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"Spent the year of 1968 at Webb, graduating in the flight class of 69-04. Nicest people in the world live in west Texas. After a Vietnam tour in fixed wing gunships, came back to our ranch here in Montana. What a great year we had with great friends and class mates."
From: Patrick McGillis  (jpmc141@bresnan.net)City: Deer Lodge, Montana   Country: U.S.A.
 Date Posted:12/11/2007

"I was stationed at Webb AFB from 1969 - 1971, was assigned to the T-41 Section at Howard County Airport. I worked with some fine Officers, Major Benson, Capt Perry and alot of fine civilian flight instructors. I retired from the Air Force and I am now a police officer with the school district in Midland Tx. Can't wait to go tour the hangar. Good Job"
From: JAMES HAMBLIN  (mike78230@yahoo.com)City: Midland Tx   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/28/2007

"Reading this web site brings back a flood of memories. I graduated from Webb Class 66-E in February 1966 and spent a 27 1/2 year career in the Air Force flying the F-4, A-10 and F-16. My career choice( fighters) may have been influenced by the 331st TFS F-104 jocks in their orange flight suits and F-104 spurs. I have very fond memories of the very friendly people of Big Spring. It was the friendliest military town I experienced during my career with Valdosta, GA coming a close second. I still have the newspaper with a two page welcoming spread for our class with each class member's name and picture accompanied by a sponsor business in Big Spring. My sponsor was a men's store which gave me a very nice gift on my first visit and on subsequent visits, when I found something I liked, they said "just take it on home Lieutenant and come back and pay us later". I also remember our fabulous PT instructor Cal Lowery and the biggest seller of used Corvettes in Texas, Jackie Hopper. I remember the town slogan of the time, "One of the many good things about Big Spring." They had many including great steaks and my very first Mexican food at Carlos' Restaurant. I learned that beer and jalopeno laden nachos were consumed together for a very good reason. I remember lots of good times at the O Club and an occasional foray to Midland in a formation of cars on the interstate, practicing our formation skills, of course. A favorite memory is of circling the Wagon Wheel Drive-In looking for girls and pulling in for a great burger accompanied on the jukebox by The Greenwood Brothers' "The Bridge Washed Out, I Can't Swim and My Baby's on the Other Side." I have yearned to return to Big Spring and plan to do so soon. Steve Steele, Col USAF (Ret) Class of 66E"
From: Steve Steele, Col (Ret)  (sbspartairsp@aol.com)City: Colorado Springs, CO   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/21/2007

From: Karen Walker  (ksw)City: New Harmony, IN   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/11/2007

"I'll Be at the next 55-D reunion, God Willing."
From: Joseph Deiss, Jr  (joeandpatti@msn.com)City: Spokane, Wa   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/10/2007

"I submitted a comment a couple of years ago. I was stationed at Webb from November 52 untill discharged December 55. I worked in Post Dock Inspection section with John Bender and Don Schutt. I hope to attend the reunion next year with my friend John Lawrence who was there when the base re-opened in 1952. I hope to see others that were there. I submitted this because of the E-mail address change. "Jonesey""
From: Edward A Ted Jones  (treeshaker@comcast.net)City: Salt Lake City, Utah   Country: USA
 Date Posted:11/3/2007

"The website is looking wonderful, and as always is professional quality."
From: H Wallace  City: Big Spring   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/31/2007

"I was stationed at Webb AFB as a personnel specialist from June,1969 to January 1973. I worked in the airman-assignments section of the CBPO, with primary duties of processing all enlisted PCS relocations. The majority of assignments we processed were to Southeast Asia. I worked with sergeants Hughes, Marks, Goetz, Liethel, Pantellemon, and "Tank" Willard Newman . Captin Mccleod was our chief - I remember his being from High Point, NC, my home state. The officers-assignment section was located adjacent to our area and I remember a steady procession of graduates from flight training. I have many fond memories of Webb AFB and look forward to returning for the reunion. "
From: wayne wright  (wwaynewright@belllsouth.net)City: N. Charleston   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/31/2007

"I was an aircraft mechanic from 1966 - 1967 at the 331st Fighter Interceptor Squadron. I worked the flightline for a couple of months on the F104-A's, then got sent to the Alert Barn of which I stayed until I got orders for Viet Nam. I remember SGT. Hissam, Sgt. Peters, and Major Younf of which I got to ride in the bac seat of the T-33 Trainer we used for target aircraft. My best memories are from Webb. I always felt important because we were an ADC Squadron on an ATC base. I remember when we ate chow everyone used to look at our 1o4 patches. I believe our commander was colonel Schereck. I got orders for Viet Nam, and Butch Bailey got orders for Jordan. Anyone with more memories and want to talk e-mail me. I was the one with the 1964 Ford Fairlane with the performance engine that everyone wanted to race."
From: larry thompson  (valrae31@tx.rr.com)City: carrollton, texas 75006   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/29/2007

