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"Received my wings in T-33As Oct 15, 1957 class of 58-A. Presently own architectural firm in Colorado Springs. Have son that is a grad of the USAFA class of 92 and he received his wings in T-38As at Sheppard AFB, TX April 1994 (class of 94-04) . He presently is the DO of AETC SAS at Randolph AFB, TX and flies the T-6A Texan II."
From: Dempsey CURRIE  (dvcurrie@comcast.net)City: Colorado Springs, CO   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/25/2007

"I just recently passed though Big Spring, TX and had the opportunity to visit both downtown Big Spring, TX and then a trip out to what use to be WEBB AFB. I was lucky in that the day I was there the Hangar 25 museum was closed but someone was there and was nice enough to allow me to tour the hangar. If you have not been to see it yet I must say it's a very worthwhile place to visit. They have done a very nice job collecting some very interesting Air Force memorabilia. I was only at Webb AFB a short time from Aug-Nov 1957 where I was discharged. After 50 years it was a real trip back in time. My rank was S/SGT and I worked in an area that did the scheduling of training aircraft (T-33's) Many of the original buildings are still there and I am almost sure some of the barracks are there too. It was a nice visit and I would encourge anyone to stop and see the Hangar 25 museum. Regards...........Bill Evans captmarvel@npgcable.com"
From: Bill Evans  (captmarvel@npgcable.com)City: Lake Havasu City, AZ   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/22/2007

"i love thsi page. it looks really nicxe. keep it up."
From: asaba  owerri  (homeboy@yahoo.com)City: aba   Country: lagos nwanne
 Date Posted:6/1/2007

"I spent only a few months at Webb in the Spring of '69...flunked an eye test after arriving at Webb and never got to fly in the USAF...just watched as friends learned to fly T-41s at Howard County (I already had my private license and about 200hrs in 172s so you know just watching hurt!)....My best memories are of a huge dust/hail storm first spotted while playing intersquad softball..we headed out quickly when we saw it comming...I ended up riding it out at the last available covered spot at the Wagonwheel!...Went on to Fairchild AFB and saw so many of those rookie T-41 jocks as they, now qualified in every imaginable type of heavy metal, went through Survival School on the way to Nam, et al. It still amazes me how these guys went from beginner to expert in such a short period of time!"
From: Dan O'Brien  (drobrien2@comcast.net)City: Naples, FL   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/28/2007

"Went thru pilot training in 64-D at WEbb. Returned as an instructor in the T-37 for another 4 yrs. Rose White, civilian, signed me on active duty in Nov, 62 and signed me off in Dec, 67. 2000 hrs in the Tweet. "
From: Gene Johnson  (patgenejohnson@aol.com)City: Dundee,Ill   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/22/2007

"I was station at Webb AFB from 1957 to 1960 in the Civil Engineering Gp. working the for the base Real Property Officer. I returned in 1968 and became the civilian Real Property Officer until 1972. I had learn that the base was going to close I transferred to Dallas and work in the Regional Offfice of the Veteran's Administration for a number of years before entering the Real Estate Finance working for banks,private developers,and foreign investors from Europe and Canada. I am in still in the real estate consulting business today here in Arizona. Webb was my beginning in the real estate business and I will always remeber the good and bad but the fun times too I had in Big Spring. I was there for the Hanger 25-2005 Reunion saw some of my old good friends still living in Big Spring..."
From: Jerry Kohler  (joxjk37@msn.com)City: Prescott,Az   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/22/2007

"i love this site keep it up"
From: Owerri  Imo   (owerri_imo@yahoo.com)City: lome   Country: togo
Homepage: http://www.mallam.comDate Posted:5/15/2007

"My father, Burt T. Johnson, retired out of Big Spring in about 1965 after 25 years of service. We had been in Tripoli, Libya just before that. He was in communications, but I am uncertain of his role on this base. I have vague memories riding the bus from chapel to housing. I always felt safe living on base. What a caring community of people to be surrounded by. Dad moved us to Arlington, TX where he lived until 1989. Then he moved to Sedro Wooley, WA. He passed away in 2002."
From: Lenora Johnson Strebeck  (lstrebeck@yahoo.com)City: Arlington   Country: USA
 Date Posted:4/12/2007

"Stationed at Webb in 71-72 after tour in Japan and Korea on F4s. Crew chief on T38s, real nice duty with great hours. Had many good friends on and off base. Very nice area and people. Wagon Wheel was allways an interesting place to hang out as was Big Spring City Park. As others have mentioned I to arrived at night and was fooled by refinery lights into thinking town was much bigger. "
From: Howard Spicer  City: Northfield, N.H.   Country: USA
 Date Posted:4/12/2007

