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"My Father, Billie Frank Thompson, was stationed at Webb AFB. I eas born there. My Father passed in 2014. Just thought I would reach out. I do have photos and be glad to upload some sion."
From: Randall Thompson  (Pearldrumr64@gmail.com)City: Edgemoor   Country: United States
 Date Posted:6/11/2017

"I serves at Webb AFB in 1971 and early 1972 as a 57110 (Aircraft Crash and Rescue Specialist). I remember the flight line full of T-37s and T-38s. We trained and remained ever vigilant for the eventuality of a emergency. We were their to save the lives of our pilots and crewmen in the event of a crash. Thank God we were only called on twice. Once when a Blew Angel pilot made a hard "carrier" landing and blue out his left wheel. The other time was when a Thunderbird, upon landing, cut a taxiway just a bit to short. It had just rained so the F-4 got stuck in the mud. After Webb I was transferred to Anderson AFB on Guam where the planes were just a bit larger (B-52s) but the mission renamed the same. "Protect Lives and Property" l "
From: James Meadowcroft  (jiminnpr@gmail.com)City: New Port Richey, Florida   Country: USA
 Date Posted:6/6/2017

"The day I arrived, I was listening to the car radio as they announced the official closure of Webb AFB. I was coming in to become the NCOIC of the Power Pro shop in Civil Engineering. The first year following was business as usual while the Impact Study was processing. My two years there were memorable because I met and married my wife and traveled to Medina Annex for the ATC NCO Academy. I also made a training trip to Eglin Field #9 for Prime Beef training. When the school squadrons moved out, I was asked to stay on as part of the base closure team. Spent almost another year moving out equipment to Reese AFB to which we became a detachment. During that year, we were all moved up to "Colonel's Row" in housing so we could watch out for each other's security. During that year, there were only the Base Commander, the Civil Engineering Commander, myself as the electrical lead and one other Tech Sergeant (TSgt Pankey) doing the mechanical transfers, a few Security guys and a medic. Sgt Pankey and his wife liked to golf so when he was done for the days activities, he would go out to the small golf course and mow and water the grass so it was playable. That's where I first learned a little bit about golf, borrowing their clubs and trying to keep up with them. When I received my PCS orders to Sheppard AFB, the month we moved in August 1978, I received notice of a line number for Master Sergeant. Lots of good memories from my tour at Webb AFB."
From: Wayne Fowler  (whfowle@msn.com)City: Albuquerque, New Mexico   Country: USA
 Date Posted:5/4/2017

"Stationed at Webb 1972-75 ... Hanger T-1 T-38 heavy maintenance, Fox flight crew chief, first A1C to be run up and taxi qualified. Went Shaw AFB as mobility NCOIC separated in 1980 ...Joined Michigan ANG as TACP, got commissioned in 1988, separated from MiANG as an O-4 in 1997."
From: Gordon Baldwin  (w8ct@arrl.net)City: Lake City, MI   Country: USA
Homepage: http://www.w8ct.netDate Posted:5/1/2017

"I remember my time at Webb was very fun flying the T-38. All of the instructors very great. One of them,in particular, was Capt Bill Northy. He was a cut above his peers and taught me a lot about flying. My time in T-37's was not that pleasant. All of the instructors had a chip on their shoulders. You didn't dare have a good time on their watch. Capt DW Smith Capt Solak were especially miserable. They were very good at backstabbing though! I went on to fly the C-141 at Norton AFB. Later I flew for Alaska Airlines (29years). I'm now retired with lots of memories."
From: DAYTON MALTBY  (Giftedstick@Hotmail.com)City: TACOMA   Country: USA
 Date Posted:4/20/2017

" I was stationed at Webb AFB from July 1960 till sept1965 I was I the 3560th Squadron Training teaching instrument flying on the T 33 , T37 and T 38 flight trainers. My first class assignment was 61 A till I left I 1995. Our students were from Israel, Iran, Germany ,Pakistan and American. I got to know most of the class 62 F, There were many good memories, I was stationed there when the last cadet completed training. The local hang out was the Blue Note, where most of us G Is spent our time off, good music and good friends. I married a girl from Midland and I have 3 sons and the oldest was born ate the base hospital. I has been so long ago that most of my friends are around 80 years old. I spent 20 years Air Force in Simulators Retired in 1976 and pulled another 18 years as project officer at Altus AFB for the C5,C141, Kc135, C17 and the air refueling training. I retired in 1995. and have been rving for the past14 years. . "
From: Harry Ray  (hrray1851@pldi.net)City: Blanchard, Oklahoma   Country: usa
 Date Posted:3/23/2017

"I was at Webb starting in 1969 as was Crew Chief on Alpha Flight until 72 and spent two years in Maintenance Control. Met a lot of great friendly people at this base as well as in town. Never thought I would miss it but I do now and especially the people and our joint mission. Worked with Bob Hargrove, Jesus Reyes and George Latham on the line and Jesus Reyes and Sgt Randall in maintenance Control. Many names are hard to recall at this point. Denny Marino"
From: Denny Marino  (Teamtransport@cox.net)City: Scottsdale, AZ   Country: USA
 Date Posted:3/22/2017