"Stopped by to visit the guest book again, such a great thing keeping the memories alive!! I was staioned here between May 1975 and September of 1977, in the CE Squadron (orderly room), I knew a lot of the tradesmen in the Squadron, also a bunch of the Firemen, such a great thing to go back and see everyone sharing their memories, I hope to be able to send in some pics the next time. Thanks again for keeping this Web Site up on Webb AFB !!"
From: James Lambert  (jlambert@cfl.rr.com)City: Melbourne, FL   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/19/2007

"I recently completed my first USAF assignment as a T-1 Jayhawk IP (used to be called 'plowed back,' now known as a FAIP) at Laughlin AFB, Del Rio TX. Many times I flew right over the field whilst my students attempted to sniff out the entry point into a low level route northwest of town. As is their custom in such an endeavor, my charges often took their time in locating the entry point, which gave me a chance to check out the field and wonder if life at Webb was any different from the Del Rio experience. Thanks for the insight of your museum- I always did wonder what was down there... keep up the good work!"
From: Drew Patrick  (drewyoming@hotmail.com)City: Travis AFB   Country: United States
 Date Posted:10/19/2007

"I have some original photos of Big Springs Base from the early 1940s. Here is one which I think is Hanger 25."
From: David  Rivas  (Daverivco@yahoo.com)City: Chino ,Ca   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/18/2007

"I have faxed my info regarding next years Webb Reunion"
From: Bill Medellin  (spookathy@starband.net)City: Park Rapids, MN   Country: usa
 Date Posted:10/10/2007

"I was a maintenance officer at Webb AFB from July 1975 -July 1977. Webb AFB was my first assignment as a 2LT. and I was the OIC of the T-37 branch with my office located in what is now the gift shop area of Hanger 25. Col. Harry Spanus was the Deputy Commander for Maintenance at that time. I later moved down the ramp and took over the T-38 section, with my office in "Hanger 18". I left Webb AFB in Jul 1977 when i was transferred to Incirlik CDI, Turkey. Others i remember include CMS Sam Earl, and CMS John Ramey (listed as CM 5 on the plaques in the hanger). What a great job of restoring the hanger. It looks nicer than it did back in the '70's."
From: PJ Sessums  (stu613@iqmail.net)City: Fort Worth   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/1/2007

"Great site and great memories of Webb and Big Spring. I worked flight line engines on the white rockets and tweets from 71 to 73. My wife is a local girl so we'll be back."
From: Herb Burgess  (herbburgess@yahoo.com)City: Roanoke, AL 36274   Country: U.S.A.
 Date Posted:9/22/2007

"I was a 83FTS Sqdn Section Cmdr ib 1975-1977, and eventually was the RM during the final stages of base closure in Aug 1977."
From: John Wickman  (j.wickman@sbcglobal.net)City: Carlsbad   Country: CA, USA
 Date Posted:9/19/2007

"First of all I would like to say what a great web site this is and wish I would have came upon it a lot sooner. Nice!! I joined the USAF in July of 61 with intentions of seeing some of the world, but the world I seen was basic at Lackland and then onto Webb AFB as a member of the 331st FIS until my tour of duty ended in July of 1965. Was I disappointed with my tour of duty? NO! I worked in the Orderly Room which made it possible for me to be in contact with everybody in the unit at one time or another and my love for aviation had placed me in the best enviornment possible. Being in a Fighter Squadron attached to an Air Training Command Base plus having the town of Big Spring near by has left me with many cherished memories, and I consider myself fortunate to have been a part of all of it for such a short time. I am looking forward to the reunion in 2008 with hopes of meeting up with some of the old friends I left behind. See Yah there! Ken"
From: KEN KIEPER  (sonex2x2@yahoo.com)City: Chanhassen   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/14/2007

"I was stationed out of tech school at Webb from July 1969 thru Dec 1972. I was in the AGE (ground power) shop. Had great memories there with some great people. My son was born in the old hospital right before it closed. I think our shop was in the hangar you now call 25. Many thanks for your efforts in keeping the history alive. John Beck"
From: John Beck  (jcb@becksteel.com)City: Lubbock   Country: USA
 Date Posted:9/12/2007

"Hi: I was a foreing student of class 7607. Chilean second Lt sent to USAF for undergraduated pilot training (T37) at Webb AFB During 1976 I became a commercial pilot for LanChile airlines. Now I am working as Telescope and Instruments operator for the European Southern Observatory. I am married and I have two childrens and I am 51 years old now. Best Regards."
From: Nestor Jimenez  (njimenez@eso.org)City: Santiago de Chile   Country: Chile
 Date Posted:9/9/2007

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