"I was stationed at Big Springs AFB ,later Webb AFB in 1952-1954 in the Hq Sq Sec. 3560th Air Base Gp. I was a dispatcher in Base Operations so got to meet with many of the pilots and cadets during the 2 years there. Big Springs was very dry during those years so we had dust storms regularly leaving red dust everywhere. Being from Indiana where things are green it was quite a change. I did learn to enjoy the area and have returned a couple of times just to renew old memories. Am glad that I found the museum site and would like to visit at the next reunion. "
From: Jim Strange  (stranger@nettally.com)City: Tallahassee   Country: usa
 Date Posted:4/10/2007

"I was stationed at Webb AFB with the 33st FIS as an Aircraft Electrician from January 1961 thru September 1962. At first I didn't care much for West Texas bus as I spent more time there I learned to appreciate it. I have a lot of very goof memories, both on base and in town. I wouldn't trade my experiences in the Air Force, especially at Webb AFB/Big Spring, for anything."
From: Charles Blanford  (charles.blanford@eds.com)City: Crestwood, KY   Country: USA
 Date Posted:4/4/2007

"Stopped by last Fall but museum not open. My wife's uncle Arthur Wintheiser, a private pilot, stuntman was a part of the airport history late 30's, 1940's and would like to learn more about museum on next visit during visiting hours and about any part he played in airport history. Art was involved with gov't in developing air mail service in upper mid-west. He also performed in air shows. His brother and my father-in -law walked wings and performed flying a bi-plane. do not know much more but did get an article and picture from a lady at museum some years ago. Appreciate hearing from you. May not be able to visit until November 2007. Thank you. will continue perusing site info. Great! John"
From: John F. Archambo  (cjarchambo@hotmail.com)City: Pequot Lakes MN   Country: USA
 Date Posted:3/30/2007

"Many happy memories for this graduate of Class 62F ... the first all-jet Pilot Training class at Webb. Half of our Basic class went to Randolph as the prototype T-38 class ... I stayed behind in the 'T-Bird' and went on to fly C-135s with MATS at Travis AFB. Instructor in Primary was Hayes Bryan, Basic was Jim Fletcher - both excellent instructors and good men. Looking forward to attending a reunion someday."
From: Jack Welty  (welty@cox.net)City: San Clemente, CA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:3/29/2007

"I graduated from UPT at Webb in Feb 1970 with Class 70-05 and went on to spend five years on active duty, including one year in Thailand flying the EC-121R. Upon returning to the US, I was assigned to Loring AFB, ME and flew the KC-135A. When my tour of duty in the Air Force was complete, I went into commercial aviation and recently retired as an American Airlines Captain on the B767/757. I enjoyed my time at Webb very much and look forward to hearing from any of my old pilot training class buddies."
From: Marv Bryant  (marvbryant@aol.com)City: Miami, FL   Country: USA
 Date Posted:3/29/2007

"Thanks for the memories - great pictures. Spent many an hour staring at that runway. USAF- Air Weather - Webb Air Force Base - 1971-1972"
From: David Buchholz  (davidandellie@yahoo.com)City: Denver   Country: USA
 Date Posted:3/26/2007

"Excellent site, much good information, thank you!"
From: Alex Schneider  (alex1979@yahoo.com)City: NY   Country: US
Homepage: http://4womenonly.mutexdevelopments.comDate Posted:3/11/2007

"What a neat place even if your not a history buff."
From: Brenda Walton  (minnowmac@hotmail.com)City: Big Spring   Country: usa
 Date Posted:3/6/2007

"I went through Jr. and Sr. High School in Big Spring and occasionally visited Webb AFB. A neighbor, Vernon Dudley was an Webb Instructor Pilot. At Texas Tech in 1957, Vernon was finishing his degree In engineering, under the AF "Bootstrap" program. He flew at Reese AFB to qualify for flight pay, and had me wear my AFROTC uniform, and took me flying in a TB-25. What a thrill for an 18 year old kid! My UPT was in 64H at Willie. One day I was assigned to fly some parts to Webb, in a fiberglass box called "the coffin", installed in the back seat. I never shut down the engine, and taxied to the runway to fly back home. That was my only contact with Webb AFB as a military officer. I come back to Big Spring for High Schools reunions, and hope to visit Hangar 25 one day. You have a very nice web site. "
From: Logan Boles  (loganboles@yahoo.com)City: Tiburon, CA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/28/2007

"My Dad was the C/O of the 339FIS 1955-1957. We lived there on base for two years and loved it. I would like to find as many pictures as posible. Thanks B.Y. Jr."
From: Bryant Anderson Jr.  (cappyjr1@verizon.net)City: Warrenton   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/28/2007

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