"My Webb AB time Oct 1959 to Mat 1963"
From: Peter Roehrich  (ppaulroe@gmail.com)City: LYTLE   Country: United States
 Date Posted:3/19/2017

"I was a T-37 IP from 1971 - 1975. Also involved with VNAF PIT & went to MX as a FCF pilot. Lived on Cindy Lane. I have fond memories of those who I served with, worked for & the students I instructed. Good Luck to all! "
From: Dale Schaub  (dwschaub@comcast.net)City: Hillsdale, MI   Country: USA
 Date Posted:12/23/2016

"My father, BD, was stationed at Webb during the Cuban Missle Crisis, Oct. 1962. He was a CMSGT and we lived in base housing. He retired in 1967 and went to work for GE. I remember the sand storms in Big Spring vividly."
From: Gregory McQuay  (stexas01@sbcglobal.net)City: Arlington, TX   Country: United States
 Date Posted:12/12/2016

"Class 72-06. A great year in west Texas. Lived in Q and had a dirt bike. Love the wagon wheel. Drove through Big Spring in 2011."
From: Tim Krull  (Tkrull@nc.rr.com)City: Raleigh, NC   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/22/2016

"My father was stationed at Webb from 66-70, with the OSI. I was a military brat and either attending Goliad or BSHS and remember a huge snowstorm on Halloween. Had to be either 68, 69 or 70. Anyone remember the exact year. Thanks! "
From: John Jr Snyder  (jfsnyder15@hot.rr.com)City: Temple, Texas   Country: USA
 Date Posted:10/4/2016

"I was stationed at Webb AFB from November 1966-December 1968. I worked in Base Operations. I processed a lot of flight plans. I can remember some of the ones that were there at that time. Lt. Col Nieland, SGT. Sanker, Airman Johnson, Green. Potts.Manier. The Chief Tower controller was Sgt. Riker those were some good days."
From: Raymond Smith  (cokeray122@yahoo.com)City: Louisville,Kentucky   Country: USA
Homepage: http://YahooDate Posted:9/27/2016

"I was stationed at Webb from1952 to 1956. I married Gloria Dean Owens from Cahoma in 1955. I was in the field maintenance electric shop . I worked for Mr. Martin T. Staggers shop chief. I had a 1949 Harley Davidson motor cycle and hung around Cecil Thixton,'s motor cycle shop on main st. All good memories and many friends. "
From: Ronald Geary  (rkgeary@gmail.com)City: Perry, georgia   Country: USA
 Date Posted:7/28/2016

"Bob Fulkerson died in August,15 2012. You all may know him. He was a Delta pilot nd moved to maui ! He was a wonderful man I loved and had known since 1975. Please if you have any pictures of him or knew him please email or call me at 720-333-7411 you have my email . Thank very much! Pam."
From: pamela  patrick  (pl18patick@gmail.com)City: Florida   Country: United States
 Date Posted:6/11/2016

"I am a former F-100 pilot with 128 combat missions in Vietnam. I am a member of the Super Sabre Society (http://www.supersabresociety.com/) and Chief Information Officer for the Friends of the Super Sabre (http://friendsofthesupersabre.org/). The Friends of the Super Sabre's mission is to preserve the history of the F-100 and we are currently compiling a list of existing F-100s around the world. We will use a Google Map to show the exact location of each and have a pop-up window that provides details about the aircraft, pictures and links to its history and museum web page. Check out our web page and be sure to become a member."
From: Bob Weston  (bobweston100@hotmail.com)City: Cochise, AZ   Country: USA
Homepage: http://friendsofthesupersabre.org/Date Posted:3/29/2016

"I almost forgot the YGBSM. Webb AFB Class 69-07. Kansas Air National Guard RB57a. Now an environmental Attorney in Temecula California."
From: Raymond Johnson  (Ray@SoCalCEQA.com)City: Temecula, CA   Country: USA
Homepage: http://www.SoCalCEQA.comDate Posted:3/27/2016

"Served as a T-37 instructor and wing scheduler (under DO) from 73-77. Worked with the greatest bunch of maintenance guys in my 20 year career. Started the process of shipping out aircraft while maintaining student training to the end. Fond memories of dust storms and sand hill cranes on final. Good memories all. See attached photo of the Webb "Bicentennial Birds". Rumor was they weren't allowed to go to Randolph on x-country flights : ) Thank you for the memories"
From: Michael "Moon" Mullins  (mullinsmr@cox.net)City: Niceville, FL   Country: USA
 Date Posted:2/28/2016

"GCA RADAR Repairman 30351 from 1971 to 75, 2050 Comm Sq. Worked for TSGT Taylor and MSGT Burchfield, first on the MPN-1G, then the FPN-16/GPN-12."
From: Tom Williams  (catrafter@bresnan.net)City: Billings, MT   Country: us
 Date Posted:2/6/2016

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