to make it out there. We are looking to be in the Big Spring area on June 9th...this is a Sunday...and we would probably get there around the lunch hour and would be thrilled to visit the museum. In addition, if I were to be able to find an address where my parents and I lived while at Webb, it would be great if someone could show us (or point us in the direction of) the house (if it still remains). Please contact me by the email listed, or you may call my cell phone 214.601.8055 and we can discuss this further. Thank you so much for all you do to keep all those memories alive! Looking forward to a trip out there!! Sincerely, Angela Bennett-Engele daughter of MoH recipient, Capt. Steven L. Bennett"
From: Angela Engele  (angelabengele@yahoo.com)City: Lewisville, TX   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/9/2013

"I was station with the 331 FIS. In 1966. We had the F104's. love the plane. "
From: Bob Hoover  (Reh07@comcast.net)City: West Linn, Oregon   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/8/2013

"I was stationed at Webb from ’66 to ’70 with the Hospital Squadron. I served as a Dental Technician and Oral Hygienist. Having read through the pages looking for names I might remember, I sadly did not see any old friends that I could remember. However, I am sure many of you visited our Dental Clinic while based at Webb. (Not much choice in the matter.) I do have a few photos taken back then at the base and of Big Spring and will post them at a later time when I can get my hands on them. Upon arriving in Big Spring from Florida, my new bride (then) and I were not sure what we were getting into at first. We drove into down town around 11pm in the middle of a dust storm. The streets were empty and we were greeted only by a very huge tumbleweed rolling down the street dancing in the shadows of the headlights to then roll on past us. On settling in, we found the towns people extremely gracious and friendly and of course had many great friends of whom I was stationed with. We stayed in contact with several, but have now lost touch with all but one. I bought my first NEW car out there as well – a ’67 white Dodge RT I later put a bumble bee stripe on the tail and of course “MAGS”. (Lots of muscle car racing went on back then on those long Texas back roads! I can remember driving off towards town with a fellow corpsman in pursuit with his HO442. YEP, we got caught racing up and over that one hill leading to town. Back then it was a $29 fine but it got back to the base and we had to write reports on need for being safe drivers.) I will mention a few names to see if anyone knows of or knew these fellow airmen and officers: Richard Osborn, Duane Hoadley, Bing (Ira) Spence, Jim Hayes, Charles Griffin, Jerry Hatch, Frank Smith, Sgt. Showalter, Col. Powel, Col. Peer, Capt. Sandy Simons, Capt. Fred Suter, Capt. Gino Napoliano, Capt. Richard Harris, Student Pilots Larry Twitchel or Richard Aguire to name a few. "
From: Kerry  Diehl  (kkdiehl0427@sbcglobal.net)City: Grosse Ile   Country: Michigan
 Date Posted:1/16/2013

From: Norm Kohn  (normpat@cox.net)City: 2617 Mourning Warbler ave, N Las Vegas, NV 89084   Country: USA
 Date Posted:1/10/2013

"Class of 70-04, December 69-Decamber 70 Was in the Air National Guard in South Dakota and Arizona. Flew F-100's, A-7's and F-16's. Retired December 2011. Webb has a special place in my heart."
From: Steve Thu  (sthu@4-dproperties.com)City: Tucson, AZ   Country: USA
 Date Posted:1/2/2013

"My uncle, Jimmy L. Escalle, was in Class 52-F at Webb AFB. He flew the T-28 and T-33 during his time here. He loved the flying weather in Big Spring and enjoyed the camaraderie of his fellow student pilots. He went on to fly the F-86 Sabre in Korea."
From: Jim Escalle  (jimescalle@gmail.com)City: Bakersfield, CA   Country: USA
Homepage: http://unforgottenhero.blogspot.com/Date Posted:12/30/2012

"Hoping to hook up with old friends from the Class of 73-05. UPT was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and Big Spring was a very friendly place for a young 2Lt. Had fun playing on the base fastpitch softball team. West Texas was a real trip! Thanks for the great website."
From: Dennis Green  (greensetters@aol.com)City: Marysville, CA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:12/29/2012

"Five Years at Webb (Oct. 71 - Oct. 76). After getting my wings, I was a T-38 "plow-back" or FAIP (first assignment instructor pilot). As I now say: "I did so well in the T-38 phase, I was made to repeat the 6 month course eight times!" Then flew T-39s and C-12s in the AF followed by 31 years with the airlines. While I did not know it then, the time spent as an IP came to be the most rewarding period of my life."
From: Wiliam Northy  (emnorthy@comcast.net)City: Moon Township, PA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:12/26/2012

"I was stationed at Webb AFB 1968-1970. Iserved as an Air Traffic Controller (Rapcon) in the 2050th Communication Squadron. I enjoyed my time at Webb and hope to visit Hangar 25 someday. "
From: Ted Henderson  (phenderson@pulaskitech.edu)City: Little Rock, Arkansas   Country: USA
 Date Posted:12/20/2012

"Was at Webb from 1963 - 1966 with Civil Eng. Group."
From: Johnny Ragsdale  (johnny.r38@gmail.com)City: Americus, Ga.   Country: United States
 Date Posted:12/15/2012

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